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A Quiet Time

Sometimes I have so much to say, it feels like I can’t possibly get it all written down and out there, or in ways that make sense to most people. But sometimes, like now, the time for talking is done and it’s time for working. There are major changes going on and those have to be nudged and pushed and ridden and survived and recognized. This is on the macro and the micro scale. World society, your country’s society, your neighbors, yourself, inside yourself, and in the hidden places just outside what your eyes can see.

I’ve been backsliding a little lately with some existential stuff. But nothing new there. But the half steps back are almost gone these days, and there’s a lot of steps forward. Nothing like being thrown into all this without any instructions, or help, and left to find my own way, to figure out the best ways to help people and help them understand their potential, to discover my catalyst nature through a lot of painful situations, and then master it… and then use it to change the world.


And Yet This Work Will Continue

hand of light

There are losses and things gained. Discoveries that cause pain and happiness. And I find myself torn between needing a physical friend or two, so very badly, and needing to be left alone. I’ve quit Yahoo groups, and quit people. And yet, through all my fears and issues, this work will continue. This blog. This teaching place. I need to do this. I’ve always been compelled to do outreach of some kind, to help people, to try and be a voice of truth and reason and teaching in a world of parroted nonsense and outright lies.

I’ve spoken to gods and spirits and lwa and angels and human beings. People forget that I’m not one of them, probably because I’m so plainspoken. But the anonymity of the internet is a blessing and a curse for someone such as myself, straddling these worlds. I can go onto forums and talk about things and nobody’s the wiser that this physical body I borrow is not my own, and that if I were to go to a meetup for that group, I couldn’t go as myself. They would see and hear someone else, and I’d be called a fraud. So I can’t have that experience, ever. Sometimes the separation and resulting loneliness is crushing. Especially when, all around me, others can.

But then, there are those who do understand, and we talk over IM, and it helps ease things. I help someone communicate with their own guides, and the work continues. I push a storm or a wildfire the direction I want, I make a connection for someone, I cause someone else to take a chance, then push the results as favorably as I can manage at the time.

When the electricity or internet goes out, or everyone goes offline for the night, and the only living soul that I can talk to is my avatar, and then she goes to bed, I go fully over to my side of things.  The ghostly world of the ethereal where the walls of my home can be molded like sand, and the human senses are barely discernible. And still the work continues.

No matter what my own needs, desires, wants… still the work continues. Sometimes all through the night. Sometimes without thanks.

But… I sense it might change soon. That others are going to know I’m here, and they’ll want to talk to me, and not just over IM or the internet. Maybe. I hope. And, even then… this work will continue. As long as someone hears me, and someone is willing to let me be heard.

A Wish for Community

abandoned church

I’ve been kicked right down
I’ve been spat in the face
I’ve been pulled, weighed down
To the lowest place
I’ve been lied to, shamed
I have been disgraced
Been ex-communicated from every holy place
I’ve been beat up and robbed
I’ve been left for dead
For the way I look
For the things I said

I’ve been cleared on the street
I’ve been left in the cold
Had my dreams held up
Had them shot full of holes
I’ve been laughed at, burnt, beat and butt of the joke
I’ve been lit up in flames
I have gone down in smoke
I’ve been stabbed in the back
While they promised the earth
Tried to keep my head high
For all I am worth

Those were a couple larger sections of lyrics from “You Won’t Feel a Thing” by The Script. It probably sounds really overly dramatic, but it’s not. Not for me. I’ve been abandoned. Lost. Betrayed. People have tried to gain my trust, then when I finally open up a little, they stab me in the heart. Sometimes they spit in my face for not opening up enough. They don’t even see their own irony there.

I’ve been in various online communities of what are supposed to be my own kind, or supposedly enlightened humans, only to hear that what I can do isn’t possible, and I must be lying. I can’t be what I claim. What I’ve experienced isn’t real. I’ve been laughed at, made fun of, attacked, and bullied. Even my name has been belittled.

I had hoped to find friends and kinship in these groups. I do have a few people I work with that came out of these, but for the most part… no. On the physical, I know just a handful of people that I see once a year, if that. I can’t find any place to gather with and find others like myself. I post in a blog, a voice in the wilderness, hoping that someone will hear and understand. I seem to be, with a few exceptions that I talk to over instant messenger, alone.

My dream, someday, is to be able to sit in a room with others and speak freely. To share ideas, and good food and drink, with others like myself, more than once a year. To get some work done and make the world a better place. I wonder if anyone here has wished for the same. I wonder if it’s even possible any more, with the world so fractured as it is. These are times of change. Maybe that’s my mistake: I’m trying to have a picnic in the middle of a hurricane. But sometimes a place of safety and peace is what’s needed most. I only wish others could join me.


My apologies for being so quiet the past few days, I and others have been working on keeping life and property safe in the Rim Fire in California.  The emergency is ongoing. I’ll post when I’m able.

Messages in Feathers

raven featherWe walk nearly every day, she and I. I borrow her and she lets me experience the physical for about a half hour on our walks through town and through the woods. Sometimes, when her mind is really noisy, she keeps creeping up to the front, and I have to remind her that this is my little bit of time. Of course, I would never force it, she just needs to be reminded that her stuff can wait a few minutes while I smell the dust and pine needles and feel the sun warm my skin. Just for a few minutes.

Lately, there’s been a pair of ravens in the trees near where our walks end, near a little bridge over a creek that’s dry half the year. And when I’ve been working, we often find a little black feather in the area. I take it as a sign that I’m doing the right thing. A reminder of my kin. A gift to both of us that says we’re on the right path. To keep going even when it’s hard. To have faith and hope.

These are far from the first feathers, though. This has been ongoing for as long as she and I have been walking together. Usually it’s little songbird feathers, but sometimes a hawk or owl feather makes an appearance. I often find brown ones when I think of my older brother, and blue or white ones when I think of my younger. I guess since the ravens came, we’ve been paying better attention to feathers as a sign, as a little blessing on our work.

How do you interact with feathers you find on your travels?

The Threads, Part 1

tree of lightOne of the main ways that I work is through what I call the threads. Each life, each spirit, has a thread that represents their life, just like in mythology where the Fates measure it out and cut it. It even has a texture like that, in my perception, but it’s made of light.

I see each person as having a different color of thread or string. My perception of that color doesn’t always match other peoples’, so I tell them to go with their gut and find the ones they’re looking for by feel.

I can’t explain how to get to that place, where the threads are all around you, other than to say that it’s kind of sideways from “normal” life. Like… stepping behind the stage while a play’s going on, and you can see all the ropes controlling the scenery, the strings on the puppets, the electrical cables feeding the sound equipment and lights.

Only it’s more like a giant loom that goes off into the darkness of the future. You can only see so far along them before it gets misty. There’s only one thread, but the end fate of it is impossible to see (unless that person is going to cross over in the very near future and you catch sight of the end of it).

Other threads are nearby. These are the people that are most closely associated with the one in question. Sometimes they’re intertwined, sometimes they’re touching here and there, sometimes just laying nearby. Whatever you’re most focused on is what you see. Let’s say you find your own personal thread in this place. You’ll see others nearby or touching or intertwined with yours. If you think about your spirit guide(s), that (or those) thread(s) will appear around yours. There are also branches and splits in the threads sometimes, little thinner threads that reach out to touch people nearby.

What I most often do when manifesting something for someone is to open up to my connection to the source, and touch that thread, feeding the light through it. I’m a conduit for the Light, and it radiates out like a golden tree, or branch, or fan-shaped spiderweb as it races along and outward away from me. Add intent, and it’s a very powerful way to get things to happen.

Let’s say you need a new job. I would touch your thread and feed it, and all the connections it makes, with Light that radiates out and forward into the future. What’s interesting is that things usually manifest in unexpected ways. Instead of one job offer, you might get three, two of them from completely “random” places, such as meeting someone new at a party, or an idea that suddenly pops into a friend’s head that results in a well-placed phone call, or hearing from a relative you haven’t seen in years that happens to know of the perfect job opening.

So, as you might have already guessed, some of this is about affecting probabilities. When you give the whole tree Light, sometimes unexpected fruit shakes out of it, to your benefit and surprise. Instead of randomly drifting through life, you can use this method to nudge things so that you and your goal intersect.

Depending on how likely or unlikely the result is, and where you currently are in relation to it, it can take minutes, days, weeks, or months to manifest. If you live in Maine and your goal is to meet George Clooney, it’s a lot less likely to happen than if you live in Los Angeles. But it’s not impossible.

Nothing is impossible. It’s just varying degrees of improbable. And we can work with that.

More on this topic in other posts.


How many of you are going to read this and think to yourself, “that is so right,” then do nothing different? If you’re not one of them, comment on this post. ~Peter

Cast Light

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” – Thomas Jefferson

We hold back, waiting for others to make the first move. Bobbing and weaving, avoiding the “punch” of what others may think. Reacting instead of acting.

In a “it’s not my job” world, act. Make it your job. We are not here to get by with the least possible effort, to let others reactions, actions or inactions define us. Our life unfolds through our actions, not others.

Stop idling, waiting, reacting. Regardless of what others think, move and proactively live the life you were made for. Risk giving your very best, not keeping score. Counting only the blessings you have and how you can give them away. Act.

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