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But What to Teach to Whom?

I was talking to my older brother earlier, telling him about how I’d just watched one of the X-Men movies. I don’t remember which one. But it reminded me about Xavier’s School for the Gifted, I think it’s called, and what a great thing that was while it lasted. People with gifts being taught how to use them in a safe environment.

I’ve looked for a place like that for years now. Online or on the physical. I haven’t given up on it, because maybe it’ll happen, maybe it won’t, but I’ve never found a safe place to teach and really be heard. Other than maybe here. Here I’m not picked apart and people seem to like my posts. But something is missing.

A couple weeks ago I hitched a ride and sat in a circle with some people that, if they weren’t a five hour drive away, could be pretty incredible to work with. There was something there. Something really special. I still haven’t said hello to them. I’m not sure when that will happen. And that’s what’s missing from this blog. Community. Ideas from others. Discussion. It’s all one-sided.

I want to teach, but I want to learn, too. I don’t have all the answers. Nobody but God does. And part of me is Tabula Rasa, a blank slate with new pictures drawn all over it, and free will, here to experience what it’s like to be human. Here to live.

I’m not sure what else to say here without repeating myself. Some information I won’t share publicly because it’s not for the public to know. How to do certain things that could harm others, for example. Dangerous stuff. You don’t hand guns to kids. But other information… I’m not sure what it is that you, reading this, needs to know. I think some of this stuff I assume everyone knows about, or can access. I know that’s not accurate, but I need help understanding what you out there can’t do. What you need help with. Where you want to go with all this. What you want to accomplish.

Is it for yourself? For a community? To help the world? To be a warrior of the Light? To quietly nurture or heal? Why are you reading this? What do you need?


The Universe is Not For Everyone

The Flammarion engravingThe universe, and by that I mean everything that exists, which is infinite, is not for everyone. The universe is not just a collection of stars and planets and whatever “stuff” telescopes can see and “dark stuff” scientists guess at.

The reason for the graphic there is not just a pretty picture. The universe, the true one, is far more complex than a human brain can grasp. I know that’ll probably upset some people to hear, and I’m not saying that you’re not intelligent, or anything like that at all. It’s just that it’s like a fish trying to understand what being a bird is like. And then the bird trying to understand what an airplane is.

Most people are not ready, at all, to go beyond what they can see and feel and experience on planet Earth. A lot of people don’t even believe that anything supernatural at all exists. Some people, though, want to follow the rabbit hole and are the type who are always questing. They want to poke their head through the sky and see what’s beyond it. Or they think they do.

From this group… there are the people who think they’ve got it figured out, so when they pull back the curtain and the Wizard of Oz isn’t what they were expecting, they either freak out or get mad and say it can’t be real. Sometimes they come back around after sitting with it for a while, then take another baby step outside of their comfort zone, then another, then another, and sometimes they stop and sometimes they keep going.

A very few people look through and see part of the greater universe and it gives them what they need. They stare in wonder, their minds expand a little more, and they work with what they’ve seen. They embrace the strange and new and unexpected things and are at peace with learning about them, and that they don’t know everything, and won’t ever know everything. Nobody does except God. And that’s okay. Because the universe is not for everyone. And that’s okay too.


Heads up, I won’t be posting next week, because the avatar and I will be out of town at a thing and not have computer access. Maybe you and I will even pass each other in the hall, but you probably won’t know it. Both good and bad. We don’t need the pressure or the exposure, but that’s a possible opportunity lost too. We’ll let fate decide. See if you can figure it out. If you do, be sure to say hello.

It’s one of my all-too-rare opportunities to interact on the physical with my brother, also. He’s got his own avatar/vessel/meatsuit/vehicle, and he and I get to physically hold each other about once a year, twice if we’re lucky. On our side of things we’re inseparable. On the physical side of things, we’re a thousand miles apart. It’s frustrating, but hey, I’m grateful we both found two people willing to let us do this. That in itself is a very rare thing.

Human life is about experiencing and interacting with the world around you. You wake up in the morning and feel the sheets around your body, you taste food and have something to drink, you drive somewhere or go to work or read a blog like this one. You hear the sounds of the car, your pets, the voice of your loved one. Your eyes see all the colors of the rainbow and all the things that reflect those colors back at you, like trees and birds and buildings and cars and advertising. You taste tea or coffee or a burger or some chocolate. You catch some perfume on the air, maybe from what a person is wearing or from some flowers nearby, or the smell of coffee or that trash that really needs to go outside. You feel the fabrics you’re wearing and whether the cold bites your skin or the sun warms your face or the rain gets you wet.

My life is about getting tastes of those things where I can so that I can understand you all better. Walk a thousand miles in your shoes. Feel your joy and your pain. But I have the bigger picture, too. The wider view to help you get your own stuff into perspective. That’s why I do this. That’s why I’ve gone through the pain and the joy of getting to where I am now.

Castiel on Supernatural“You know, being human, it didn’t just change my view of food. It changed my view of you. I mean, I can relate now to how you feel. The only person who has screwed things up more consistently than you…is me. And now I know what that guilt feels like. And I know what it… I know what it means to feel sorry, Sam. I am sorry. You know, old me — I would’ve have just kept going. I would’ve jammed that needle in deeper until you died because the ends always justified the means. But what I went though — Well, that PB & J taught me that angels can change.” — Castiel, on Supernatural

Help Me Understand Something

male angel with ravenHelp me understand something, because I really don’t get how this works:

People will get upset over the results of a quiz on some website about the state of their chakras, even though they’ve never consulted with someone reputable face to face about it.

People will flock in droves to “channelers” and “psychics” they’ve never met, and hang on every word about unicorns from the Pleiades and vibrations from the 36th dimension, but I’m largely ignored or, worse, insulted.

What is the allure of these kinds of blogs and websites? Why do people throw money at them and eat up everything they say with a spoon as God’s Truth?

The other thing I don’t understand, and it is related, is how people keep completely missing the fact that I AM A GUIDE. I am not “working with guides,” I AM ONE. Yes, I’m plainspoken and enjoy earthly things like taking walks and a good pair of boots and going to Disneyland, but I don’t know how much more clear I can be about this.

There is a black feather at the top of this page that represents my own. The subheading of the blog is “Observations from the winged dude next door.” On my About page I clearly state that I am a guide/angel/lwa/spirit/guardian. I am not physical. I talk about this often. How is this continually missed? Do I need to have it in red flashing letters?

No, I don’t pepper my speech with “Dear Ones” or talk about “raising your vibrational level for the upcoming ascension out of the material plane” or any of that newage stuff. It’s not why I’m here.

I AM HERE TO HELP PEOPLE in their daily lives on planet Earth. I am not here to blow glittery imaginary smoke up your ass or to scare you into buying something. I’m here to tell you the truth and help you become a better person HERE AND NOW.

So why do people take a quiz on a website more seriously than talking to me? Why does it take someone five years to finally realize that I do more to keep storms away than Thor, and that maybe I’d appreciate a little offering too? Why do I get insulted and talked down to and ignored? Because I speak like a human being so that human beings can understand me? Because I don’t just tell you what you want to hear? Because I’m not perfect?

What am I missing here?

A Return

open door

And then, amidst three different attacks on three separate people by three separate other people in two days… someone came back. Someone who had written me off months ago, in some not very nice ways, apologized. Then we talked for at least an hour, maybe two.

She was very gracious and kind about it. I don’t know if it was because of my Respect post before this one, or coincidence, or something else, and it doesn’t matter, really. She admitted that once she stopped attacking me and thought about what I was saying… it worked. She acted on my advice, and the problems she was having ended. Her home is at peace. I’m so grateful. In speaking with her, her entire demeanor felt different. Not only is her home at peace, she’s more at peace. She joined a lightworker group and is really working on her stuff. She cleaned house inside and out. Her mind is still busy, but it’s not full of chaos and fear. Just busy energy, mostly. Very different. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

I said something in my comments in the other post that I want to say here as well. Being angry at me is like being angry at a light switch for making a bulb go on. I trigger things and open them up. That’s what I do. That’s part of my job here, to be a catalyst. You’re welcome to freak out as much as you want when I do my thing, but as soon as it turns toward attacks at me, I’d be stupid if I didn’t protect myself. Sometimes I flip that switch and it works out okay. Usually, however, sparks and lightning goes flying out, some of it in my direction. That’s when I have to turn my back, or there won’t be a me left to help others.

Sometimes, the lightning calms, and there can be bridges unburned. If respect is given, and you understand how I work, I’m happy to help. Be aware that it won’t always be fun when you choose to flip the switch. But it will change you for the better.


My apologies for being so quiet the past few days, I and others have been working on keeping life and property safe in the Rim Fire in California.  The emergency is ongoing. I’ll post when I’m able.

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