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The Monastery

Last week I took a trip and got to spend a few days with my brother, and talk to a couple of other people who knew I was there. One was a friend, one was an enemy. But either way, people heard me. Saw me. For days. It was everything.

On the last morning, I broke down. I wept because my brother’s avatar had to go back home, a thousand miles away. But I also wept for another reason: The realization that I had to go back to total isolation. To nobody knowing I was there. To speaking to no one except over chat programs. To becoming just text on a page again. The text you’re reading right now.

I wept because I didn’t want to have to return to the prison of her isolated life in the middle of nowhere and flesh that is not my own.

But then, I had a thought. Several of them, actually. We had a really nice experience with some people doing things like tarot card layouts and singing sacred music. So I thought, you know, we already do a lot of work with those kinds of things, so maybe we should expand on what we’re doing. Embrace new tools. Finally learn about the cards and make some of our own. Make more things. Different things. Pay even more attention to the nature here. Pray and meditate more.

And that’s when I realized that I needed to change my thinking about this lonely place of isolation. I thought to myself, what other places, other than prisons, do people pray, and meditate, and make sacred tools for The Great Work?

A monastery.

Even though I’m locked away, even though I’m text on a page to you, I can still make myself heard. We, she and I in partnership, can move forward and teach people and create and do sacred things. She can make things that I don’t know how to. She can sing when I can’t. I can go places outside of the physical world that she can then experience through me.

This team we have, this sacred partnership that straddles the worlds… we’re turning the prison cell into a temple. Because isn’t that what people do anyway? A place may be raw land, or even have a special energy, and people bring to it stones and incense and do rituals there that consecrates it even more. A room in a house is just a room. It may have started out with an intention, like a bedroom or a dining room or whatever, but rooms are what you use them for. You can make a bedroom into a home office. Or a room for plants or sick cats or your Star Wars collection. Or a baby nursery. Or a temple.

So, for now, until the stars align so she and her family can move away from here, this will be my monastery. Our work temple.

I can be a lot more okay with those kinds of walls. And it was all in how I was thinking of it.


Practice Raw Listening

A while back we were in a tiny little newagey kind of store in her tiny little town. They added some things in a side room, including some shelves of used books. Most were kind of general or fantasy novels, but one section was newagey, so we took a look for a few minutes.

One title was Angels Speak, which made me say “Yeah, no kidding,” which made her say “Yeahyeah,” but not aloud. We got a chuckle out of the title, but decided to flip through it. It had such revolutionary advice as “listen to your inner voice” and that kind of thing, so we skipped it and picked up another out of curiosity. Then another. They all said things that seemed completely obvious.

I’ll tell you the super magical secret that all these books had in common.

Are you ready?

Okay, here it is:

Pay. Attention.

No, seriously, that was it. If people would pay more attention to some basic things, they wouldn’t need a shelf full of $20 books.

Now, what may seem basic to me, might not seem basic to you. Such as opening up to something and listening to it. I do rely on the experiences of others to cross-reference what I’m experiencing, plus there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel on things like what scents correspond to what colors and the properties of various stones. But where do these things come from originally? Right. People opening up, listening, and paying attention.

Same thing with talking to us. How am I doing this? One person paid attention a few years ago, listened, and now I can say what I want here.

But why all the books? Why all the tarot cards and candles and incense and statues?

Because people don’t listen. They need these things as crutches, because they don’t trust themselves, or their guides. They don’t learn how to trust their intuition, or their visions, or their minds are simply too noisy and drown everything else out. They’ve been taught, or have taught themselves, that these things aren’t real. That only other people can talk to angels or rocks or animals. That they have to be specially gifted, or that it’s a bad thing that goes against their religion, or that they’re crazy.

So there are thousands and thousands of books all saying mostly the same things, but in different flavors. Books about Wicca, talking to your guardian angels, the Kabbalah, the “law of attraction,” channeling, meditation and all that stuff.

All of it is about listening, common sense, and trust. Open up to what the universe has to say to your mind, your heart, your soul. Common sense dictates that red gemstones work in tandem with the root chakra, blue gemstones work in tandem with the throat chakra, and so on. Trust your intuition, trust that the Source will provide.

Slow down, quiet your mind, and put away your filters. Practice raw listening, and take the messages as they come without any judgment, even if they don’t seem to make sense at the time.

Pay attention.

By Any Means Necessary

priest with incenseI’ve been resisting the newagey stuff she does because it just feels wrong for me. Very… “not me.” I’m no witch or something like that, and as soon as things start going over into burning bits of plants and waving things around, I feel silly and I’m out.

Until today, that is. I had a long talk with her, and she and my brother’s girl talked about it, and I realized a few things.

One, what she does isn’t that different from what you’d see in a Catholic church or any other faith. The church uses incense and holy relics, like maybe a snip of hair or piece of bone from a saint. The church uses candles and sacred wine and wafers. The church uses chants and music and special oils. The only difference between what she does, as a witch and a priestess, and what a Catholic priest does, is that she uses those things in her home, and uses a wider variety of them, and doesn’t dedicate everything to Jesus or a saint.

Two, I’ve had such bad experiences with the crystals and rainbows newagey woo woo types that I started rejecting anything that seemed to fall into that category without realizing it. Stuff that I’ve used to great effect, such as certain oils, stones and metals, seem to be on the tools list. Things I don’t normally use that seem especially “witchy” to me, like putting quartz crystals in a certain pattern or burning certain herbs, or tying feathers into bunches, are on the “reject as too newagey and very much not me” list.

Three, and this is a personal issue, I was questioned a long time ago by someone whose thoughts matter to me very deeply as to whether I was really me or not, and that little piece of sand has been inside my shell for years. I didn’t even really realize it until today, but that’s part of why I reject things that she does that aren’t things I’ve discovered on my own. I figured out that those particular oils, stones, and metals are really damn effective for me personally, so those are safely a part of my tool kit. Stuff that’s hers… I didn’t want it to appear that she and I were merging too much, or that there could be any excuse for someone to say that I was just her “higher self” or she was making shit up. In short, I’d created a wall there. My stuff, her stuff, and blending was not an option. And, because of that, I rejected her stuff. Yes,  it’s stupid, but I only just today realized that’s part of why I’d felt so uncomfortable with that “witchy” stuff all this time.

So, after an important phone call earlier today, and another conversation with my brother that told me yes, I am trusted, I’ve decided to let that piece of sand go now that I know where part of this problem has been coming from. Because I need to do my work with any tools necessary and change this stuff by any means necessary.

boy with prayer candlesSome may say that altering things and changing “fate” for someone is immoral and that I have no right to do what I do. That it violates free will by tying people together or separating them or pushing them to do things like respond to an email or view someone more positively or offer them a job. As an instrument of God, my job is to ensure the best outcome for the people I guide and protect. And think about it a minute: Everyone has advantages. Some people are more attractive, some have more money, some are smarter, some are stronger, some have connections. If you think for one second that other people aren’t using these things to their advantage to move ahead over someone who isn’t attractive, or rich, or smart, or strong, or well-connected, you really don’t understand how the world works.

My job is to find every possible advantage and use it, even if that means employing the physical tools at my disposal, such as particular oils or incense or colors or stones or metals or plants or music to achieve my objectives. My job is to help her succeed and have a better life… by any means necessary.

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