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Love is Love

Love is love. Hate is hate. Evil is evil. The work continues.


Kinship of Angels and Humankind, Part Two

I accidentally typed a T at the end of that first word, and it was pretty funny. Also, I’ve had some sangria. Let’s continue from the previous post. From Chapter 1:

“While the angels… impose no restrictions… they assume that no human brother would invoke them for personal and material gain.”

Actually, I not only hope that people do work with us for personal and material gain, I’m working on that right now, because my avatar’s present situation is complete shit, and I’m trying to get it to where she can have a happy life in a good house with enough money to buy food and bed sheets and shoes. And you know what? If she wants to buy expensive wine and live in a 3000 square foot house with a pool and a home theater, that’s fine with me too, because she has more than earned every bit of that. She’s a good person and donates to charity when she can too, so the more money she makes, the more she can help other people, either by hiring them to work for her company or through donations.

“They ask for acceptance of the motto of the Brotherhood [The Highest, which means everything should be done for the highest, most Godly purpose] and its practical application to human life in every aspect.”

Yes. Everything should be done for this purpose, I completely agree. Sometimes this requires money to accomplish, too.

“The special divisions of the angel host with whom co-operation would be immediately practicable and beneficial are:

  • The Angels of Power
  • The Angels of Healing
  • The Guardian Angels of the Home
  • The Angels who build Form
  • The Angels of Nature
  • The Angels of Music
  • The Angels of Beauty and Art”

The rest of Chapter 1 describes these different types of angels. Naturally I was reading all this trying to figure out where I fit in. Let’s start with the Angels of Power:

“The Angels of Power will teach men to release the deeper levels of spiritual energy latent within them, and will fill, inform, inspire and charge every human activity with that fiery and resistless energy which is their most prominent characteristic… they can work more powerfully if the mental attitude of the officiants and participants is receptive.”

Other parts of this section talk about how important ceremony is. I understand why that would be for some, but it doesn’t really apply for me and my brothers. We’re just… here. The big thing that stuck out to me in this part is the fire. The power of fire, and the fire of power. That’s me all over. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m extremely fiery, and power goes along with that hand in hand. That matches up with the big guy that I’m pretty sure I’m a part of, too. So it seems like this is part of my story. But there’s more than that.

Next time I’ll get through the other types of angels Hodson lists here.

Another Return

angel phoenixAnother person came and talked to me this past week, one that I hadn’t heard from in a long time. I’d figured that she was busy, because she’s a really busy person in general, but that wasn’t it. The reasons she hadn’t been speaking to me were far more important.

She holds inside her a piece of something amazing. A bit of an archangel. I know who, but I don’t know how much is there, and it’s not for me to question or examine the exact percentages, and it doesn’t matter anyway. But the main reason she hadn’t been able to talk to me is that something in my catalyst nature triggers things in her that quickly get overwhelming. She described it as suddenly having this whirlwind of images flying through her mind, and the ground drops out from under her.

Knowing this, I was able to pull myself back and only  have a little of myself coming through my avatar so that I could still speak through her typed words, but it was a lot more of a “channeling” experience than normal, with her listening and repeating what I was saying rather than our normal flow together. It worked well, and this returning person and I were able to talk for a little while before she had to break contact again. During that time, she told me about a dream she’d had. In this dream, I caused a burst of energy that ripped through several worlds or dimensions.

The thing is, it wasn’t just a dream. That release happened.

Her telling me this put a huge piece into my puzzle, a giant light bulb over my head. I get it now. That’s what it was all for, going through all that hell. To create a bridge between your world, and our world, and the multiverse in the immediate neighborhood.

Catalyst. Boom. Changing not just my world, or your world, but all the worlds close enough nearby to feel those ripples and get hooked together through it.

Also, I’m triggering major stuff in an archangel. Holy shit, no pun intended. You know I’m going to be working on examining that.

The Stars Have Aligned

Grand Water TrineThings are shifting faster and more dramatically, at least over here in my sphere of influence. I don’t usually pay attention to astrology stuff, because it’s way too technical, and people can rely on it far too much. But this week, something special came to my attention.

Through a series of events, I became aware of something called a Grand Water Trine, and the first post we saw about it said that it was a malleable time, that it was a powerful time to manifest things.

And, hey, manifesting things is what I do best, so I paid special attention to this just in case it could really help my usual efforts. The timing was perfect, too, considering what my avatar’s been going through lately.

I knew that it would be lasting from Wednesday through Friday, so I figured that it would be at its peak on Thursday. Things didn’t exactly go like I expected, even though I had no preconceived notions as to what would happen.

On Wednesday, it turned out that I got a lot of old stuff repaired in myself. Old wounds washed away. And I realized, later, that maybe that was the Source’s plan all along. If I got improved, it would prepare me for what came next. So step one turned out to be repairing the long-damaged instrument.

On Thursday morning, a message seemingly “out of the blue” came to my avatar’s husband about a possible job opportunity that could be opening up in the near future. Not just any job, but one that he’s uniquely qualified to do, exactly where they’d been wanting to move, that would pay enough for them both to live on so that she could then focus on her new business venture and not have to worry about working two jobs like she has been for years.

Today, admittedly, nothing earth-shattering or extraordinary happened that I’m aware of. But wheels have been set in motion, and I have the feeling that my work today, on the last day of this alignment, has sown seeds elsewhere. Which is usually what happens, but bigger seeds than my ordinary daily work that I do.

Many things are all falling into place, and have been since January. Things that would seem almost eerie in how well-placed they are, how perfect for her circumstances and needs, unless you knew the forces behind what was happening. And one black-winged force in particular.

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