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angel enslaved

A disturbing search term showed up in my blog stats the other day. It was “buy a lwa djab.”

This brings up two important questions. First, is it even possible to buy one? A lwa djab is a personal spirit or guide. I suppose, if someone knew how, they could bind a spirit well enough that they could force it to do what they wanted, including enter into servitude to someone else, not by choice. It’s extremely unlikely, but I don’t suppose it’s completely impossible if the person were extremely knowledgeable about how to do it and the personal information about that spirit.

Second, what kind of sick bastard buys a life with the intent to own it? That’s called slavery. Are there really people out there who would be happy to imprison a djab/spirit/angel/lwa/guide to force them into servitude? Could they even do that? They, too, would have to be very powerful in order to bend a spirit into acting against their will.

I doubt, if someone did find a way to enslave a lwa, and someone else found a way to control said enslaved lwa, that it would end well for the humans involved. There’s always a way out of any prison, and once that’s found… well… I doubt the newly free spirit would have very fond thoughts for its captor.


Spirits Aren’t Your Personal Slaves

Chilean Libertad CoinI’ve found that some physical people have an interesting point of view on how this human/guide thing works. A lot of them seem to think that we’re these infinitely happy vending machines. You put in a prayer and a miracle comes out. Some of you think to at least thank us, but even then, a lot of people honestly believe that they don’t need to do a single thing for us, that your happiness is our reward, and that we’ll grant you infinite wishes like everybody’s turned into Aladdin with a lamp.

A small percentage seem to think that they own their spirit companion. Yes, literally own, like a piece of furniture. Or a slave.

Owning a life for the purposes of forcing them do whatever you want is slavery. There’s no other word for it. I’m not talking about service dogs or police horses, I’m talking about discarnate people such as myself. Ghosts, guides, companions, spirits, angels, loa, whatever you want to call us.

If you’ve never seen the movie Field of Dreams, go see it right now. I’ll wait.

Okay, seen it? Good. See how these ghosts are treated with the same dignity as physical people? How they’re treated as equals and just as deserving of respect and love as anybody else? We’re like you. We feel, we love, we get angry, we have needs and desires just like you. Just because most people can’t see us doesn’t mean we have no rights to any of these things. Just because we’re closer to the source doesn’t mean we’re here to be mindless vending machines to answer your every prayer for stuff you may not even need.

A while back, a total stranger messaged me and first asked me if I did readings, then asked me if I’d heal him of his anxiety. I asked him what he’d done to heal himself before coming to me and asking me to give away my time and energy. He never spoke to me again. Obviously, that wasn’t the answer he wanted to hear.

There’s a saying, “God helps him who helps himself.” This means that you’re not on this earth to play the helpless victim, you’re here to improve yourself, and God is happy to help you do that. That’s my philosophy too. I’m here to teach people to fish, not give out fish every time you push a button.

What you and your guide have, or should have, is a healthy partnership with give and take and gratitude on both sides. Even if it’s just remembering to say, “thank you.”

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