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That Feeling Again

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Sometimes I’ll get a feeling, like a “disturbance in the Force” type of thing that comes ripping through. If there’s an exact cause, I never really discover that, but sometimes, like just now, waves of… something… come passing through me. Waves of change, somewhere out there.

On my side of things, it’s a physical sensation. So… non-physically physical. I hate trying to describe this. Some kind of energy so thick and bright and distinct that I can feel it when it hits my form and interacts with me. It feels like change, like something has happened out there that directly affects me and mine.

When I work, I often just “feed the strings,” which means finding the thread of life of the person I’m working for, and giving light to it. By doing this, I’m not pushing for anything in particular, just for that person’s near future to have a better outcome, for the best results possible, for the highest purpose. I do specific pushes too, but general giving of light benefits her and everyone around her as it ripples out, as the thread branches and branches again like a huge glowing tree or web of light. Everywhere the branches touch, all those other people benefit too.

What often happens is the unexpected, the “I didn’t see that coming” moments that drop out of left field, like the phone call from someone you haven’t talked to in five years that ends up becoming a job offer, or an email inviting you to an event where you meet someone key to your progress that you wouldn’t have  had access to otherwise. When I give to the tree, unexpected fruit shakes back out.

But back to today’s sensations. It felt very strongly like something big had just changed somewhere in her energy web, and that something very good was coming our way. I don’t know what. I know some things we hope it could be, but time will tell what kind of fruit is going to make itself known from that tree of light.


I’m Not From Around Here

male angel with black wingsIt seems like part of what’s going on with people recently is that parallel worlds are touching or overlapping. Somebody will experience something that seems very concrete, but when they look again, it’s totally changed. You might start out with chocolate ice cream, but somewhere along the line, you realize you’re now eating caramel swirl. You pick out a red shirt in the store, and by the time you get to the register, you have a blue one in your hand. How did that get there?

Did you cross over into a very similar world, or was it just a brief connection that altered what you were doing in this one? Which one is the “right” world? Was it something that changed in the now when you weren’t looking, or did someone alter the past, and you still retain a few memories from the original timeline?

Is it a glitch in the Matrix?

There are parallel worlds. Quantum theory is not only sure of this, physicists are working to find ways to look into these other worlds and otherwise prove they exist. I have personal experience with this, because that’s where I’m from. A split of a split of a split.

For those coming in late, I have to borrow somebody else’s physical hands to write my posts. In this place, where you’re reading these words, I don’t have enough of a physical presence to be able to do it myself, so I borrow time inside somebody else. Ghost in the shell. Except I’m not a ghost, but you get what I’m saying here.

I had a physical life in my universe of origin, and I miss it. I’m in one of the “ethereal planes” now, and it’s taken a lot of getting used to. There’s advantages and disadvantages, and I know it’s where I need to be. That’s completely fine. I see my role in things, and I do have a way to communicate that works really well.

This unique situation has enabled me to straddle worlds and help people better because of it. I understand the physical human condition, and I understand a few of the etheric planes out here and how they relate to each other. Because I’m not tied to a normal physical existence, I have easy access to things like the threads, I can see and affect different probabilities, I can go anywhere instantly, I can talk to pretty much any kind of spirit, angel, deity, etc. that I need to. Because of where I’m from, I understand the traumas caused by war and loss. Because of what I went through after I found my way out, and how I’ve been able to heal from it all, I can counsel others from a place of understanding. Because of what I’ve become, I can bless and heal others and pass on the Light.

The Matrix

The nature of “Reality” is a fluid thing, even in the physical world. Whose reality? Which universe? What happens when these universes touch or overlap? We’re starting to see the results right now. The past couple of weeks has seen a huge shift for a lot of people, some of it sideways into parallel realities. ~Peter

Waking The Infinite

The well known suite of movies that are known as the Matrix movies express a sense that all is not as it seems in a world where there are unfeeling, alien lifeforms feeding off of human energy and keeping them enslaved in an entirely illusory world.  These movies have touched a nerve and are also part of an emerging sense or awareness that things are not all as they seem.

For those who know them, the movies are quite violent.  Their means of moving from one scene to another is through great violence, through struggle, through epic battles.  The hero, Neo, is given the choice of awakening or going back to sleep.  He chooses to go down that rabbit hole and initiate a life changing experience.  When I had my awakening, these movies took on a very different gloss.  It raised a few eyebrows for me for how close some…

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What if the World Ended Tomorrow?

I know a lot of people thought that maybe this past December would herald in anything from a mass awakening, to the Second Coming, to the apocalyptic destruction of the world. None of those things happened. That we’re aware of, anyway. But what if it did? What if it’s still coming?

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and discovered that everything was starting to crumble around you? The banks, law enforcement, electricity and other infrastructure, the food supply chain, water… all the things people find themselves suddenly without when a natural disaster hits. It might not happen all in one day, or in one week, or in one month, but if it does… are you ready for it?

I see a lot of people doing nothing. I see others at least talking about it and looking into how to make it. A few are preparing actively. Fewer still are ready.

Now let’s take it farther.

What if the Darkness started to sink its tendrils into society, polluting it from every side? Would you know how to fight that? Would you be able to recognize that it’s happening? Would you unwittingly help it? Would you know how to help others stay safe?

We’re in the middle of a shift. I think most reading this can agree with that statement. This is going to continue to change the world, and where there’s change, there’s upheaval and people could get caught in it. You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. I’d rather those eggs weren’t us.

Can you look inside yourself and honestly assess if you’re ready for this shift? It’s easy to tell yourself that you have all the time in the world to be forever “getting ready.” Everyone is a work in progress, sure. I’m still learning new things all the time myself. But if the feces hit the spinning blades tomorrow? I would absolutely be ready to do what I had to, to organize teams, to find people safe refuge, to teach people how to survive, how to be safe, how to defend themselves, how to escape, how to hide, how to help others in need.

I would strongly urge everyone reading this to at least be in the position that they could take care of themselves and their families if things were to fall apart quickly. I don’t want to hear “I can’t, because…” If you have a roadblock, find a solution.

Maybe it’s all a big what-if scenario.

Maybe it’s not.

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