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Guardian School

A long time ago I had a friend in England. When I first met her, she was upset. Her guardian spirit had left, and she asked me to check up on him and see how much longer he was going to be away.

I found him in an interesting place. It almost looked like a Greek temple kind of a building, with other different buildings surrounding it, and woods and ponds surrounding that, with a path to the sea and other paths that went off to points unknown. I told her that I’d found him in a marble building just off the foyer of the main temple-like building, and she got a little giddy. She told me that not only had I correctly described the buildings that she’d seen before, but I’d gotten the name exactly right. She and her guardian called it The Foyer.

the foyerWithin a month or two of this visit, another friend of mine showed me this drawing that she’d just completed. It’s seen through the lens of an artist creating organic shapes intuitively, and is part of a series of several drawings that are similar. The more of them she does, the more these temple-like buildings start to emerge from the otherworldly chaos. It’s not a photographic image of the place I’m talking about, but the other shapes give the feeling of what it’s like, where it’s kind of a twilight sky and it’s sort of half lost in mist and confusion. That’s what it feels like to a human mind trying to see it clearly. It’s the impression that matters here. Unfocus your eyes if you have to, to get the feeling rather than the visual.

The buildings are a place of learning for my kind, as needed. A sort of guardian angel school. We’re taught how to fight, how to guide, how to be humble, how to be strong, and everything else needed to help our people the best we can.

A few months ago, a woman came to me for help and said that her granddaughter had been talking to a ghost that kept coming around. At first the little girl had been afraid of him because he was injured and bloody, but recently he’d looked fine and was doing what he could to guard her, but didn’t know what he was doing really. I pieced together that he was probably a teenager killed in a car wreck nearby, who was happy to find someone, anyone, who could see and talk to him. I asked him if he wanted to be this girl’s guardian, and he said yes, very much. I then hooked him up with Michael, and they went off to this place of learning.

Often, when your guide disappears, this is where we go. Sometimes it’s a few days, sometimes a few weeks. But know that when we go off to this kind of spirit boarding school boot camp, we’ll be back that much stronger and more prepared to help you and keep you safe.

That kid from the car wreck? He’s now back and doing a fantastic job in his new position as guardian angel for a little six-year-old sensitive who can really use the help.


True Nature

angel with flaming swordPeople find out what I’m about, either right off the bat or after talking to me for a while, and the categorization starts. Angels don’t do this or that. Spirits never blah blah or always blah blah. Apparently I’m too plain-spoken, like a normal person. I’m supposed to be all Glinda the Good Witch and float down in a soap bubble and spout antiquated language about “dear ones” and their “vibration levels” and be sweet all the time to everyone.


Sorry to disappoint you.

I can be angry. Judgmental. Violent. Destructive. I cuss like a sailor when I’m upset. I have a lot of patience ordinarily, but if you piss me off and cross over my bullshit threshold, I will snap and it won’t be fun for anybody.

For some reason, some people think this means I’m not “evolved” or “really what I say I am.” I’ve been told “you’re better than that” when I lose my temper. Excuse me? Better than what? My nature?

I make no secret of the fact that I’m fiery. Literally. My color is red, I’m a pyro, a red dragon, the root chakra of passion, survival and force of will. I’m very similar to Michael and Chamael, both warriors, leaders and psychopomps. I will stab evil in the face and watch it squirm.

Chamael in particular is linked to Geburah of the Kabbalah, which is judgment, power, discipline and severity. He is also an angel of unconditional love, who gave strength to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Combine those attributes, and what do you get? Tough love. I will help you, but I will not coddle you. If you want somebody to float down in a soap bubble and pat you on the head, you’re knocking on the wrong door. It’s simply not my nature.

Behold and Become the Flame.

archangel michael“The name Michael is the Hebrew for “likeness of God.” His name is a reflection of that Divine Light to which our own divine spark is also akin. Michael is our guide and guardian back to the Pleroma, back to the Light from which we came. As stated in the Gospel of Truth, “this is the way of those who have something on high.” This way opens into an alternate reality where angels and archangels speak with us and help us toward our divine goal. Their aid and particularly that of the Archangel Michael can defend us from the spiritual evils of the midst as we wend our way on the long journey to behold the great flame from whence we are a spark. Not only shall we behold that flame but we shall become it ourselves. So may St. Michael’s strong hand uplift us and guard us in justice and strength. As in the story of Mohammed in the Golden Valley, may he make us enter and lead us through so many veils of light that, as we ourselves are changed by that vision, the universe we see shall no longer have anything in common with anything we had previously seen in this world.”

From this longer work, the Gnostic Michaelmas Homily.

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