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Seek in Silence

Words of wisdom from Tobie, as usual. ~Peter


In the silence are all the answers to the quandaries, problems, dilemmas, challenges we face. When we place our questions into the realm that presents itself as silence, those in spirit—loved ones, guides, teachers, and masters—are able to consider the various scenarios that will ensue depending on which answer is given to any given problem. When we place ourselves in a situation of receiving the answer, and carefully consider following it, we are more likely to place our next steps firmly and assuredly on the correct path. When we sit in silence, we can hear the answers we seek, and give thanks! Namaste!

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A Quiet Time

Sometimes I have so much to say, it feels like I can’t possibly get it all written down and out there, or in ways that make sense to most people. But sometimes, like now, the time for talking is done and it’s time for working. There are major changes going on and those have to be nudged and pushed and ridden and survived and recognized. This is on the macro and the micro scale. World society, your country’s society, your neighbors, yourself, inside yourself, and in the hidden places just outside what your eyes can see.

I’ve been backsliding a little lately with some existential stuff. But nothing new there. But the half steps back are almost gone these days, and there’s a lot of steps forward. Nothing like being thrown into all this without any instructions, or help, and left to find my own way, to figure out the best ways to help people and help them understand their potential, to discover my catalyst nature through a lot of painful situations, and then master it… and then use it to change the world.

Quietness and Patience

quiet scene at twilighthttp://nwindian.evergreen.edu/curriculum/ValuesBehaviors.pdf

Quietness. Quietness or silence is a value that serves many purposes in Indian life. Historically the cultivation of this value contributed to survival. In social situations, when they are angry or uncomfortable, many Indians remain silent. Non-Indians sometimes view this trait as indifference, when in reality, it is a very deeply embedded form of Indian interpersonal etiquette.

Patience. In Native American life, the virtue of patience is based on the belief that all things unfold in time. Like silence, patience was a survival virtue in earlier times. In social situations, patience is needed to demonstrate respect for individuals, reach group consensus, and all time for “the second thought.”

Nonverbal orientation. Traditionally most Indians have tended to prefer listening rather than speaking. Talking for talking’s sake is rarely practiced. Talk, just as work, must have a purpose. In Indian thought, words have a primordial power so that when there is a reason for their expression, it is generally done carefully.

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