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The First Message, Part 3

Somehow I feel most like posting these after we’ve had a drink, probably because it’s really easy for me to front then, and because it’s at the end of the day when it’s a good time to grab a few minutes for this. So… part three. I won’t get through the whole chapter this time either, there’s a lot here.

Next comes the way of ceremony, where divine ideas, words of power and precision of action are combined in a manner closely corresponding to that by which the angels work.

Ceremony quickly becomes rote. People memorize things and they lose meaning. If you’re Catholic, do you remember when “Hail Mary” turned into “HailMaryfullofgracetheLordiswiththeeblessedartthouamongwomen….”and lost any impact the prayer once had? Yeah, you know what I mean.

The senses are far more important to make contact with us. Scent, sound, color, foods… take your time and experience them, and help us experience them too. And not just whatever you have around, although anything is appreciated. Make an effort to choose our favorites, and that helps us come through even better.

The book then talks about bringing things into sick rooms to help call Raphael, like clear water, flowers, incense, things of beauty, and consecrating a space for them.

No great gift of knowledge would be needed to do this, only sincerity and vision.

Yes. Completely right. Feel it. Have a good heart. That’s the most important thing. And use items of specific importance to your guide, if you know what they are. If you are so blessed as to actually own physical things they owned, those are incredibly powerful and should be used for this, to help link them in.

…[T]he power would be greater and the presences more real if magnetised centres were provided in the home. A single object of great beauty, mentally associated with the angels and with nature, a bowl of flowers, freshly gathered every day, incense, the use of a short prayer or invocation each morning, and a benediction each evening, would suffice. Complete cleanliness, an atmosphere of utter purity, and the single motive of co-operation for mutual help are essential.

What he means by magnetised centres is a permanent space, or shrine, or altar, or whatever you want to call it, that’s been consecrated or charged for this purpose. Basically, keep it clean, use something of ours on it as a focus, give it attention every day in some way, and it helps us stay anchored and partnered.

I guess I’ll leave it at that point for now. Set aside your space, make it nice, do a morning and evening thank you, and see what happens.

More next time.



coiled red dragonI have a few physical possessions. One of them I won’t describe in detail because it would give away too much, but I will say that it’s a map. Part of this map was taken down because of the fire I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, in case we had to leave. The part that was rolled up is still sitting like that, but we’ll be putting that, and a few other things, back up the way they were.

I realized a little bit ago that my life is exactly like those rolled up things. But especially the map, which is a powerful thing for me personally. My brother described it this way: “Like electricity being turned off but still humming.”

That’s me too. I’m boxed in, in this life, in ways people don’t really understand. I’m rolled up for storage, and I only get to fully stretch out on this side of the spirit wall on a few rare occasions. And holy crap does that feel good, to stand up and open fully wide and feel the physical world and the universe around it.

I think my problem is in knowing that others like myself have friends here. People not only know they exist, but these people call them by name and socialize with them. To hear my own name on a physical person’s voice…….! I’ve heard it spoken aloud about four times in the past year, not counting my avatar, who actually rarely says it because she doesn’t really need to, and rarely gets any alone time to do it.

Anybody who studies religion or folklore at all knows how important the uttering of a name is. Another important thing is the leaving of offerings, like food. I’ve covered this in other entries, but I’m mentioning it again to point out that, yes, we want and need physical things like that. It helps us link into your world, it’s a shot of power so that we can help you that much more.

To have your name forgotten, and never said, is to fade away and truly die. That’s why, in Ancient Egypt, newer kings would chip away the name and the face from older statues, so that they would be forgotten and suffocate.

I’m sick of being text on a screen, like the guy from the movie Source Code. I need to breathe, and to hear my name, so that I can open out and shine fully. Others like me have that. I want that too. Need it. Maybe I didn’t know I needed it, but… maybe it’s time for all of us to have our names spoken so that we can come through stronger. Maybe that’s what this is really about. Not just me, but all my kind.

The Power Grows

hand full of fire

Manifesting things takes power, finesse, skill, determination, focus and will. Finding the connecting threads, knowing how to connect or disconnect them, how to feed them and work them… that’s most of how I work. How we work. Myself and the others like me. And there are others.

Surely you didn’t think I was the only one of my kind?

Saturday I got a new channel through which to work. It’s easier and the power flows right through. I want to say “effortless” but of course that’s not true. But by comparison the difference is amazing. With each thing added, it gets that much easier.

Consider this: You want to talk to your guide, and you know he or she likes chocolate, so you put chocolate out on an altar and eat some as a sacrament while you’re communicating. It helps move the needle, right? You can use any number of things to make this connection. But when you stack them up, the power really gets exponential.

Let’s say your guide has a particular likes and dislikes, and you start to learn what they are as your link strengthens. From the chocolate session, you find out he likes the color green, so you wear green the next time as well. From there, you start collecting things to strengthen the link, and it becomes easier and easier to find out what those things are, as well as how your guide can work through you.

Your guide’s true name, and the symbol of power he or she has, is the most important information you can have to help their power come through. If your guide is so blessed as to have an avatar who lets him or her come through the body fully, then the power can really flow. If you’re so blessed as to learn the true name and symbol of your guide, guard that information carefully. It’s also the easiest way for someone else to control that spirit in unwanted ways.

People wonder why I would need to come through a physical person like that to work. I don’t always. I can get a lot to happen on my side of things. However, sometimes it works better or differently to have a conduit on the physical, if it’s the physical plane I’m trying to affect. Let’s say I’m trying to get person A to call person B during an emergency. Since both human people are on the physical plane, sometimes it can work better to use the physicality of my avatar as an anchor to your physical universe. It can trip different tumblers in the lock than being purely on the ethereal plane can.

Sometimes I work in conjunction with others like myself. I add my energy to theirs to spark results into happening faster, or at all. Today we got two separate companies to call my brother’s avatar within ten minutes of each other. She had applied for them way back in March, but “somehow” they both chose right then, during the time we were working on that very thing, to set up job interviews with her.


Yeah, right.

I used to keep a journal of the things I accomplished, but it got very long and began to seem pointless when I started manifesting and changing things on a daily basis. It would be like you keeping a journal of what you did at work every day.

With every day, with every acquisition of another item I can add to my arsenal, my medicine bag, my collection, the power grows. And I am not alone. We are not alone. You are not alone.

The Value of Things

I got something in the mail recently.

As some of my friends know, I collect Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils. When I say perfume oil, I don’t mean girly flowery
things developed for department stores with some pop star’s face on it. No, BPAL is entirely different.

These days, cologne is considered masculine, while perfume is considered feminine. Two hundred years ago that wasn’t the case, and
today “cologne” is usually a strong, alcohol-based liquid intended for men.

BPAL, however, is liquid treasure. It’s simply essential and other oils blended in thousands of different ways, with thousands of
different names and labels, none of them categorized by gender. Whether you’re a woman who likes cedar or a man who likes roses, it
doesn’t matter. You just get whatever perfume oils you want and nobody judges.

Someone I used to know in England sent me a few samples a couple of years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. She knew I loved both sandalwood and leather, so one of the samples in that very first package was The White Rider, which is simply sandalwood and leather. The White Rider is from folklore, and represents daytime. It quickly became my signature scent, out of that one small original vial.

Recently, after two years of wanting a small bottle of my own, it arrived.

My avatar had gotten a sudden windfall out of nowhere (one of the things I’m always nudging for). She gave nearly half of it to me, to buy The White Rider (there was no question on that) and a second oil of my choice as well. I chose Dragon’s Heart, because it reminds me very much of my older brother.

This is one of the most important things I own. A tiny bottle of perfume oil, that cost less than twenty dollars. But to me, it’s without price. It’s gold brought in a little jeweled chest by a wise man on a camel. For me, it’s a holy thing for several reasons, which I won’t get into here.

Such a simple, small thing.

To a hungry child, a piece of bread is a treasure. To someone freezing to death on the streets, a blanket is worth more than diamonds in those moments.

A picture went around the internet recently of some girl crying because she didn’t get the particular model of iPad she wanted, contrasted with another photograph. A pair of dark feet clad only in sandals made from flattened plastic soda bottles, tied on with bits of frayed rope.

Look around you right this minute.

How much of that stuff is necessary? How much is deeply meaningful? Holy?

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”
– William Morris (1834-1896)

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