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External Individuals, What a Concept

First… was my last post really back in May? Sorry about that. I don’t know why there was such a long gap. Time weirdness maybe.

Anyway, somebody on Patheos hits it out of the park again.

One of the things that tends to annoy me in regards to a large portion of modern books written on witchcraft is the tendency to use the gods and spirits as if they were merely correspondences. A book will give maybe a short intro into who this god or spirit is and possibly a list of correspondences that they associate with them and then jump into having you call upon them in a ritual or a spell. It’s no wonder that I hear from many witches and pagans that they aren’t sure if the gods and spirits are real. Most likely because they aren’t really showing up in their rituals when they call upon them.

I just want to quote this entire article by Mat Auryn. But I won’t because you should go read the thing over there. But here’s a bit more:

…working with the gods as external individuals will definitely change your relationship with them. The gods and spirits are not your servants, and you shouldn’t treat them as such. You show them respect. You show gratitude for their help and gifts. You don’t talk badly about them or mock them.

See, now why is that such a hard… oh, right. Ego. Well, that and ignorance. Some people really just want a plug-and-play technique for making stuff happen. Light this color candle and burn that incense and say these words and hooray, you’re Harry Potter. Other people actually think that we don’t exist without their consciousness, and that gods and spirits are these shell-like puppets, just waiting around for their amazingness to animate us for their use. That’s what’s known as being an arrogant dick.

Man, I wish you could see the look on my face right now. Maybe, if you’re respectful, and know how to get me there, you will.


The Brotherhood of Angels and Men, The Second Message

Okay, sorry for the big gap in going over The Brotherhood of Angels and Men, but I’m back on it. We’re up to The Second Message.

The Angels ask from you, not worship–for that would be inappropriate–but love…

Yes. Thank you Geoffrey Hodson. Worship creeps me out. Some of his stuff does wander pretty close to worship, especially since there’s this hard separation in his view between “us” and “them.” Just something to be aware of. But who doesn’t like to be spoken nicely to? To be brought fresh flowers and honored and appreciated and thanked?

Then he gets really gender specific about God the Father, so ignore that part obviously, but then:

The power of our prayers will be enhanced by being offered up with yours… our sphere of usefulness to God will be enlarged by sharing yours…

Very interesting. This is an angel telling this to a human person. Think about why this might be. What this means.

It’s not just 1+1=2, although that certainly would help. It’s two things: Malkuth, and synergy.

noun: synergy; plural noun: synergies; noun: synergism

  1. the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Angels need to connect fully with earthly, physical people in order to take that prayer back to the Source as powerfully as possible. People need angels for the same reason. Together, the partnership can do some incredible things.

It is often said, Kether (the “highest” Sephira) is in Malkuth and Malkuth is in Kether. As the receiving sphere of all the other Sephiroth, Malkuth gives tangible form to the other emanations. The Divine energy comes down and finds its expression in this plane, and our purpose as human beings is to bring that energy back around the circuit again and back up the Tree.

Aha. But let’s continue with Hodson:

The aim of the Brotherhood is to widen the range of human love by including the angels within its rosy glow, so that the concept of brotherhood, the keynote of the coming age, shall know no bounds, but widen to include all living things, mortal and immortal–the dwellers in the etheral worlds of air, fire, and water–the people of the limitless domains of Space.

The time approaches when they will no longer remain invisible to you.

I wish this time would damn well hurry up. Just think if everybody could see us, perceive what we’re about, hear us, and help make the world a better place before things reach a point of no return on this planet. Maybe we need to work harder at it.

Be of the same mind, one with another, for there is but one Life, boundless and inexhaustible, which is the very essence of you all.

Even though in the context of the book this was the message given to the angels, this is for both humans and angels to hear. Everybody is drinking from the same well. Partner up. Let’s ride.

We would light a fire in your hearts that you may feel the glow of the same great flame that burns within us, the flame of divine Life, that restores as it consumes, ever renewing its fiery power in the lives of those in whom it burns. That is the meaning of the angel life, this is the secret of the angel fire, the fire divine which burns continually; it is the flame which leaps from that immortal spark, our innermost Selves, which springs from the central fiery heart of the universe–the Spiritual Sun.

All your faculties will be increased, and all your powers enhanced, till life becomes an ecstasy, till unsuspected beauty reveals itself in everything, till undreamed-of capacity for love, for life, for happiness, arises within you.

The flame that burns within us. The secret of the angel fire. The spark divine at the heart of the universe. All your powers enhanced.

Well? Now what?

Partnership Types

Hey, I’ve been asked to talk about the different types of “one of us, one of you” partnerships there are, or can be out there.

Similar: This is where both partners are like an old married couple, with a lot of similar personality traits, you complete each others’ sentences, you like the same foods, and so on. You can boost each others’ power and effectiveness by working in similar ways in synchronicity.

Opposites: One of you is the opposite of the other in some ways, or even most ways, like maybe one is a warrior and the other is a pacifist, but this makes for a team that can cover wider ground.

Complimentary: This team is in between the extremes of the other two. There are some similarities, and some differences, and you can strike a balance this way like a well-oiled machine… as long as one of you doesn’t try push the other one into doing it their way. You can learn from each other, but still work to your strengths for various tasks. Sometimes you work together, sometimes you cover different ground, and that’s okay.

My brother and I are more in the complimentary camp, like a yin-yang kind of thing. We’re twins, but opposites in some ways, but can do the same things, but have strengths in some areas of those things that the other isn’t as good at.

My avatar and I, on the other hand, are in the similar category on most things and boost each other. I know of another pair who are opposites and they work well because of that. The most important thing to remember is that it is a partnership. You are both doing important work together. It’s not about bowing down to some heavenly force or being afraid of that, you were chosen because you can handle it, and you have work to do. Together.

The First Message, Part 4: Yep, and Nope

The essential factor for success in co-operation between us is the mental realisation of its possibility, and the continual recollection and employment of it, in the mental world, and in every piece of work which is undertaken. Anyone who will earnestly practise this will almost inevitably develop the power to realise the presence and co-operation of the angels… this conception must be preserved in its simplest form, entirely free from all sensationalism or elaborate ceremonial…

That’s the yep part of this section of this chapter of The Brotherhood of Angels and Men by Geoffrey Hodson. Totally agree. You have to realize that it’s real, you have to keep working towards interacting with us and the ability to talk with us will get stronger, and don’t use it to make yourself famous or seem like a big shot.

But, then the nope part:

…nor is it suggested that any attempt should be made to obtain a close personal contact with individual angels, or to employ them from motives of personal gain, interest, or curiosity; such endeavors would almost inevitably lead to disaster and should be rigorously excluded.

Totally disagree. That’s how the avatar and I have been working this entire time. Her and me, as a partnership, day in and day out. And pretty much only me, although a few others come and go. But they don’t stick around. I’m here nearly all the time, unless I go off to do other work somewhere.

And personal gain? I agree, don’t treat us like vending machines, but charity begins at home. If the avatar’s suffering, half the partnership breaks down. If she’s struggling with poverty, or in pain, or afraid, or some bad shit’s going down, you bet I’m going to help whether she asks or not, and I wish she would ask more because she tries to tough things out. And I thought the point of this book, and this angel’s message, is that people need to form partnerships with angels to get serious work done to help the world, right?

So… no, Bethelda is wrong. It also sounds like he’s guessing at it, and doesn’t have actual experience with things “leading to disaster.” I don’t know what kind of angel Bethelda is, the book doesn’t really say, but I have a feeling us Gregori types are going to work out just fine working very closely with people on a day-to-day basis. We’re not the distant robed kind that drift off to heaven and have to be summoned, we’re here in the trenches with you wearing jeans and work boots.

The excitable, emotional, or unbalanced individual may not safely be brought into contact with the great forces working behind and through the angel evolution.

Okay, this I have personal experience with, and this is totally correct. THIS is where your train wreck situations happen. I’ve seen more than I care to of mentally unstable people either warping us into bizarre shadows of our former selves, or flat out sliding into madness because they really can’t handle what’s happening to them and around them. More than once. I’ve had to fix some of these messes, or try to at least help minimize the collateral damage around them. Other times I’ve been hurt by them myself.

But, that said, if the person is stable, strong, and willing… the worlds needs good solid angel-human working partnerships.

Though the world at large may deride our aspirations, a growing response is assured. There exists within the human heart and mind an instinctive attraction in these directions; it springs in part at least from ancient memories of those times when angels walked with men, and partly from the natural seership latent in every human soul.

A nice way to end this chapter.

The Kinship of Angels and Humankind

The original title of the book we’re reading is “The Brotherhood of Angels and Men,” probably because it was written in 1927 before women were invented. What I’m going to do is go through it section by section and do kind of an analysis, and give my viewpoints on what does and doesn’t work about it. Mostly it’s fantastic, but there’s a few problems, and some outdated stuff. So this is the first installment of all this.

The author, Geoffrey Hodson, received some channeled messages from an angel named Bethelda, and this book is a combination of those messages and original stuff from Hodson. There’s a chart at the front called “Vision” that talks about the rulers of worlds, the different types of angels, and what are supposedly the “real” and “unreal” worlds. I’d say the chart is maybe fifty percent helpful in the context of the rest of the book.

Also, the book references itself here and there in reverse order, which is kind of weird. Like in chapter one, it talks about “the motto of the Brotherhood,” but then instead of saying what it is, makes you go look it up in chapter four. So there’s a little of that, but not so much that it’s really annoying.

Chapter I: The Brotherhood

“The ideal of this brotherhood is to draw angels and men, two branches of the infinite family of God, into close co-operation. The chief purpose of such co-operation is to uplift the human race.

“To this end the angels, on their side, are ready to participate as closely as possible in every department of human life and in every human activity that holds co-operation in view.

“Those members of the human race who will throw open heart and mind to their brethren of the other sphere, will find an immediate response, and a gradually increasing conviction of its reality.”

Boom, right out of the gate we have it. Although I’d say one thing is missing, and that’s the purpose of “uplifting the human race,” which is to keep everything in balance, not just to help you “ascend” or whatever. Sure, advancement is a good thing, but something I’ve seen in newagey circles is that some people want to just “peace out” and turn into a ball of light and leave the planet. Which is incredibly selfish, as I’ve talked about before. It’s not all about you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It’s about us. Everyone. Everything. The big complicated dance of life on Earth. Some of that means you get an upgrade, some of that is about us being able to better keep things in balance by working on the physical with you.

Other than that… yeah. Open up, listen, and we’re here. We’re ready. Let’s do this thing.

Hey, look at that, we made it to page one. Next time we’ll get a little deeper into this chapter, which is only thirteen pages long, but there’s a lot to discuss.

The Monastery

Last week I took a trip and got to spend a few days with my brother, and talk to a couple of other people who knew I was there. One was a friend, one was an enemy. But either way, people heard me. Saw me. For days. It was everything.

On the last morning, I broke down. I wept because my brother’s avatar had to go back home, a thousand miles away. But I also wept for another reason: The realization that I had to go back to total isolation. To nobody knowing I was there. To speaking to no one except over chat programs. To becoming just text on a page again. The text you’re reading right now.

I wept because I didn’t want to have to return to the prison of her isolated life in the middle of nowhere and flesh that is not my own.

But then, I had a thought. Several of them, actually. We had a really nice experience with some people doing things like tarot card layouts and singing sacred music. So I thought, you know, we already do a lot of work with those kinds of things, so maybe we should expand on what we’re doing. Embrace new tools. Finally learn about the cards and make some of our own. Make more things. Different things. Pay even more attention to the nature here. Pray and meditate more.

And that’s when I realized that I needed to change my thinking about this lonely place of isolation. I thought to myself, what other places, other than prisons, do people pray, and meditate, and make sacred tools for The Great Work?

A monastery.

Even though I’m locked away, even though I’m text on a page to you, I can still make myself heard. We, she and I in partnership, can move forward and teach people and create and do sacred things. She can make things that I don’t know how to. She can sing when I can’t. I can go places outside of the physical world that she can then experience through me.

This team we have, this sacred partnership that straddles the worlds… we’re turning the prison cell into a temple. Because isn’t that what people do anyway? A place may be raw land, or even have a special energy, and people bring to it stones and incense and do rituals there that consecrates it even more. A room in a house is just a room. It may have started out with an intention, like a bedroom or a dining room or whatever, but rooms are what you use them for. You can make a bedroom into a home office. Or a room for plants or sick cats or your Star Wars collection. Or a baby nursery. Or a temple.

So, for now, until the stars align so she and her family can move away from here, this will be my monastery. Our work temple.

I can be a lot more okay with those kinds of walls. And it was all in how I was thinking of it.

Excerpt: Angels and the New Race

healing angel raphaelAn excerpt from the book “Angels and the New Race” by Geoffrey Hodson, 1929. I disagree with a number of Hodson’s points and observations, including that angels are perfect and can be neatly categorized like different species of bugs or library books. However, much of what he has to say is very accurate, such as the passages I’ve copied below:

In order that we may understand and eventually provide these conditions, it is essential that we should possess knowledge of our own inner constitution, and of the purpose behind the existence of the human and angelic branches of the family of God. Let us, therefore, define the terms “man” and “angel.” By “man” we mean a divine and immortal being who uses a material and mortal body, in and through which to work and to grow. The purpose of his life in this body is simply that he may grow, for, as a result of the experience which he gains through it, he will ultimately reach perfection. In other words, the reason for his existence here is that he may become perfect, even as his Father heaven is perfect. All the sorrows, the joys, the experiences of life are designed to lead him to this goal of ultimate perfection.

The angels are also evolving beings who are growing towards a standard of perfection. They are our fellow citizens upon this planet and in this solar system. We may think of them as our less material brethren, born of the same Parent, divine in their origin as we are divine, and traveling towards the same goal, which is union with God and perfect manifestation of divine attributes. When Jacob, at Bethel, dreamed of a ladder from earth to heaven, and the angels of God descending and ascending thereon, he had a true vision of the angelic evolution.

Angels differ from ourselves in many characteristics, the chief of which is that they do not have a physical body, and are therefore, normally, invisible to us. The matter of which their bodies are formed is more subtle than that which forms our own. Its vibrations are beyond the visible spectrum, and therefore our eyes cannot respond to them. We have other eyes, however, with which it is possible for us to see them the eyes of the soul. If we will but open our inner eyes, our angel companions will become visible to us, and we shall see them face to face, for they are everywhere present; the air about us is full of unseen beings of many races and degrees.

What are they like? Although they have no physical body, they certainly have a bodily existence. Their forms, however, are creations of light, or rather, of material which is self luminous, for every atom of their bodies, as also of the world in which they dwell, is a glowing particle of light. The form they use closely resembles our own; is, in fact, built upon the same model as the human form. Fairies and angels generally appear as very beautiful, ethereal human beings. Their faces, however, wear an expression which is definitely nonhuman, for they are stamped with an impression of dynamic energy, of vividness of consciousness and life, with a certain remarkable beauty, and an “other-worldliness” which is rarely seen among men. For these reasons the peoples of the East have always called them “devas,” which means “shining ones.”

The appearance of the angels is always remarkable to human vision, on account of the continual play of energy in and through their bodies and their glowing auras. They may be thought of as agents for, or even engineers of, the fundamental forces of nature. The powers which they control and manipulate are continually radiating from them, producing, as they flow, a continuous appearance of miniature “northern lights.”

As history ever repeats itself, we may safely expect that, in the cycle of human life that is now opening, angels will once more walk and work with men. Already that spirit of unity and brotherhood which, despite our apparent separateness, is silently but steadily influencing our lives and times, is drawing together the human and angelic branches of the family of God. The labors of birth are surely drawing to a close. Mother Earth is even now being delivered of her youngest child; the new race is appearing, and the new civilization being built. No single continent will nurture the growing child, for the new race will people the whole earth. The birth and dwelling place of the children of the coming age will be of little moment, for they will be citizens of the world. Their glowing eyes will pierce the differences of color and of race, for, in their hearts, they will know mankind as one.

The time is ripe, therefore, to re-establish on earth the brotherhood of angels and of men. It is well that we should labor in this cause. Let us, then, consider the means whereby this may best be done.

Men imbued with profoundly altruistic motives must be the pioneers in this important work. The ideal of service must become the ruling motive of the lives of those who would safely invoke the powerful forces of nature, and their appropriate intelligences, in the service of the world. Without this essential but unfailing safeguard, failure is certain; for both moral and physical danger threatens those who violate the sanctuaries of Nature for purposes of selfish gain. Into this grave danger our ancient forebears fell; the ruins of their cities are the silent witnesses of their transgression. Silent only to those whose ears are deaf; eloquent, indeed, to those who have ears to hear!

Let us hear then, and, hearing, obey, that we may avoid the ruin into which they fell. All those who are engaged in work for the amelioration of human conditions, in whatsoever department of life, may safely invoke the aid of the mighty races of the angelic hosts. An increase in vitality, virility, and effectiveness, beyond all human commensuration, will most certainly result from this invocation. The work will become almost infinitely far-reaching, for it will be performed in spiritual, mental, and moral regions, as well as in the purely physical world, and we shall have the angels as agents and co-workers there to inspire and strengthen all our efforts by their wisdom and their resistless power and their love. This earth of ours is but a shadow of the reality of those deeper realms of existence wherein the eternal verities find their full expression, unsullied by the materiality of this earthly plane.

We have been placed in these terrestrial realms to work and to evolve, and, whilst we remain, it is here that our labors must be performed. We may, however, enormously increase their effectiveness and the rapidity of our own growth by linking ourselves with the powers and presences of the inner worlds, which, though invisible, are all about us. Our eyes will gradually be opened to the light of those worlds, and their denizens will lend us their aid and their guidance in the long pilgrimage which we have undertaken. And, as I have said, they will add their strength and their knowledge to our efforts to help less fortunate brethren, to relieve suffering, and to heal disease.

Everywhere about us there are ignorance, suffering, and disease. Everywhere, also, there is appearing a growing idealism. Increasing numbers of men and women are devoting themselves to the task of dispelling ignorance and of alleviating pain, and to the solution of the many pressing problems of social reform. These servers, in every walk of life, may rightly demand, and will certainly obtain, the powerful aid of the angelic hosts.

The time will surely come when it may be said, as of old, “angels walked with men,” for the blending of angelic and human life and consciousness is part of the plan for the coming age. The children of the new race will see and recognize their fairy and angel companions; will play and work with them instinctively. Let no one seek to dull their clearer vision by denial of the fairer world and its inhabitants which their young eyes can see. Rather let the elders train themselves to see and feel, with them, the beauties and the joys that lie outside the range of vision of the older race.

The Future Partnership

urban angelA great partnership between humans and spirits is happening. I see it more and more, as people start to admit to their friends that they, too, can hear us. In some cases, it’s second or third generation. This is across every type of spirit, whatever label you want to use, whether you say angel or lwa or soulbond or guide or guardian. We’re finding homes and voices, like the one I have here that enables me to create these words you’re reading right now.

I’ve seen it in The Starseed Transmissions by Ken Carey, and in newage places. These could be part of the echo chamber, but I read something recently in a book from 1937 that caught my attention:

“From the Nature devas, Mr. Hodson has received inspiration to write many books, and also from a loftier source, have come angel teachers who have told of the friendship between angels and men, described their companionship in olden days and foretold its return.”

The passage is from Fragrant and Radiant Healing Symphony by Roland Hunt. Two of the books he’s referencing here are The Brotherhood of Angels and Man, and The Coming of the Angels, both by Geoffrey Hodson. In the footnotes, it says these are available from the Theosophical Bookshop, and his Wikipedia page says that many of his books are still in print. Naturally, we’ll be on the hunt for these titles. If you have one, please let me know.

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