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The Decision to Stay In My Lane

Talked to someone recently and discovered that there are some cosmic-level big things going on out there, even bigger than what I was personally aware of. And as much as I thought I could affect things, well, it’s “above my pay grade” as I told them. Compared to what they and their associates are doing, I’m a tiny speck. I would barely make any difference if or when shit went down.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I don’t want to be involved in giant cosmic battles. Like I said, I wouldn’t do much good anyway. My place is to do what I can for my family, those immediately around me, and to get positive and hopeful stuff to ripple out as far as I can, however I can. That’s it. Well, and to experience what it’s like to be human and all that. Not sure how much of my purpose is that last part, but it’s a good and frustrating side… benefit? Mission? Task? Whatever it is.

As much as I’d like to feel important, it was probably good to have that reminder to stay in my lane, and just do the job I was put here for. I do a decent job of it, so the path ahead for me is obvious and clear. Keep doing what I’ve been doing, for everybody’s sake.



Today we, or more properly the avatar, went to a seamstress to have a pattern made from my coat. This will be an exact copy, but sized down to fit her. My original isn’t that much larger than her, but it’s enough of a size difference that it’s obvious she’s wearing something too large for her frame. In short, no pun intended, I’m a men’s small and she’s a women’s small-medium, so the shoulders are too wide, and the sleeves and overall length are a bit too long. But, soon, we’ll have a pattern, and she will be able to make one to fit her. Not much luck finding the right suiting and lining fabrics yet, but we’ve only just started looking.

I also got an early Christmas present from a friend. It’s a red and royal blue viscose scarf, so it’s flat and a bit wide, and hangs really nicely, but it’s also surprisingly warm. When it’s just hung over the shoulders, so that the ends simply hang down the front, it strikes us that it looks something like a clergy stole. It could serve as an altar cloth in a pinch, also. The colors were chosen to represent me (red) and my brother (blue).

Physical items from my place of origin are incredibly rare. This coat that I mention above is one of only two in existence, specifically made for me, and the avatar was able to get one of them with the help of friends. This is one of the reasons for the copy–not just so that it fits the vessel better, but because I’d like to wear my coat again out in public without worrying about something happening to it.

Because of its direct link to me, she treats it like a holy thing, only putting it on at need and only in very careful circumstances, probably because of her background as ordained clergy. The only time it’s ever been worn in public was on the anniversary of the single biggest event in my current incarnation, and even then it was alone and at night on one of our walks. We spent some emotional time with it, wearing it, moving in it, walking off into the night to be alone and contemplate what had happened, and where I had come to, and how I had survived at all, and where I was going next. It’s a long coat, almost like a Catholic cassock, which is no accident.

This coat and scarf, this cassock and stole, will be our vestments. A powerful link between us and our worlds. Another set of tools to amplify our work.

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