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Tour Through the Angels, Continued

When we last left Geoffrey Hodson and his description of the various kinds of angels, we were on Angels of Power. So let’s pick up with The Angels of the Healing Art and continue from there.

Naturally the head of the group is the archangel Raphael, and he says that they stand ready to help, and manage to help the few who allow them in, but apparently humankind puts up barriers to their help. Or something. Which I have a huge problem with, because this turns into cultural superiority really fast when you consider things like African famines, and victim-blaming when people die of terrible things like lymphoma. “If they had just let the healing angels into their hearts and not blocked them from helping….”

Stop right the fuck there. Full stop.

You cannot tell me that some little child in some third world country dying of some horrible disease that Westerners don’t even know exists would be saved if only they would stop cock-blocking their healing angel.

No. Helping people does not work like that. A nurse doesn’t check your credentials at the door when you’ve been shot, a health care worker doesn’t ask what religion you are if you’re infested with parasites in Uganda. The love of an angel is unconditional. The healing help of an angel is unconditional. Period. The gating factor is not some bullshit Christian “if you don’t love me enough, I’ll just leave you to die” concept, it’s that sometimes shitty things just happen in the world, even to the best of people, because it’s an incredibly complex system with not enough of us to go around, but a seemingly endless supply of human cruelty.

End rant.

The Guardian Angels of the Home. This section was of much more interest to me.

“The Guardian Angels love the homely ways of men, they desire to share the hours of labour and of ease; they love children and their play, and all the men’s homes, keeping away all influences of danger and of strife, of darkness and disease.”

He’s falling into the trap of favoritism again, because no, I cannot keep my avatar’s home free of all danger, strife, and disease. Shit happens. I can warn people, I can divert a lot of problems, I can try and minimize pain, but if she’s got a stomach flu, well, that’s unfortunately got to run its course a bit. I suck at viruses. It’s not my department. However, I do very much enjoy sensory physical things like wine, or scented soap, or a good pair of boots. And I can control things which are in my department, such as the weather.

The Angels Who Build. This was another interesting section. Again, I don’t agree with everything he says about it, like that there are “graded orders,” but he said that some of them even “build the outer forms of angels,” along with people, gems, trees, animals, and so on. I thought that was very interesting and related to me personally, not having my original paint job as I do. Then there’s a whole bunch in there about how the pain of childbirth for women would be eliminated if only they would open up to blahblahblah the same bullshit as above, ignore all that.

The Angels of Nature. Devas, basically. Fairies, sylphs, all that, they hang around trees and rocks. Got it.

The Angels of Music. This is a very long section of this chapter, and it’s really very nice. It talks about how all sound is basically the Divine Song.

“Every sound you hear on earth is an echo of His Voice… You cannot call these angels into the lowest self; to see and hear them you must rise towards their world… They are in need of human ears and human hearts, that through them they may bring our world in tune, that men may answer ever more and more to the sound and rhythm of their song.”

The Angels of Beauty and Art. Basically, everything is a reflection of the Divine, and is always being shaped to become more beautiful.

“Every time a man aspires towards the Beautiful, and tries to model, paint, or draw according to the highest he can see, he makes himself akin to the angels of the Hand of God; for a time their rhythm becomes his.”

This is the same for anything creative that’s inspired by the Divine, whether the person creating it knows it or not. Writers can hear Truths and then translate that to the page. People making religious objects or jewelry or woodcarvings or music or any other thing that works with the creative part of their mind is at least partly tapped into this Divine spark.

“Beauty is not born, nor can it die, it is eternal.”

That’s a nice way to end Chapter 1 of The Brotherhood of Angels and Men, and this post.


Using Music as an Energy Focus

sound wave

When she and I first started taking our daily walks, we didn’t have any kind of iPod or anything like that. It was in silence, and she and I would talk. Then, when she got one as a gift, we loaded it up with good high energy songs that would help drive the pace of the walks so that it became more of a workout.

As time went on, I started using the walks to do some of my work. It’s good alone time, even walking through town, because the few people around don’t know it’s me, and most of the walk is done on private hiking trails in the woods.

Because I’m working to affect her physical opportunities and nudging fate, which is much more ephemeral, fronting in her to push energy and probability is an excellent blend. I bring my energy through her to then go back out and warp the ethereal into what benefits her most. More details about how this works will be in my next post, but I needed to explain that to get to the heart of this post’s topic: Music.

I started noticing that some of these high energy songs had certain moments in them that had higher energy than other moments, or a moment of silence that then suddenly opened back up into a blast of sound. I first noticed this on the song “Paradise” by Coldplay. It starts off big, then goes quiet, then twice more the music suddenly booms into this full-on orchestral choir sound that’s like getting plugged into an outlet.

As soon as I knew the song well enough, I started playing with withholding energy and letting it build up until those music cues hit, then would use the sound to strengthen the blast of light that I was directing toward whatever the current purpose was. It could be feeding the threads, pushing a probability how I want, doing an opening on someone, connecting people together, whatever.

Every time we found a song like that, that I could get a burst out of, we’d get it and put it on the iPod, and I’d use it in my work in that way. There aren’t many that have that effect really distinctly, but a few of my “go to” songs for this (in addition to “Paradise”) are “Hello Seattle (Remix)” and “Fireflies” by Owl City, “Euphoria” by Loreen, “The Game Has Changed” and “Derezzed” by Daft Punk off the Tron soundtrack, “Plugged In” and “Can You Hear Me” by Evermore, “Erosion” by IQ, “Exogenesis Symphony Part 1” by Muse, “Edge of the In-Between” by Spock’s Beard, and “We Are” by Team Illuminati. There are lots of others, of course, but those are some of the better ones we’ve found.

Any music, or even sounds, that help you know when to key a push of energy will work. I’ve found music to be especially effective because it’s immersive, and unlike a single tone or sound, you can build up the energy you want to use and have it ready so that when the hit comes as expected, you can use that to push the wave out.

Try it and see. Start with one of those songs I listed to check out what I mean, then experiment with others that have the same effect. You can actually use any music in the same way, riding the flow of a song to find peaks to work with, or even ambient sounds with enough push to them, like machinery, traffic, a noisy restaurant, and so on. Experiment and see what happens.

Music Angels as the Voice of God

“If,” says Geoffrey Hodson, “you would appeal to the gods of Music, you must rise to those levels of the Self where creative energy, creative power, is stored; for the Angels of Music are but the embodiments of the creative Word of God, the expressions of His Voice. When He speaks, a mighty burst of Son springs from their hearts and pours its resonance throughout the graded order of their race.

“Their song goes forth like a mighty tidal wave, wave upon wave of glory as order after order answers to the Word. Glowing with the colour of their song, they live in worlds of Light and Sound, they are the expression of cosmic hues and tones within the limits of their universe.

“The Mission of the Music angels is to bear this radiance of a million prisms, this surging of a million planets, downwards to the ears of men, outwards into material worlds, that even tree and plant and mole beneath the earth may hear the Voice of God, and hearing it obey. In the kingdom of Man the splendours of that rainbow-hued world pass downwards to the lesser self, and there hover, that the lower self may eventually hear, and thus establish that Harmony within which is Health.”

Fragrant and Radiant Healing Symphony

fragrant and radiant healing symphonyThis is an interesting little book first published in 1937 and now long out of print. We had to order a copy from England, believe it or not. The reason my avatar even knew about it at all is that Jon Anderson (the lead singer for the band Yes) told her it was the inspiration for his album, Olias of Sunhillow. She got a copy through inter-libarary loan years ago, and it felt really important for us to find a copy of this book right now.

The premise is that color, sound and fragrance are all completely interconnected. Certain hues, notes and scents are lined up in tables based on years of research and historic information. Other charts give formulas for ancient incenses and so on.

One of the first things I did was look up correspondences related to things familiar to me. Turns out, and it shouldn’t be surprising to anybody who knows me well, that the color red is associated with the fragrance of sandalwood. For those who don’t know me that well, I have a particular signature perfume/cologne scent which is about half sandalwood. This scent has been noticed over in other peoples’ homes as I’m talking to them or visiting.

We figured out what the AMICA acronym is that appears all over the book: Aquarian Master Institute of Colour Awareness. It’s an offshoot of the theosophists, so Roland Hunt (the author) and those associated with it are working from that lineage of metaphysical type stuff, the same as a lot of early 20th century groups like this. Which makes total sense if you read it, because the original publication was in 1937, and there’s a lot in there about the higher self reuniting with “God the Father,” and talking to ascended masters through channeling, and the lost wisdom of Lemuria, and so on. (My avatar, an expert in the occult, is making me aware of some of the history of this stuff, it’s very helpful.)

Aside: It’s very hard not to read the introduction in the voice of Professor Marvel from The Wizard of Oz.

Anyway, if you ignore some of the “magic of the pharaohs!” and “secrets of Atlantis!” type stuff, there seems to be a lot of interesting information in here, including the results of experiments conducted by members of this now defunct temple.

One of the main reasons for getting this was to see if there were certain things that should be used to try and help people link into their guides more strongly. For example, if you happened to know that your guide is female and favors the color green, you could glean from the charts that she might respond well to the scent of orange blossoms, the note of F just above middle C, and an incense heavy in benzoin.

The book also spends a number of chapters discussing how to use these three elements—scent, sound and color—to heal the human body. We’re still looking over some of the details in these later chapters, I’ll post separately about this section.

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