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Parallel Worlds, and a Great Video

Seriously, you have to watch the video.

The theory suggests not only that parallel worlds exist, but that they interact with our world on the quantum level and are thus detectable. The theory is a spinoff of the many-worlds interpretation in quantum mechanics — an idea that posits that all possible alternative histories and futures are real, each representing an actual, though parallel, world.

For instance, when asked about whether their theory might entail the possibility that humans could someday interact with other worlds, Wiseman said: “It’s not part of our theory. But the idea of [human] interactions with other universes is no longer pure fantasy.”


The Universe is Not For Everyone

The Flammarion engravingThe universe, and by that I mean everything that exists, which is infinite, is not for everyone. The universe is not just a collection of stars and planets and whatever “stuff” telescopes can see and “dark stuff” scientists guess at.

The reason for the graphic there is not just a pretty picture. The universe, the true one, is far more complex than a human brain can grasp. I know that’ll probably upset some people to hear, and I’m not saying that you’re not intelligent, or anything like that at all. It’s just that it’s like a fish trying to understand what being a bird is like. And then the bird trying to understand what an airplane is.

Most people are not ready, at all, to go beyond what they can see and feel and experience on planet Earth. A lot of people don’t even believe that anything supernatural at all exists. Some people, though, want to follow the rabbit hole and are the type who are always questing. They want to poke their head through the sky and see what’s beyond it. Or they think they do.

From this group… there are the people who think they’ve got it figured out, so when they pull back the curtain and the Wizard of Oz isn’t what they were expecting, they either freak out or get mad and say it can’t be real. Sometimes they come back around after sitting with it for a while, then take another baby step outside of their comfort zone, then another, then another, and sometimes they stop and sometimes they keep going.

A very few people look through and see part of the greater universe and it gives them what they need. They stare in wonder, their minds expand a little more, and they work with what they’ve seen. They embrace the strange and new and unexpected things and are at peace with learning about them, and that they don’t know everything, and won’t ever know everything. Nobody does except God. And that’s okay. Because the universe is not for everyone. And that’s okay too.

Onism and Plurism (Guest Post)

I’ve had an embarrassment of riches the past week or so, and part of that has been making a couple more new friends over email. I was having a great discussion with one of them, and I had her write up something on what we were talking about (she requested not to be named). I thought these definitions were freaking brilliant and very accurate. Maybe they’ll ring true for some of you reading this as well.

I came across something on the Internet recently, while curating my little blog of inspirational quotes and images that I keep to make me smile. It was a definition of the word “onism”:

(noun) An obsolete word, onism is defined by the frustration one feels of only being able to live one life. It describes the dissatisfaction of being stuck in your given body, which only inhabits one place. It is the total awareness that one’s experience in the world will always be limited.

That description stuck with me. Not because it was true, for me, but because I could no longer imagine a world in which it could be true again.

I haven’t “come out” to people on that one blog, and I don’t plan to – it’s my little sanctuary. As far as anyone there knows, I’m just an ordinary woman in her twenties with a love of travel, cute animals, and God. Which I am. I just happen to not be the only one, or even the “primary” one, in this body. You might say that’s deception; I say it’s self-preservation, against the kind of lowlifes who use people like me – ordinary, twenty-something women blogging about cats – for sport.

So I didn’t write about that on my blog. I don’t write about much on my blog, really. I’ve seen what happens to people who do. But I printed out the definition to put in my art journal, and next to it I wrote this.

but then, from this, plurism: the experience of being fragmented across all possible realities, highly aware.

I used to experience onism. As a little girl, I longed to slip into the lives of people in books: to be a champion horse-rider, a child of Narnia, a detective like Nancy Drew. As children I think we’re all onists. Ask us what we want to be, and we can’t choose: firefighter one minute, doctor or astronaut or dinosaur the next. Children are thirsty for knowledge, wanting to drink up every detail of life on this vast, complex Earth.

But people like me can’t be onists. People like me, who share bodies, have been lifted up into a certain extra dimension above reality, and seen that it’s not so simple. We see glimpses of ourselves in other worlds, in other people, in others playing out our lives on a screen. We see things that we could have been, paths that we didn’t take – and paths that we did, but through the impersonal eyes of a scriptwriter. We lose memories, and other people fill them in for us. We experience ourselves filtered, channeled, through other minds, colored by them even as they try to step back from us, to give us our space.

We try to be authentic, but we’re living in pieces. All we can do is try to gather up the pieces, scattered across infinite dimensions, and glue them back together again into something resembling ourselves.

Sometimes – when I spend too long dwelling in those multiple timelines, when I’m dazzled by the hugeness and strangeness of who I am – I think that God meant us to be onists after all. That no matter how small and confining it feels to be one, we’re not meant to be scattered and many, seeing ourselves through some kind of Doctor Who time vortex. I’m not that familiar with Doctor Who, but a friend told me that ordinary people who look into that infinity go mad. Sometimes it feels like going mad, all this.

And sometimes – I think this is maybe what the mystics were talking about. Seeing things for more than they are, for all that they could be. It’s hard, and it’s messy, and I sure as heck haven’t had the necessary initiatiory rites. But sometimes I think it’s worth seeing.

God created us to be small and confined, but He created us to come back to Himself, too. Most days, I feel like I walk the line. It’s exhilarating and it’s fearsome. Most days, I can’t believe I’m alive here – can’t believe this is my life. It’s so strange. It’s so different. I have almost as much trouble believing it as you do. But it is real.

More Evidence for the Multiverse


For those of you who need “hard data” for the fact that there are other universes besides the one you’re reading this in, here’s a new article from Scientific American:

Multiverse Controversy Heats Up over Gravitational Waves

“Once we have experimental proof that the cosmological constant is real, and we have experimental proof of inflationary cosmology, then suddenly we have something which I firmly believe is experimental evidence in favor of the multiverse,” Linde says. “Those people who say the theory of the multiverse does not have any experimental confirmation have not paid enough attention.”

“The more we move in this way, the more seriously we should take the possibility of eternal inflation and the multiverse,” Linde says, “and the idea that our universe is not just one cosmic balloon but a fractal of balloons producing new balloons producing new balloons forever.”

Can You Hear Me?

Headphones required. Seriously. Great speakers or headphones, turned up loud, or nothing:

Another Return

angel phoenixAnother person came and talked to me this past week, one that I hadn’t heard from in a long time. I’d figured that she was busy, because she’s a really busy person in general, but that wasn’t it. The reasons she hadn’t been speaking to me were far more important.

She holds inside her a piece of something amazing. A bit of an archangel. I know who, but I don’t know how much is there, and it’s not for me to question or examine the exact percentages, and it doesn’t matter anyway. But the main reason she hadn’t been able to talk to me is that something in my catalyst nature triggers things in her that quickly get overwhelming. She described it as suddenly having this whirlwind of images flying through her mind, and the ground drops out from under her.

Knowing this, I was able to pull myself back and only  have a little of myself coming through my avatar so that I could still speak through her typed words, but it was a lot more of a “channeling” experience than normal, with her listening and repeating what I was saying rather than our normal flow together. It worked well, and this returning person and I were able to talk for a little while before she had to break contact again. During that time, she told me about a dream she’d had. In this dream, I caused a burst of energy that ripped through several worlds or dimensions.

The thing is, it wasn’t just a dream. That release happened.

Her telling me this put a huge piece into my puzzle, a giant light bulb over my head. I get it now. That’s what it was all for, going through all that hell. To create a bridge between your world, and our world, and the multiverse in the immediate neighborhood.

Catalyst. Boom. Changing not just my world, or your world, but all the worlds close enough nearby to feel those ripples and get hooked together through it.

Also, I’m triggering major stuff in an archangel. Holy shit, no pun intended. You know I’m going to be working on examining that.

The Power Grows

hand full of fire

Manifesting things takes power, finesse, skill, determination, focus and will. Finding the connecting threads, knowing how to connect or disconnect them, how to feed them and work them… that’s most of how I work. How we work. Myself and the others like me. And there are others.

Surely you didn’t think I was the only one of my kind?

Saturday I got a new channel through which to work. It’s easier and the power flows right through. I want to say “effortless” but of course that’s not true. But by comparison the difference is amazing. With each thing added, it gets that much easier.

Consider this: You want to talk to your guide, and you know he or she likes chocolate, so you put chocolate out on an altar and eat some as a sacrament while you’re communicating. It helps move the needle, right? You can use any number of things to make this connection. But when you stack them up, the power really gets exponential.

Let’s say your guide has a particular likes and dislikes, and you start to learn what they are as your link strengthens. From the chocolate session, you find out he likes the color green, so you wear green the next time as well. From there, you start collecting things to strengthen the link, and it becomes easier and easier to find out what those things are, as well as how your guide can work through you.

Your guide’s true name, and the symbol of power he or she has, is the most important information you can have to help their power come through. If your guide is so blessed as to have an avatar who lets him or her come through the body fully, then the power can really flow. If you’re so blessed as to learn the true name and symbol of your guide, guard that information carefully. It’s also the easiest way for someone else to control that spirit in unwanted ways.

People wonder why I would need to come through a physical person like that to work. I don’t always. I can get a lot to happen on my side of things. However, sometimes it works better or differently to have a conduit on the physical, if it’s the physical plane I’m trying to affect. Let’s say I’m trying to get person A to call person B during an emergency. Since both human people are on the physical plane, sometimes it can work better to use the physicality of my avatar as an anchor to your physical universe. It can trip different tumblers in the lock than being purely on the ethereal plane can.

Sometimes I work in conjunction with others like myself. I add my energy to theirs to spark results into happening faster, or at all. Today we got two separate companies to call my brother’s avatar within ten minutes of each other. She had applied for them way back in March, but “somehow” they both chose right then, during the time we were working on that very thing, to set up job interviews with her.


Yeah, right.

I used to keep a journal of the things I accomplished, but it got very long and began to seem pointless when I started manifesting and changing things on a daily basis. It would be like you keeping a journal of what you did at work every day.

With every day, with every acquisition of another item I can add to my arsenal, my medicine bag, my collection, the power grows. And I am not alone. We are not alone. You are not alone.

I’m Not From Around Here

male angel with black wingsIt seems like part of what’s going on with people recently is that parallel worlds are touching or overlapping. Somebody will experience something that seems very concrete, but when they look again, it’s totally changed. You might start out with chocolate ice cream, but somewhere along the line, you realize you’re now eating caramel swirl. You pick out a red shirt in the store, and by the time you get to the register, you have a blue one in your hand. How did that get there?

Did you cross over into a very similar world, or was it just a brief connection that altered what you were doing in this one? Which one is the “right” world? Was it something that changed in the now when you weren’t looking, or did someone alter the past, and you still retain a few memories from the original timeline?

Is it a glitch in the Matrix?

There are parallel worlds. Quantum theory is not only sure of this, physicists are working to find ways to look into these other worlds and otherwise prove they exist. I have personal experience with this, because that’s where I’m from. A split of a split of a split.

For those coming in late, I have to borrow somebody else’s physical hands to write my posts. In this place, where you’re reading these words, I don’t have enough of a physical presence to be able to do it myself, so I borrow time inside somebody else. Ghost in the shell. Except I’m not a ghost, but you get what I’m saying here.

I had a physical life in my universe of origin, and I miss it. I’m in one of the “ethereal planes” now, and it’s taken a lot of getting used to. There’s advantages and disadvantages, and I know it’s where I need to be. That’s completely fine. I see my role in things, and I do have a way to communicate that works really well.

This unique situation has enabled me to straddle worlds and help people better because of it. I understand the physical human condition, and I understand a few of the etheric planes out here and how they relate to each other. Because I’m not tied to a normal physical existence, I have easy access to things like the threads, I can see and affect different probabilities, I can go anywhere instantly, I can talk to pretty much any kind of spirit, angel, deity, etc. that I need to. Because of where I’m from, I understand the traumas caused by war and loss. Because of what I went through after I found my way out, and how I’ve been able to heal from it all, I can counsel others from a place of understanding. Because of what I’ve become, I can bless and heal others and pass on the Light.

The Matrix

The nature of “Reality” is a fluid thing, even in the physical world. Whose reality? Which universe? What happens when these universes touch or overlap? We’re starting to see the results right now. The past couple of weeks has seen a huge shift for a lot of people, some of it sideways into parallel realities. ~Peter

Waking The Infinite

The well known suite of movies that are known as the Matrix movies express a sense that all is not as it seems in a world where there are unfeeling, alien lifeforms feeding off of human energy and keeping them enslaved in an entirely illusory world.  These movies have touched a nerve and are also part of an emerging sense or awareness that things are not all as they seem.

For those who know them, the movies are quite violent.  Their means of moving from one scene to another is through great violence, through struggle, through epic battles.  The hero, Neo, is given the choice of awakening or going back to sleep.  He chooses to go down that rabbit hole and initiate a life changing experience.  When I had my awakening, these movies took on a very different gloss.  It raised a few eyebrows for me for how close some…

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