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Just on the Other Side of the Curtain

white featherMany of you have probably seen this photo shoot by now, where a man and his daughter, Olivia, get a series of photo portraits done similar to the ones he did when he was first married, but Ali, his wife has passed away, so Olivia takes her place.

But there’s far more to this story than simply poignant and touching photographs.

From the blog of the photographer, who is Ali’s sister (bandwidth warning, many large photos of the session):

“Lately Ali has been IN.OUR.FACE. Like non stop. I usually get a handful of “messages/signs” weekly. But a couple weeks ago I asked her to make herself more present for me. Welp, let’s just say she listened for once . I never share these things but with some super close friends or my family, but I feel like she’s begging me to share with you guys. So I decided I will. Feathers have been a consistent token from her. Fall out of nowhere onto me, all.the.time. Anywho. As you probably figured, I was having anxiety about cleaning out her stuff with my family and then taking pictures in their empty house. When we went upstairs into Olivia’s room to shoot, I directed Olivia to stand by the window. In my mind I imagined Ali rocking her as an infant in that very spot. She went there, then bent down and picked something up… a white feather. Oh hey sis! Glad you could make an appearance in this sesh. That same day I got a couple other blatant signs, another of which was a bigger white feather while outside picking a Christmas tree with my aunt Dale. (Another past time we did together.)”


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