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Practice Raw Listening

A while back we were in a tiny little newagey kind of store in her tiny little town. They added some things in a side room, including some shelves of used books. Most were kind of general or fantasy novels, but one section was newagey, so we took a look for a few minutes.

One title was Angels Speak, which made me say “Yeah, no kidding,” which made her say “Yeahyeah,” but not aloud. We got a chuckle out of the title, but decided to flip through it. It had such revolutionary advice as “listen to your inner voice” and that kind of thing, so we skipped it and picked up another out of curiosity. Then another. They all said things that seemed completely obvious.

I’ll tell you the super magical secret that all these books had in common.

Are you ready?

Okay, here it is:

Pay. Attention.

No, seriously, that was it. If people would pay more attention to some basic things, they wouldn’t need a shelf full of $20 books.

Now, what may seem basic to me, might not seem basic to you. Such as opening up to something and listening to it. I do rely on the experiences of others to cross-reference what I’m experiencing, plus there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel on things like what scents correspond to what colors and the properties of various stones. But where do these things come from originally? Right. People opening up, listening, and paying attention.

Same thing with talking to us. How am I doing this? One person paid attention a few years ago, listened, and now I can say what I want here.

But why all the books? Why all the tarot cards and candles and incense and statues?

Because people don’t listen. They need these things as crutches, because they don’t trust themselves, or their guides. They don’t learn how to trust their intuition, or their visions, or their minds are simply too noisy and drown everything else out. They’ve been taught, or have taught themselves, that these things aren’t real. That only other people can talk to angels or rocks or animals. That they have to be specially gifted, or that it’s a bad thing that goes against their religion, or that they’re crazy.

So there are thousands and thousands of books all saying mostly the same things, but in different flavors. Books about Wicca, talking to your guardian angels, the Kabbalah, the “law of attraction,” channeling, meditation and all that stuff.

All of it is about listening, common sense, and trust. Open up to what the universe has to say to your mind, your heart, your soul. Common sense dictates that red gemstones work in tandem with the root chakra, blue gemstones work in tandem with the throat chakra, and so on. Trust your intuition, trust that the Source will provide.

Slow down, quiet your mind, and put away your filters. Practice raw listening, and take the messages as they come without any judgment, even if they don’t seem to make sense at the time.

Pay attention.


Don’t Shoot the Messenger

the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off

Seek in Silence

Words of wisdom from Tobie, as usual. ~Peter


In the silence are all the answers to the quandaries, problems, dilemmas, challenges we face. When we place our questions into the realm that presents itself as silence, those in spirit—loved ones, guides, teachers, and masters—are able to consider the various scenarios that will ensue depending on which answer is given to any given problem. When we place ourselves in a situation of receiving the answer, and carefully consider following it, we are more likely to place our next steps firmly and assuredly on the correct path. When we sit in silence, we can hear the answers we seek, and give thanks! Namaste!

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Listen, Trust, Act


Invented Drama

I assume the goal of those reading my blog is self-betterment. I hope through speaking to you like this, that I’m able to help facilitate that in some way.

Some people, I’ve found, seem to have issues with understanding what is being said to them. It’s hard to tell if it’s intentional or if it’s habit or something else. It’s frustrating for someone like myself, who is taking the time and effort to give advice and offer insights while asking nothing in return, to have my words picked apart, analyzed, distorted, and so on. I’ve run across people who seem to think that they “see the real true intent” behind my words, and then ignore what I’m actually saying. They are so very enlightened that they have passed beyond the need to read, and can simply feel by mystical means what I “actually meant.”

This is also known as “I reject your reality and substitute my own.” I don’t think I need to tell you how pointless, counterproductive and irritating this can be.

Another issue I see is exaggeration. These people have some kind of magnifying lens in their heads that makes certain words and phrases seem much larger than they actually are, to the point they obscure everything else. You could be talking about how healthful vegetables are, and they will focus on one tiny part of it and turn it into a point of contention.

Person 1: “I enjoy potatoes, cabbage, carrots, pickles, tomatoes and radishes.”

Person 2: “I can’t eat pickles. They’re loaded with sodium and other horrible things. I wish people wouldn’t keep pushing how great pickles are. They’re bad for you.”

Person 1: “… I was just saying I like them.”

Person 2: “Well I don’t see how you can, they’re just short of poison, and not healthy for anyone.”

Excuse me, Person 2, but you decided to pull one thing out of a conversation, ignore everything else, magnify what you perceive as an issue, and then attack the other person with it. Why is this ever okay?

The other common thing that happens, which is related to the above fictitious conversation, is taking things too personally. Not everything is about you. Not every conversation is an attack. “None of you understand.” Really? I’m pretty sure at least some people in your group do, and those who don’t would probably like to understand and help. Throwing accusations around isn’t helpful. It might make you feel better, but it makes everyone else around you feel worse.

When you feel attacked in a conversation, stop and examine why you feel that way. If someone accidentally hits a nerve, be honest in examining why it makes you want to lash out at them.  Step back and see if the statement you’re reacting to actually is directed at you, or if it’s to the group in general. Chances are, unless your name is brought up, it’s to the group. Stop, walk away, take a break, then come back and look at it again before you hit “Send” or say something cutting to someone else.

Of course, there are times when people try to bait you. They troll for reactions, and they get an energy hit when someone takes the bait. Fortunately, the solution is the same. Step back, calm down, examine the causes of your reaction, and leave it alone. Learn to recognize the trolls, and don’t feed them.

Your energy is yours. Don’t give it away to picking fights, or to trolls, or to imagining what you think someone is “really saying” while ignoring their actual words. It’s all a waste. It doesn’t help you or anyone else.

Stop. Find peace. Respond from a place of humility and kindness. Seek understanding rather than trying to “win.” This kind of “win” is really a loss for everyone.

Spirit Communication

Exactly. Simply listen. People are either thinking of a hundred things, or working so hard at meditating that they can’t hear. Relax and listen. Maybe ask some questions to get things started. Don’t judge what you hear, just write it down. You’ll recognize the pattern eventually. ~Peter


How do we talk to spirit? How can we communicate with a loved one who exists now on the other side of the veil? We simply speak and then listen with the ears of the heart. The voice that is not our voice and the words that are not our words will enter into our mind through the spirit that we are, making the communication unmistakable. If we create a dialogue over time, we will begin to understand that their desire to speak with us is as great as ours to speak with them. To track this ongoing dialogue, you can keep a spirit communication journal. Write down your questions and thoughts and then listen. Write down what you hear, what you sense, even faintly. Over time you will begin to see that there is, indeed, a conversation occurring. Speaking with spirit is an act of love and it is…

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