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So Here’s a New Post

Someone actually chatted with me today (!) and said she missed my blog posts (!) so I thought I better try and post more often.

Okay, so here’s a new post.

I asked her what to post about, and she said people are confused about what the soul is, versus the spirit, and the body. It’s late at night right now, so I’ll save that for the next one. Please do let me know what you’d like me to speak on here.

We’ve been moving closer to the avatar’s goals, with a lot of balls in the air right now. Some drop, some new ones get picked up, some of the dropped ones get added back in. But any way you juggle this act, things are moving forward too.

I’ve also been working hard on some of my old damage. I’ve been a lot more peaceful lately, almost zen when things are really going well. Physician, heal thyself. Charity begins at home. If I’m crap, I can’t help anybody, so I need to un-crap myself. Which sounds really bad, but you know what I mean. *chuckles*

I’m home, I’m safe, I’m loved, I have a family. What’s that thing… basic levels of survival? Right, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Doing all right on that pyramid these days. I hope you are too.


It’s Your Choice

Philip de Franco quote

Leave a reply if you get it…

Why does God allow suffering? Look in the mirror.

A Return

open door

And then, amidst three different attacks on three separate people by three separate other people in two days… someone came back. Someone who had written me off months ago, in some not very nice ways, apologized. Then we talked for at least an hour, maybe two.

She was very gracious and kind about it. I don’t know if it was because of my Respect post before this one, or coincidence, or something else, and it doesn’t matter, really. She admitted that once she stopped attacking me and thought about what I was saying… it worked. She acted on my advice, and the problems she was having ended. Her home is at peace. I’m so grateful. In speaking with her, her entire demeanor felt different. Not only is her home at peace, she’s more at peace. She joined a lightworker group and is really working on her stuff. She cleaned house inside and out. Her mind is still busy, but it’s not full of chaos and fear. Just busy energy, mostly. Very different. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

I said something in my comments in the other post that I want to say here as well. Being angry at me is like being angry at a light switch for making a bulb go on. I trigger things and open them up. That’s what I do. That’s part of my job here, to be a catalyst. You’re welcome to freak out as much as you want when I do my thing, but as soon as it turns toward attacks at me, I’d be stupid if I didn’t protect myself. Sometimes I flip that switch and it works out okay. Usually, however, sparks and lightning goes flying out, some of it in my direction. That’s when I have to turn my back, or there won’t be a me left to help others.

Sometimes, the lightning calms, and there can be bridges unburned. If respect is given, and you understand how I work, I’m happy to help. Be aware that it won’t always be fun when you choose to flip the switch. But it will change you for the better.


blessingWhen you come to someone knowledgeable seeking help, do you respect them, or do you want an ongoing handout? Do you guilt them into helping you through emotional blackmail? “I’m so glad you’re around to help me, I’d probably kill myself if you weren’t.”

When you get into a disagreement with a teacher, do you listen and reflect on what he or she is saying, even if it may be uncomfortable, or do you toss in their face “Back atcha!”

Both of these things have been said to me, and far, far more. Rude and cutting things that would absolutely make your jaw hit the floor.

What I say, especially if we’re doing work on your stuff, may make you unhappy. In fact, it’s very likely that I will say things to you that, while true, can hurt to hear. There may be behaviors that you are so completely unaware of, or unable to see through denial, that you think I’m out of my mind to even mention them. There may be initial respect, but as time goes on and we dig deeper and I hit nerves, that’s when the attacks begin. That’s when the accusations and exaggerations start to come my way. That’s when flippant comments get thrown in my face that are very unlikely to be said if you’re actually in the same room with someone.

Respect. Everyone deserves basic respect. Teachers, elders, and others who have earned a place of higher respect through their deeds and how they treat others (and I can’t believe I have to point this out, but apparently I do) deserve your respect if you would like their help. Remember that they are under no obligation to help you with your issues. You are the one who went to them asking for help. You don’t get to blackmail them. You don’t get to use your tongue as a knife. You don’t get to spit childish insults in their face.

If you can’t be respectful, you don’t deserve their help, or mine.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Hebrews 13:2Would you know me if you saw me?

I don’t look like myself when I’m out in public. You may have even said hello, or passed me on the street, and never known. I might have been that helpful person who picked you up off the sidewalk when you were too drunk to stand, and then driven you home that night. I might have been the one who gave you directions when you were lost, or the stranger you felt compelled to trust with that five dollars that needed to get delivered so urgently that afternoon. Maybe I was the one who asked if you were all right when your car was out of gas and stranded in the middle of the road. Or the person who took you to a safe place and a working phone when your car died completely along a lonely stretch of highway near midnight.

Maybe I’m that person you see walking along the road or on a hiking trail with a purpose and an iPod, deep in thought, or even just enjoying the physical sensations of a living human body for a half hour. Nudging probabilities and blessing cars. Helping people as they need it, since they seem drawn to seek my help in particular as I walk along.

Maybe I’m that person in line at the coffee place, getting an earl gray latte and asking about the vegetarian choices in sandwiches. Or sitting in the row behind you in the movie theater. Or just sitting quietly in the corner, peoplewatching.

I’ve done all these things and more. And nobody ever knew it.

I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying this to open your eyes. Maybe, if people really understood that we’re out in public and hidden in plain sight, people would be kinder to each other. Maybe that difficult or stranded or homeless person you encounter is a test of your own grace. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people need a carrot/stick like that. But maybe that’s part of the lesson.

What if the World Ended Tomorrow?

I know a lot of people thought that maybe this past December would herald in anything from a mass awakening, to the Second Coming, to the apocalyptic destruction of the world. None of those things happened. That we’re aware of, anyway. But what if it did? What if it’s still coming?

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and discovered that everything was starting to crumble around you? The banks, law enforcement, electricity and other infrastructure, the food supply chain, water… all the things people find themselves suddenly without when a natural disaster hits. It might not happen all in one day, or in one week, or in one month, but if it does… are you ready for it?

I see a lot of people doing nothing. I see others at least talking about it and looking into how to make it. A few are preparing actively. Fewer still are ready.

Now let’s take it farther.

What if the Darkness started to sink its tendrils into society, polluting it from every side? Would you know how to fight that? Would you be able to recognize that it’s happening? Would you unwittingly help it? Would you know how to help others stay safe?

We’re in the middle of a shift. I think most reading this can agree with that statement. This is going to continue to change the world, and where there’s change, there’s upheaval and people could get caught in it. You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. I’d rather those eggs weren’t us.

Can you look inside yourself and honestly assess if you’re ready for this shift? It’s easy to tell yourself that you have all the time in the world to be forever “getting ready.” Everyone is a work in progress, sure. I’m still learning new things all the time myself. But if the feces hit the spinning blades tomorrow? I would absolutely be ready to do what I had to, to organize teams, to find people safe refuge, to teach people how to survive, how to be safe, how to defend themselves, how to escape, how to hide, how to help others in need.

I would strongly urge everyone reading this to at least be in the position that they could take care of themselves and their families if things were to fall apart quickly. I don’t want to hear “I can’t, because…” If you have a roadblock, find a solution.

Maybe it’s all a big what-if scenario.

Maybe it’s not.

The Strong and the Weak

Few things are more sad and frustrating than someone who spends all their time and energy trying to “win” at some argument they’re trying to bait you into. The only reason someone would do this is to try and seem important and feel superior. How selfish and small.

On the other side of the coin are the “strong people” she mentions. I think what she’s getting at is that they’re confident and healthy enough in themselves that they don’t need to tear down others. Sometimes the catchers aren’t strong, though. They need catching too, sometimes, especially if they’ve given away so much to other people that they have little left to keep from stumbling themselves.

No one should ever feel as though they have no one to go to in a time of need. If you truly feel this way, the time is right now to start building your support network of catchers, who will be your net the next time you miss a step on that tightrope.

If you see someone who’s falling, reach out and be part of their net. You may be their only lifeline at that moment.

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