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The Non-Hierarchy of Angels

I’ve been asked to talk about the hierarchy of angels, if there is one. Well… keep in mind that this is just what I know about it from my experiences, and others may experience other things. I’m not omniscient, I just work here—I don’t get shown everything.

There kind of isn’t one… and there kind of is.

Throw out that stupid thing some bored priests came up with however many hundreds of years ago. The “nine choirs” or whatever they call it. People need to put labels on things and put them in neat little boxes, that’s all that is.

It’s more like “power levels” than some kind of tidy filing cabinet drawers. There’s somebody like me, who hangs out on Earth with you guys, helping people, walking around in meatsuits sometimes, usually invisible but around more than you realize. There’s probably millions of us, with different names in different cultures. Angels, devas, guardians, guides, djab lwa, whatever label you like best.

Then there’s bigger guys, and I literally mean bigger. Like I only barely come up to their chest, and they’re a lot more powerful and closer to the Source. From this level up, I never get to see their faces. Often they won’t even let me look or give any indication of identity beyond general features and sometimes gender. I have no idea if this group has a specific name, they just “are,” and there’s a lot of them. Tens of thousands, maybe.

The archangels fall somewhere in there, but they’re interesting because sometimes they can walk beside you like a human, and sometimes they’re even more powerful and badass than the big guys I just mentioned. They’re a lot like the major vodou lwa, or the different gods of different places like Thor and Brigid and… whoever else. I’m not up on world mythology much, sorry.

Then there’s the ones that are right next to the Source. They’re so close that they almost never directly contact human beings and are pretty much made of Light. I capitalize Light here so you know it’s not the same kind of light as when you turn on a lamp. This is The Light, like the energy and power and love of what most people would call God. I prefer “the Source” over the word “God” because it’s the thing that just is, without the boxes religion tries to put on it. You can’t ever put this in a box, you can’t ever give it a name. It’s… impossible to describe, really.

So I guess there’s four major kinds of angels that I know of? And “angels” is just another convenient label too. We don’t all have wings, we aren’t all white people, we’re not all inside the Judeo-Christian thing. Do me a favor and bust out of those boxes. They’re too small to ever hold all this.


There’s Love, and there’s Love

There are a lot of different kinds of love. You can love that great jacket. You can love your pets. Love your family. Love your soulmate that you can’t stand to be apart from for five minutes. And then there’s the love of the Source.

Love is too small and vague of a word for the Source. It IS love. It’s floating in liquid love that’s not liquid. It’s a golden light so thick and bright and flawless that it touches every particle of your being, inside and out. It’s perfect peace.

That’s what heaven is. Heaven is the love of the Source.

radiant heartImagine a shaft of sunlight coming through a window. A golden ray that radiates and warms and gives. That’s the connection you have with the Source. Most people lock it away, however. They keep the blinds closed up tight, if they even know the window is there at all.


It’s that simple, and that difficult. Get in a place that’s quiet, close your eyes, and find that window inside yourself. Then throw it open. Link in. Let it radiate and shine. Drink it in until you’re overflowing with it. Experience the deepest, highest, most intense, most perfect love there is. All you have to do it let it come.

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