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“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” – Rumi


Get On With It.

Get on with it

Excerpt: Angels and the New Race

healing angel raphaelAn excerpt from the book “Angels and the New Race” by Geoffrey Hodson, 1929. I disagree with a number of Hodson’s points and observations, including that angels are perfect and can be neatly categorized like different species of bugs or library books. However, much of what he has to say is very accurate, such as the passages I’ve copied below:

In order that we may understand and eventually provide these conditions, it is essential that we should possess knowledge of our own inner constitution, and of the purpose behind the existence of the human and angelic branches of the family of God. Let us, therefore, define the terms “man” and “angel.” By “man” we mean a divine and immortal being who uses a material and mortal body, in and through which to work and to grow. The purpose of his life in this body is simply that he may grow, for, as a result of the experience which he gains through it, he will ultimately reach perfection. In other words, the reason for his existence here is that he may become perfect, even as his Father heaven is perfect. All the sorrows, the joys, the experiences of life are designed to lead him to this goal of ultimate perfection.

The angels are also evolving beings who are growing towards a standard of perfection. They are our fellow citizens upon this planet and in this solar system. We may think of them as our less material brethren, born of the same Parent, divine in their origin as we are divine, and traveling towards the same goal, which is union with God and perfect manifestation of divine attributes. When Jacob, at Bethel, dreamed of a ladder from earth to heaven, and the angels of God descending and ascending thereon, he had a true vision of the angelic evolution.

Angels differ from ourselves in many characteristics, the chief of which is that they do not have a physical body, and are therefore, normally, invisible to us. The matter of which their bodies are formed is more subtle than that which forms our own. Its vibrations are beyond the visible spectrum, and therefore our eyes cannot respond to them. We have other eyes, however, with which it is possible for us to see them the eyes of the soul. If we will but open our inner eyes, our angel companions will become visible to us, and we shall see them face to face, for they are everywhere present; the air about us is full of unseen beings of many races and degrees.

What are they like? Although they have no physical body, they certainly have a bodily existence. Their forms, however, are creations of light, or rather, of material which is self luminous, for every atom of their bodies, as also of the world in which they dwell, is a glowing particle of light. The form they use closely resembles our own; is, in fact, built upon the same model as the human form. Fairies and angels generally appear as very beautiful, ethereal human beings. Their faces, however, wear an expression which is definitely nonhuman, for they are stamped with an impression of dynamic energy, of vividness of consciousness and life, with a certain remarkable beauty, and an “other-worldliness” which is rarely seen among men. For these reasons the peoples of the East have always called them “devas,” which means “shining ones.”

The appearance of the angels is always remarkable to human vision, on account of the continual play of energy in and through their bodies and their glowing auras. They may be thought of as agents for, or even engineers of, the fundamental forces of nature. The powers which they control and manipulate are continually radiating from them, producing, as they flow, a continuous appearance of miniature “northern lights.”

As history ever repeats itself, we may safely expect that, in the cycle of human life that is now opening, angels will once more walk and work with men. Already that spirit of unity and brotherhood which, despite our apparent separateness, is silently but steadily influencing our lives and times, is drawing together the human and angelic branches of the family of God. The labors of birth are surely drawing to a close. Mother Earth is even now being delivered of her youngest child; the new race is appearing, and the new civilization being built. No single continent will nurture the growing child, for the new race will people the whole earth. The birth and dwelling place of the children of the coming age will be of little moment, for they will be citizens of the world. Their glowing eyes will pierce the differences of color and of race, for, in their hearts, they will know mankind as one.

The time is ripe, therefore, to re-establish on earth the brotherhood of angels and of men. It is well that we should labor in this cause. Let us, then, consider the means whereby this may best be done.

Men imbued with profoundly altruistic motives must be the pioneers in this important work. The ideal of service must become the ruling motive of the lives of those who would safely invoke the powerful forces of nature, and their appropriate intelligences, in the service of the world. Without this essential but unfailing safeguard, failure is certain; for both moral and physical danger threatens those who violate the sanctuaries of Nature for purposes of selfish gain. Into this grave danger our ancient forebears fell; the ruins of their cities are the silent witnesses of their transgression. Silent only to those whose ears are deaf; eloquent, indeed, to those who have ears to hear!

Let us hear then, and, hearing, obey, that we may avoid the ruin into which they fell. All those who are engaged in work for the amelioration of human conditions, in whatsoever department of life, may safely invoke the aid of the mighty races of the angelic hosts. An increase in vitality, virility, and effectiveness, beyond all human commensuration, will most certainly result from this invocation. The work will become almost infinitely far-reaching, for it will be performed in spiritual, mental, and moral regions, as well as in the purely physical world, and we shall have the angels as agents and co-workers there to inspire and strengthen all our efforts by their wisdom and their resistless power and their love. This earth of ours is but a shadow of the reality of those deeper realms of existence wherein the eternal verities find their full expression, unsullied by the materiality of this earthly plane.

We have been placed in these terrestrial realms to work and to evolve, and, whilst we remain, it is here that our labors must be performed. We may, however, enormously increase their effectiveness and the rapidity of our own growth by linking ourselves with the powers and presences of the inner worlds, which, though invisible, are all about us. Our eyes will gradually be opened to the light of those worlds, and their denizens will lend us their aid and their guidance in the long pilgrimage which we have undertaken. And, as I have said, they will add their strength and their knowledge to our efforts to help less fortunate brethren, to relieve suffering, and to heal disease.

Everywhere about us there are ignorance, suffering, and disease. Everywhere, also, there is appearing a growing idealism. Increasing numbers of men and women are devoting themselves to the task of dispelling ignorance and of alleviating pain, and to the solution of the many pressing problems of social reform. These servers, in every walk of life, may rightly demand, and will certainly obtain, the powerful aid of the angelic hosts.

The time will surely come when it may be said, as of old, “angels walked with men,” for the blending of angelic and human life and consciousness is part of the plan for the coming age. The children of the new race will see and recognize their fairy and angel companions; will play and work with them instinctively. Let no one seek to dull their clearer vision by denial of the fairer world and its inhabitants which their young eyes can see. Rather let the elders train themselves to see and feel, with them, the beauties and the joys that lie outside the range of vision of the older race.

The Stars Have Aligned

Grand Water TrineThings are shifting faster and more dramatically, at least over here in my sphere of influence. I don’t usually pay attention to astrology stuff, because it’s way too technical, and people can rely on it far too much. But this week, something special came to my attention.

Through a series of events, I became aware of something called a Grand Water Trine, and the first post we saw about it said that it was a malleable time, that it was a powerful time to manifest things.

And, hey, manifesting things is what I do best, so I paid special attention to this just in case it could really help my usual efforts. The timing was perfect, too, considering what my avatar’s been going through lately.

I knew that it would be lasting from Wednesday through Friday, so I figured that it would be at its peak on Thursday. Things didn’t exactly go like I expected, even though I had no preconceived notions as to what would happen.

On Wednesday, it turned out that I got a lot of old stuff repaired in myself. Old wounds washed away. And I realized, later, that maybe that was the Source’s plan all along. If I got improved, it would prepare me for what came next. So step one turned out to be repairing the long-damaged instrument.

On Thursday morning, a message seemingly “out of the blue” came to my avatar’s husband about a possible job opportunity that could be opening up in the near future. Not just any job, but one that he’s uniquely qualified to do, exactly where they’d been wanting to move, that would pay enough for them both to live on so that she could then focus on her new business venture and not have to worry about working two jobs like she has been for years.

Today, admittedly, nothing earth-shattering or extraordinary happened that I’m aware of. But wheels have been set in motion, and I have the feeling that my work today, on the last day of this alignment, has sown seeds elsewhere. Which is usually what happens, but bigger seeds than my ordinary daily work that I do.

Many things are all falling into place, and have been since January. Things that would seem almost eerie in how well-placed they are, how perfect for her circumstances and needs, unless you knew the forces behind what was happening. And one black-winged force in particular.

Who Are You?

We were watching the 121212 Concert, which was to raise money to help areas damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. There was a segment about Red Hook, a section of low income housing that, being right next to the water, was severely flooded and damaged.

The stories they showed were of people helping each other. Two young men pulling an elderly woman with hypothermia out of the flooded street. Young and old coming together in the aftermath to become a real community. Anybody who had something would give to those who had nothing in one big cooperative effort. This event changed lives. Some people didn’t survive it. They had a different path this time around. But the ones who did survive have a greater understanding of what a community really is, and will have that outlook for the rest of their lives.

Hurricane Sandy, in the end, will make their lives and futures better. They are better people for it.

A lot of people who go through incredible pain, even beyond death’s door and back again, will become better for it. Stronger. More wise. With a perspective others don’t have. According to a lot of spiritual traditions, you cannot become a shaman or true spiritual leader without having looked into the face of death. Soul trauma remakes a person.

But how? Into what?

That’s up to that person.

To choose their fate from there forward.

You can choose who to be, trauma or not.

You create yourself.

Sure, there’s parameters. If you’re paralyzed, you probably won’t be walking any time soon.

But think about every other decision you make every day. The foods you eat. The clothes you wear and what color they are. What you smell like. Your jewelry. Your shoes. What you buy with the money you have. How you keep your home. Who you associate with. Your job. Where you live. Your car. Your pets. What music you play. Who you vote for. What charities you give to. What you do for other people. What labels you take on and mold yourself with.

Pay special attention to that last one.

What labels have you put on yourself? Do they help or hurt you?

Who are you creating yourself to be?

The Wounded Healer

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

“Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion” ~ Buddha

“The doctor is effective only when he himself is affected. Only the wounded physician heals.” ~ Carl Jung

“When I stand before thee at the day’s end, thou shalt see my scars and know that I had my wounds and also my healing.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore


In Greek myths, Chiron was the wisest of the Centaurs and the archetype of the Wounded Healer

He was accidentally wounded by an arrow that had been dipped in the blood of the Hydra

In his search for his own cure, he discovered how to heal others

In teaching others the healing arts, he found a measure of solace from his own pain

The Wounded Healer understands what the patient feels because he has gone through the same pain

The suffering patient can be cared for by the Healer and be…

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