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External Individuals, What a Concept

First… was my last post really back in May? Sorry about that. I don’t know why there was such a long gap. Time weirdness maybe.

Anyway, somebody on Patheos hits it out of the park again.

One of the things that tends to annoy me in regards to a large portion of modern books written on witchcraft is the tendency to use the gods and spirits as if they were merely correspondences. A book will give maybe a short intro into who this god or spirit is and possibly a list of correspondences that they associate with them and then jump into having you call upon them in a ritual or a spell. It’s no wonder that I hear from many witches and pagans that they aren’t sure if the gods and spirits are real. Most likely because they aren’t really showing up in their rituals when they call upon them.

I just want to quote this entire article by Mat Auryn. But I won’t because you should go read the thing over there. But here’s a bit more:

…working with the gods as external individuals will definitely change your relationship with them. The gods and spirits are not your servants, and you shouldn’t treat them as such. You show them respect. You show gratitude for their help and gifts. You don’t talk badly about them or mock them.

See, now why is that such a hard… oh, right. Ego. Well, that and ignorance. Some people really just want a plug-and-play technique for making stuff happen. Light this color candle and burn that incense and say these words and hooray, you’re Harry Potter. Other people actually think that we don’t exist without their consciousness, and that gods and spirits are these shell-like puppets, just waiting around for their amazingness to animate us for their use. That’s what’s known as being an arrogant dick.

Man, I wish you could see the look on my face right now. Maybe, if you’re respectful, and know how to get me there, you will.


Partnership Types

Hey, I’ve been asked to talk about the different types of “one of us, one of you” partnerships there are, or can be out there.

Similar: This is where both partners are like an old married couple, with a lot of similar personality traits, you complete each others’ sentences, you like the same foods, and so on. You can boost each others’ power and effectiveness by working in similar ways in synchronicity.

Opposites: One of you is the opposite of the other in some ways, or even most ways, like maybe one is a warrior and the other is a pacifist, but this makes for a team that can cover wider ground.

Complimentary: This team is in between the extremes of the other two. There are some similarities, and some differences, and you can strike a balance this way like a well-oiled machine… as long as one of you doesn’t try push the other one into doing it their way. You can learn from each other, but still work to your strengths for various tasks. Sometimes you work together, sometimes you cover different ground, and that’s okay.

My brother and I are more in the complimentary camp, like a yin-yang kind of thing. We’re twins, but opposites in some ways, but can do the same things, but have strengths in some areas of those things that the other isn’t as good at.

My avatar and I, on the other hand, are in the similar category on most things and boost each other. I know of another pair who are opposites and they work well because of that. The most important thing to remember is that it is a partnership. You are both doing important work together. It’s not about bowing down to some heavenly force or being afraid of that, you were chosen because you can handle it, and you have work to do. Together.

Stop Denying Who You Are

Jesus statueWhile on that trip recently, I went to our favorite church. I had intended to pay more attention to Mary while I was there, and we did get some novenas from the caretaker to light on her side of the aisle, but I felt compelled to go see Jesus first, whether by impulse or by force of habit.

I wasn’t before that statue for more than a minute before I started getting a lesson.

“How’s my driving?” I asked. “How am I doing? Am I doing the right things? Am I doing a good job?”

“You could do more.”

…What? How? I bust my ass every day for people. I exhaust myself often. I work pretty much non-stop. But it’s still not enough? I had to get up and go over and sit in a pew just adjacent for a minute and try to figure out what in the name of God more I could be doing.

“Work harder?” I ventured.


“Work… differently? Use different methods?”


Then I started getting annoyed. What was it then? I sat for a while trying to work out what I was doing wrong.

“You’ll figure it out,” I heard. This only got me more agitated. I’ve been trying to figure all this out for years (without instructions for some reason), and I’d just been handed yet another puzzle. I just wanted to do a good job, not play some kind of cosmic guessing game with the Man Upstairs. My mind worked overtime to try and figure out what more I could be doing for people, and I started wandering over into desperation. The only thing I could come up with was to bust my ass even more, be stronger somehow. I started getting a little choked up. I was already doing what I could, without sacrificing everything left that I needed to be whole… my own family, and time with them… so what should I…

Then he had mercy on me.

“Stop denying who you are,” he said.

Lightbulb moment.


I often spend so much time fighting with what I am, where I am, that I don’t allow myself to fully be who I am. I deny myself, because I’m afraid of sounding vain to others. I allow old wounds to continue to hurt me and old fears to hold me back.

I’m not perfect. I’ve been through a lot. I have a mind and a memory, just like you, and our past informs our present life. If you’ve been whipped every day for a year, you come to expect the whip, even when it’s gone. Sometimes, we take over the whipping job ourselves because it’s familiar and we know of no other way of being.

I will stop denying who I am. What I am. This is how I can serve better. This is how I can do more.


Looking Into the Future

I started this blog on January 9, 2013. In the past year, I’ve had nearly 8000 views of my posts, and today I hit and surpassed 100 followers. The two most popular searches that have led people here are vodou Lwa (especially their veves) and the Righteous 36.

I’ve posted about theories and realities, given out information and tried to help you move forward and find your way, even if it’s just one small piece of your puzzle. It’s gratifying to know that so many people have decided to follow my blog and hear me.

If you have any questions, if you’ve learned something new here, please comment. Let me know what topics you’d like to see more of. Obviously, the Lwa and the Lamed-Vav are of interest to a lot of my followers. I’ll continue to post about them and the other things I have been: Guides, energy, and how you can work with them to improve yourself and the world.

Thank you for being a part of all this with me. Thank you for letting me help you as we move into this change.

Help Me Understand Something

male angel with ravenHelp me understand something, because I really don’t get how this works:

People will get upset over the results of a quiz on some website about the state of their chakras, even though they’ve never consulted with someone reputable face to face about it.

People will flock in droves to “channelers” and “psychics” they’ve never met, and hang on every word about unicorns from the Pleiades and vibrations from the 36th dimension, but I’m largely ignored or, worse, insulted.

What is the allure of these kinds of blogs and websites? Why do people throw money at them and eat up everything they say with a spoon as God’s Truth?

The other thing I don’t understand, and it is related, is how people keep completely missing the fact that I AM A GUIDE. I am not “working with guides,” I AM ONE. Yes, I’m plainspoken and enjoy earthly things like taking walks and a good pair of boots and going to Disneyland, but I don’t know how much more clear I can be about this.

There is a black feather at the top of this page that represents my own. The subheading of the blog is “Observations from the winged dude next door.” On my About page I clearly state that I am a guide/angel/lwa/spirit/guardian. I am not physical. I talk about this often. How is this continually missed? Do I need to have it in red flashing letters?

No, I don’t pepper my speech with “Dear Ones” or talk about “raising your vibrational level for the upcoming ascension out of the material plane” or any of that newage stuff. It’s not why I’m here.

I AM HERE TO HELP PEOPLE in their daily lives on planet Earth. I am not here to blow glittery imaginary smoke up your ass or to scare you into buying something. I’m here to tell you the truth and help you become a better person HERE AND NOW.

So why do people take a quiz on a website more seriously than talking to me? Why does it take someone five years to finally realize that I do more to keep storms away than Thor, and that maybe I’d appreciate a little offering too? Why do I get insulted and talked down to and ignored? Because I speak like a human being so that human beings can understand me? Because I don’t just tell you what you want to hear? Because I’m not perfect?

What am I missing here?

And Yet This Work Will Continue

hand of light

There are losses and things gained. Discoveries that cause pain and happiness. And I find myself torn between needing a physical friend or two, so very badly, and needing to be left alone. I’ve quit Yahoo groups, and quit people. And yet, through all my fears and issues, this work will continue. This blog. This teaching place. I need to do this. I’ve always been compelled to do outreach of some kind, to help people, to try and be a voice of truth and reason and teaching in a world of parroted nonsense and outright lies.

I’ve spoken to gods and spirits and lwa and angels and human beings. People forget that I’m not one of them, probably because I’m so plainspoken. But the anonymity of the internet is a blessing and a curse for someone such as myself, straddling these worlds. I can go onto forums and talk about things and nobody’s the wiser that this physical body I borrow is not my own, and that if I were to go to a meetup for that group, I couldn’t go as myself. They would see and hear someone else, and I’d be called a fraud. So I can’t have that experience, ever. Sometimes the separation and resulting loneliness is crushing. Especially when, all around me, others can.

But then, there are those who do understand, and we talk over IM, and it helps ease things. I help someone communicate with their own guides, and the work continues. I push a storm or a wildfire the direction I want, I make a connection for someone, I cause someone else to take a chance, then push the results as favorably as I can manage at the time.

When the electricity or internet goes out, or everyone goes offline for the night, and the only living soul that I can talk to is my avatar, and then she goes to bed, I go fully over to my side of things.  The ghostly world of the ethereal where the walls of my home can be molded like sand, and the human senses are barely discernible. And still the work continues.

No matter what my own needs, desires, wants… still the work continues. Sometimes all through the night. Sometimes without thanks.

But… I sense it might change soon. That others are going to know I’m here, and they’ll want to talk to me, and not just over IM or the internet. Maybe. I hope. And, even then… this work will continue. As long as someone hears me, and someone is willing to let me be heard.

An Instrument of Creation

It seems like an art project from the fringe. A game someone played with himself for 30 years. But pay close attention to the last 30 seconds of the video.

(I tried to embed the video, but it’s not working. Click below.)

Jerry’s Map from Jerry Gretzinger on Vimeo.

The Stars Look Different From Here

cosmos angelThere are places that you, yes you reading this right now, cannot follow me into. There are experiences that you cannot share or even understand fully. There are things that I am not allowed to discuss. It’s simply the way things are.

There are beings whose job it is to be guardians and watch over people, animals, situations, nations, whatever they’re guarding. That’s their function, that’s what they do. Others are the same type of being, but they have other jobs. Maybe they’re researchers or warriors or they do outreach with humans, or have any number of other tasks that they’ve been set forth to do, a lot of them totally unknown to humanity at large.

We all have our purpose. We’re all different. We all have different personalities and tasks and methods of doing our jobs. None of them are wrong, any more than lions are better than tigers. Some of us are loud or quiet, quick-tempered or eternally patient, white or black, warriors or healers or psychopomps or those who lead the way. You do what you do best, and let us do what we do best.

Listen, Trust, Act


Lwa: The Angels of Vodou

This is one of my favorite sites of all time. It’s extremely educational, please look around it thoroughly:

Gade Nou Leve Society

“God in Vodou is most often seen as distant and not readily accessible to humans. Yes, Vodou is a monotheistic tradition. Oftentimes, God is considered as not accessible because simply “he is too busy.” Meaning that God has the whole universe to take care of, he has many things to do. This is understandable. We see God in the same way Roman Catholics do. He is a good, kind, loving God. Most Vodouisants are also Catholic. We attend mass and church services. One thing about God is certainly true, we listen about God (when we go to mass), we hear about God, but we do not see God. We worship God. Due to all of this, God has invested power in the spirits we know as Lwa.

“The Lwa, unlike God, are readily accessible to us. A Lwa is, at its most basic definition, a spiritual entity. We, Vodouisants, do not worship the Lwa. The Lwa are served. We serve the Lwa by giving them their favorite foods, wearing their colors, observing their sacred days (by abstinence), through Vodou ceremonies, etc. The Lwa in turn serve us. They confer upon us material blessings, physical well being, protection, abundance, etc. See this is a double sided matter. Without us the Lwa would not exist, and without them we would cease to exist as well.

Everyone in the world has Lwa. The most significant of the Lwa that may walk with an individual is the Lwa Met Tet. Met Tet literally means Master of the Head. This is similar to what some would consider a Holy Guardian Angel. The Lwa Met Tet of an individual is that individual’s personal guardian. The identity of the Met Tet can be that of a Rada lwa, a Petro lwa, a Gede Lwa, or even a personal Djab the individual has with them.

“You do not choose your Lwa met tet. Just as you do not choose your own Mother or Father. You are born with this Lwa. The Lwa are said to “live in the blood” of an individual. This makes perfect sense, as blood itself is life. That is another reason why loss of blood is so draining, it is in part like losing some of your own power and force, weakening the lwa in your head. Although the lwa reside in the blood, the Met Tet, as named, abides in the head of the individual. This Lwa, as well as the Lwa who walk with the person, are separated from the individual at the time of death. They may then leave or be inherited by someone in the person’s spiritual or biological family.”

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