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American Gods

blue lady angel

“Folktales,” as the Miami New Times calls them… or something else?

“The homeless children’s chief ally is a beautiful angel they have nicknamed the Blue Lady. She has pale blue skin and lives in the ocean, but she is hobbled by a spell. “The demons made it so she only has power if you know her secret name,” says Andre, whose mother has been through three rehabilitation programs for crack addiction. “If you and your friends on a corner on a street when a car comes shooting bullets and only one child yells out her true name, all will be safe. Even if bullets tearing your skin, the Blue Lady makes them fall on the ground. She can talk to us, even without her name. She says: ‘Hold on.'”

“A blond six-year-old with a bruise above his eye, swollen huge as a ruby egg and laced with black stitches, nods his head in affirmation. “I’ve seen her,” he murmurs. A rustle of whispered Me toos ripples through the small circle of initiates.

“I need my daddy to find the fighter angels,” Miguel says from a Salvation Army facility located near Liberty City. “I’ll go there when I’m killed.”

“The secret stories say the angel army hides in a child’s version of an ethereal Everglades: A clear river of cold, drinkable water winds among emerald palms and grass as soft as a bed. Gigantic alligators guard the compound, promptly eating the uninvited. Says Phatt: “But they take care of a dead child’s spirit while he learns to fight. I never seen it, but yes! I know it’s out there” — he sweeps his hand past the collapsing row of seedy motels lining the street on which the shelter is located — “and when I do good, it makes their fighting easier. I know it! I know!”


Listen, Trust, Act


Sigils, Symbols, Veves

vodou vevesWhen you see a cross, you probably think of Christianity, or more specifically, Jesus Christ. Judaism uses the Star of David, primarily. The crescent and star is associated with Islam, and so on.

These symbols are very ancient, very powerful, and very much associated with particular things. Just like modern logos. When you see the Nike swash, you know it’s Nike, right? Same thing, but the symbols I’m talking about aren’t just logos. I’m talking in particular about symbols of power that, when used in a particular way, activate energy and cause things to happen.

Some definitions:

Sigil: A sign or image supposedly having magical power.

Symbol: A letter, figure, or other character or mark or a combination of letters or the like used to designate something.

Veve: A religious symbol for a vodou loa/lwa and serves as their representation during rituals.

You can also say glyph, pictogram, seal, mark, or whatever term works for you. You get the idea.

Some symbols can have multiple uses, such as a cross, while others are very specific sigils used in a particular way, as in Reiki. I’m going to assume that you have a symbol that’s meaningful and specific to you or your guardian spirit(s). It may even be something that doesn’t even exist yet, that you create together. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be easy enough for you to draw that you can use it at need and it won’t take you ten minutes. If you want to do a fancier version for art projects or elaborate rituals, that’s cool, but make sure you have a simple version literally at your fingertips.

Let’s use something simple for an example, such as a six-leaf clover. Pretty unique, nobody else uses it for anything probably, and maybe your spirit guide is Irish. Whatever the reason, that symbol clicks with you guys. Great. But how to use it?

Defense: Draw it in your home, car, office, wherever as a way to link your guardian to that spot. He, she or it will be able to put up a more powerful defense to whatever might come at you. If you don’t feel safe where you are, draw it in the air and say your guardian’s name. Paint it on a novena candle, the type in the glass chimney, and burn the novena when you feel you need protection or even just a little extra focus from your guardian.

Offense: This is where intent is even more important. Draw the symbol in the air, then push it at your attacker. Draw it on the ground, using whatever’s handy (salt, dirt, sugar, chalk, etc.) as a trap to slow them down, to throw them off your trail, to make them trip and fall, whatever. Again, intent is important, make sure you put your intent into that symbol as you draw it. Use it to help your guardian do their job better and strengthen them.

symbolsAs a Key/Door: This is where it gets really interesting. You can create spirit portals between places, between people, and inside yourself. Draw the symbol over what needs to be opened, then picture your symbol turning into light. I usually use gold, but use whatever color resonates with you and your guide. From that initial keyhole, the sides pull away to reveal more and more light as the hole gets bigger and becomes an open door or window.

If you want to make a portal that can be closed up again and reused, simply place a temporary door over the open space. You’ll see light radiating a little around the sides, and that’s fine, because that makes it easy to find the door again later. Be sure to use your symbol on the door to lock it so no unwanted visitors enter through it.

You can use your symbol for pretty much anything that you want to put power into and link your guardian with, such as long-distance healing and protection of someone. Wear it as a piece of jewelry. Get it done as a tattoo. Experiment, and I’m sure you’ll come up with dozens of uses and ways of implementing your sigil.

Stop That Groveling!

God as visualized by Monty Python

“Oh, don’t grovel! If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s people groveling.”

God: “Every time I try to talk to someone it’s “sorry this” and “forgive me that” and “I’m not worthy”… what are you doing now?”

King Arthur: “Averting our eyes, O Lord.”

God: “Well, don’t. It’s just like those miserable psalms, always so depressing. Now knock it off!”

Has this ever happened to you? You’re going along, minding your own business, when an angel or some other spirit shows up. Then, if you’re like most people out there, you’re bowing your head and going on about how you’re “not worthy.”

So let me get this straight. A gift has just been handed to you, presumably by a Higher Power, and the first thing you do is second-guess this higher power and reject the gift.

Essentially, you’re saying you know what’s better for you than God does. Which is pretty arrogant, when you think about it.

People used to learn, in polite society, how to graciously accept gifts. It should be the highest compliment and statement of faith in you as a person that the Source has seen fit to give you a gift of that magnitude. Swallow your ego and accept it with gratitude!

It seems like a paradox, though, doesn’t it? You feel completely unworthy of something that proves exactly how worthy you really are. I know, you’ve been trained most of your life that you’re worthless, never good enough, unworthy of things like your father’s approval or hugs from your mother. Maybe you’re a younger sibling that just got hand-me-downs and that taught you that you weren’t even worthy of your own new clothes and toys.

This may come as a shock, but you’re an adult now. All that crap is in the past. You don’t need your parents’ approval any more, you can do whatever you want. This is YOUR life, and if God says you get to talk to an angel, accept the gift graciously and get on with the work at hand. Same goes for any other gifts that are rejected based on your own personal “worthiness” meter. Break the meter and recognize the gift, the opportunity, that you’ve been given. Own it. Use it. Embrace it. Smile and say thank you.

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