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Tour Through the Angels, Continued

When we last left Geoffrey Hodson and his description of the various kinds of angels, we were on Angels of Power. So let’s pick up with The Angels of the Healing Art and continue from there.

Naturally the head of the group is the archangel Raphael, and he says that they stand ready to help, and manage to help the few who allow them in, but apparently humankind puts up barriers to their help. Or something. Which I have a huge problem with, because this turns into cultural superiority really fast when you consider things like African famines, and victim-blaming when people die of terrible things like lymphoma. “If they had just let the healing angels into their hearts and not blocked them from helping….”

Stop right the fuck there. Full stop.

You cannot tell me that some little child in some third world country dying of some horrible disease that Westerners don’t even know exists would be saved if only they would stop cock-blocking their healing angel.

No. Helping people does not work like that. A nurse doesn’t check your credentials at the door when you’ve been shot, a health care worker doesn’t ask what religion you are if you’re infested with parasites in Uganda. The love of an angel is unconditional. The healing help of an angel is unconditional. Period. The gating factor is not some bullshit Christian “if you don’t love me enough, I’ll just leave you to die” concept, it’s that sometimes shitty things just happen in the world, even to the best of people, because it’s an incredibly complex system with not enough of us to go around, but a seemingly endless supply of human cruelty.

End rant.

The Guardian Angels of the Home. This section was of much more interest to me.

“The Guardian Angels love the homely ways of men, they desire to share the hours of labour and of ease; they love children and their play, and all the men’s homes, keeping away all influences of danger and of strife, of darkness and disease.”

He’s falling into the trap of favoritism again, because no, I cannot keep my avatar’s home free of all danger, strife, and disease. Shit happens. I can warn people, I can divert a lot of problems, I can try and minimize pain, but if she’s got a stomach flu, well, that’s unfortunately got to run its course a bit. I suck at viruses. It’s not my department. However, I do very much enjoy sensory physical things like wine, or scented soap, or a good pair of boots. And I can control things which are in my department, such as the weather.

The Angels Who Build. This was another interesting section. Again, I don’t agree with everything he says about it, like that there are “graded orders,” but he said that some of them even “build the outer forms of angels,” along with people, gems, trees, animals, and so on. I thought that was very interesting and related to me personally, not having my original paint job as I do. Then there’s a whole bunch in there about how the pain of childbirth for women would be eliminated if only they would open up to blahblahblah the same bullshit as above, ignore all that.

The Angels of Nature. Devas, basically. Fairies, sylphs, all that, they hang around trees and rocks. Got it.

The Angels of Music. This is a very long section of this chapter, and it’s really very nice. It talks about how all sound is basically the Divine Song.

“Every sound you hear on earth is an echo of His Voice… You cannot call these angels into the lowest self; to see and hear them you must rise towards their world… They are in need of human ears and human hearts, that through them they may bring our world in tune, that men may answer ever more and more to the sound and rhythm of their song.”

The Angels of Beauty and Art. Basically, everything is a reflection of the Divine, and is always being shaped to become more beautiful.

“Every time a man aspires towards the Beautiful, and tries to model, paint, or draw according to the highest he can see, he makes himself akin to the angels of the Hand of God; for a time their rhythm becomes his.”

This is the same for anything creative that’s inspired by the Divine, whether the person creating it knows it or not. Writers can hear Truths and then translate that to the page. People making religious objects or jewelry or woodcarvings or music or any other thing that works with the creative part of their mind is at least partly tapped into this Divine spark.

“Beauty is not born, nor can it die, it is eternal.”

That’s a nice way to end Chapter 1 of The Brotherhood of Angels and Men, and this post.


Just on the Other Side of the Curtain

white featherMany of you have probably seen this photo shoot by now, where a man and his daughter, Olivia, get a series of photo portraits done similar to the ones he did when he was first married, but Ali, his wife has passed away, so Olivia takes her place.

But there’s far more to this story than simply poignant and touching photographs.

From the blog of the photographer, who is Ali’s sister (bandwidth warning, many large photos of the session):

“Lately Ali has been IN.OUR.FACE. Like non stop. I usually get a handful of “messages/signs” weekly. But a couple weeks ago I asked her to make herself more present for me. Welp, let’s just say she listened for once . I never share these things but with some super close friends or my family, but I feel like she’s begging me to share with you guys. So I decided I will. Feathers have been a consistent token from her. Fall out of nowhere onto me, all.the.time. Anywho. As you probably figured, I was having anxiety about cleaning out her stuff with my family and then taking pictures in their empty house. When we went upstairs into Olivia’s room to shoot, I directed Olivia to stand by the window. In my mind I imagined Ali rocking her as an infant in that very spot. She went there, then bent down and picked something up… a white feather. Oh hey sis! Glad you could make an appearance in this sesh. That same day I got a couple other blatant signs, another of which was a bigger white feather while outside picking a Christmas tree with my aunt Dale. (Another past time we did together.)”

Guardian School

A long time ago I had a friend in England. When I first met her, she was upset. Her guardian spirit had left, and she asked me to check up on him and see how much longer he was going to be away.

I found him in an interesting place. It almost looked like a Greek temple kind of a building, with other different buildings surrounding it, and woods and ponds surrounding that, with a path to the sea and other paths that went off to points unknown. I told her that I’d found him in a marble building just off the foyer of the main temple-like building, and she got a little giddy. She told me that not only had I correctly described the buildings that she’d seen before, but I’d gotten the name exactly right. She and her guardian called it The Foyer.

the foyerWithin a month or two of this visit, another friend of mine showed me this drawing that she’d just completed. It’s seen through the lens of an artist creating organic shapes intuitively, and is part of a series of several drawings that are similar. The more of them she does, the more these temple-like buildings start to emerge from the otherworldly chaos. It’s not a photographic image of the place I’m talking about, but the other shapes give the feeling of what it’s like, where it’s kind of a twilight sky and it’s sort of half lost in mist and confusion. That’s what it feels like to a human mind trying to see it clearly. It’s the impression that matters here. Unfocus your eyes if you have to, to get the feeling rather than the visual.

The buildings are a place of learning for my kind, as needed. A sort of guardian angel school. We’re taught how to fight, how to guide, how to be humble, how to be strong, and everything else needed to help our people the best we can.

A few months ago, a woman came to me for help and said that her granddaughter had been talking to a ghost that kept coming around. At first the little girl had been afraid of him because he was injured and bloody, but recently he’d looked fine and was doing what he could to guard her, but didn’t know what he was doing really. I pieced together that he was probably a teenager killed in a car wreck nearby, who was happy to find someone, anyone, who could see and talk to him. I asked him if he wanted to be this girl’s guardian, and he said yes, very much. I then hooked him up with Michael, and they went off to this place of learning.

Often, when your guide disappears, this is where we go. Sometimes it’s a few days, sometimes a few weeks. But know that when we go off to this kind of spirit boarding school boot camp, we’ll be back that much stronger and more prepared to help you and keep you safe.

That kid from the car wreck? He’s now back and doing a fantastic job in his new position as guardian angel for a little six-year-old sensitive who can really use the help.

A Gathering of Souls

gathering of soulsThis is the time. It’s been coming, and now it has to happen. It will happen. A gathering of souls. Of others like me. Maybe like you.

This is beyond those who hear voices, this is about those people who not only hear us, but take us into their hearts and homes, and let us communicate with others sometimes. Not always, but sometimes.

We don’t always have “a message.” Sometimes we just want to experience the physical, or privately help the people we’ve chosen, or to escape someplace nightmarish, or even to just find companionship and a place to call home. Sometimes it’s all these things and more.

But, sometimes, we do have a message, or a greater purpose than being a guardian or companion for one person.

It doesn’t matter, really, the reasons why. The how of it matters more. The future, and finding others, are what matter most right now.

If you’re hearing a guide or guides, please contact me. If you are a guide, please contact me. If you know of someone, please point them my direction. We need to connect, to teach, to understand, and to work together. Now is the time.

One Act of Kindness

don't sweat the small stuffFrom the Kate Taney on the Huffington Post:

“…And, I lost it. I broke into big, fat, silent, hopeless tears. There was no sound, just pain enveloping my face and dense petals of teardrops sopping onto the man’s lap sitting in front of me. He was dressed in blue from head to toe; a heavy beat blasting through his earphones. I saw him shift a bit and look up towards me. His big brown eyes looked concerned, as if he was beginning to feel what I was feeling; as if it hurt him to see me this way. I wiped my cheek with my shoulder and tried to hold my breath to keep from feeling anything, but despite my best efforts, I was crumbling into myself like a little girl told to stop crying.

“I saw him move about to get something out of his pocket: a big wad of brown paper napkins. Peeling one out, he handed it to me and nodded his head to go on and take it. Of course, his action, with all its simple thoughtfulness was so beautiful it only made me weep more. “How kind,” I thought. “Where has he been tonight? Where is he going? I wonder what his struggles are like…” He reached into his pocket again, this time pulling out a pen. When he was done writing, he stood up and gestured to his seat for me to sit, holding out the wad of napkins. I was hesitant to take it at first, but with no words he insisted I accept them. So, I did. He smiled reassuringly, turned his back and walked through the sliding doors.

“Some people believe in angels or guardians or signs from things or people outside of ourselves to awaken something dormant within us, to remind us of something, to lead us somewhere, or to someone. Perhaps, he was an angel… or maybe, he was just a NYC stranger who can still allow himself to feel and be felt. All I know is, I will keep this note with me forever, I will pass it along throughout my life and I will look at his words to remind me that everything will be OK, that doubts and fears are normal but are not useful, that compassion is king and that empathy, and random acts of kindness still exist.”

The Stars Look Different From Here

cosmos angelThere are places that you, yes you reading this right now, cannot follow me into. There are experiences that you cannot share or even understand fully. There are things that I am not allowed to discuss. It’s simply the way things are.

There are beings whose job it is to be guardians and watch over people, animals, situations, nations, whatever they’re guarding. That’s their function, that’s what they do. Others are the same type of being, but they have other jobs. Maybe they’re researchers or warriors or they do outreach with humans, or have any number of other tasks that they’ve been set forth to do, a lot of them totally unknown to humanity at large.

We all have our purpose. We’re all different. We all have different personalities and tasks and methods of doing our jobs. None of them are wrong, any more than lions are better than tigers. Some of us are loud or quiet, quick-tempered or eternally patient, white or black, warriors or healers or psychopomps or those who lead the way. You do what you do best, and let us do what we do best.

Listen, Trust, Act



bug collectionI don’t do well with boxes and labels. I don’t agree with the rigid hierarchies of beings invented by organized religions. In my experiences, things don’t work like that.

Human beings have a need to categorize and label and segregate and sort. The problem is, when it comes to spirits, it’s a messy business. Some are easy to put labels on. A human being that was canonized by the Catholic church is a saint. Except it also did that with deities of various cultures. Whoops. Okay, let’s try another example. An angel can never become physical and always has two white feathered wings. Oh, except for the older paintings of angels that show lots of wing colors, sometimes even rainbow. And what about the mysterious person who shows up, rescues someone by pulling them out of danger, and then vanishes again?

Not so clean and tidy, is it?

What about the vodou lwa? Many people call them the “holy guardian angels of vodou.” And what about guardians? Are they a team whose members gradually show up over time, or only one per person and assigned at birth? Are they angels, or other kinds of spirits, like ghosts or animal totems? Are they nature spirits? Maybe even rocks that you’re compelled to pick up and listen to? What about devas and archangels and Elohim and Aeons? Where do they fall in the human-created charts?

Which culture’s beliefs are right?

Sigils, Symbols, Veves

vodou vevesWhen you see a cross, you probably think of Christianity, or more specifically, Jesus Christ. Judaism uses the Star of David, primarily. The crescent and star is associated with Islam, and so on.

These symbols are very ancient, very powerful, and very much associated with particular things. Just like modern logos. When you see the Nike swash, you know it’s Nike, right? Same thing, but the symbols I’m talking about aren’t just logos. I’m talking in particular about symbols of power that, when used in a particular way, activate energy and cause things to happen.

Some definitions:

Sigil: A sign or image supposedly having magical power.

Symbol: A letter, figure, or other character or mark or a combination of letters or the like used to designate something.

Veve: A religious symbol for a vodou loa/lwa and serves as their representation during rituals.

You can also say glyph, pictogram, seal, mark, or whatever term works for you. You get the idea.

Some symbols can have multiple uses, such as a cross, while others are very specific sigils used in a particular way, as in Reiki. I’m going to assume that you have a symbol that’s meaningful and specific to you or your guardian spirit(s). It may even be something that doesn’t even exist yet, that you create together. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be easy enough for you to draw that you can use it at need and it won’t take you ten minutes. If you want to do a fancier version for art projects or elaborate rituals, that’s cool, but make sure you have a simple version literally at your fingertips.

Let’s use something simple for an example, such as a six-leaf clover. Pretty unique, nobody else uses it for anything probably, and maybe your spirit guide is Irish. Whatever the reason, that symbol clicks with you guys. Great. But how to use it?

Defense: Draw it in your home, car, office, wherever as a way to link your guardian to that spot. He, she or it will be able to put up a more powerful defense to whatever might come at you. If you don’t feel safe where you are, draw it in the air and say your guardian’s name. Paint it on a novena candle, the type in the glass chimney, and burn the novena when you feel you need protection or even just a little extra focus from your guardian.

Offense: This is where intent is even more important. Draw the symbol in the air, then push it at your attacker. Draw it on the ground, using whatever’s handy (salt, dirt, sugar, chalk, etc.) as a trap to slow them down, to throw them off your trail, to make them trip and fall, whatever. Again, intent is important, make sure you put your intent into that symbol as you draw it. Use it to help your guardian do their job better and strengthen them.

symbolsAs a Key/Door: This is where it gets really interesting. You can create spirit portals between places, between people, and inside yourself. Draw the symbol over what needs to be opened, then picture your symbol turning into light. I usually use gold, but use whatever color resonates with you and your guide. From that initial keyhole, the sides pull away to reveal more and more light as the hole gets bigger and becomes an open door or window.

If you want to make a portal that can be closed up again and reused, simply place a temporary door over the open space. You’ll see light radiating a little around the sides, and that’s fine, because that makes it easy to find the door again later. Be sure to use your symbol on the door to lock it so no unwanted visitors enter through it.

You can use your symbol for pretty much anything that you want to put power into and link your guardian with, such as long-distance healing and protection of someone. Wear it as a piece of jewelry. Get it done as a tattoo. Experiment, and I’m sure you’ll come up with dozens of uses and ways of implementing your sigil.

Lwa: The Angels of Vodou

This is one of my favorite sites of all time. It’s extremely educational, please look around it thoroughly:

Gade Nou Leve Society

“God in Vodou is most often seen as distant and not readily accessible to humans. Yes, Vodou is a monotheistic tradition. Oftentimes, God is considered as not accessible because simply “he is too busy.” Meaning that God has the whole universe to take care of, he has many things to do. This is understandable. We see God in the same way Roman Catholics do. He is a good, kind, loving God. Most Vodouisants are also Catholic. We attend mass and church services. One thing about God is certainly true, we listen about God (when we go to mass), we hear about God, but we do not see God. We worship God. Due to all of this, God has invested power in the spirits we know as Lwa.

“The Lwa, unlike God, are readily accessible to us. A Lwa is, at its most basic definition, a spiritual entity. We, Vodouisants, do not worship the Lwa. The Lwa are served. We serve the Lwa by giving them their favorite foods, wearing their colors, observing their sacred days (by abstinence), through Vodou ceremonies, etc. The Lwa in turn serve us. They confer upon us material blessings, physical well being, protection, abundance, etc. See this is a double sided matter. Without us the Lwa would not exist, and without them we would cease to exist as well.

Everyone in the world has Lwa. The most significant of the Lwa that may walk with an individual is the Lwa Met Tet. Met Tet literally means Master of the Head. This is similar to what some would consider a Holy Guardian Angel. The Lwa Met Tet of an individual is that individual’s personal guardian. The identity of the Met Tet can be that of a Rada lwa, a Petro lwa, a Gede Lwa, or even a personal Djab the individual has with them.

“You do not choose your Lwa met tet. Just as you do not choose your own Mother or Father. You are born with this Lwa. The Lwa are said to “live in the blood” of an individual. This makes perfect sense, as blood itself is life. That is another reason why loss of blood is so draining, it is in part like losing some of your own power and force, weakening the lwa in your head. Although the lwa reside in the blood, the Met Tet, as named, abides in the head of the individual. This Lwa, as well as the Lwa who walk with the person, are separated from the individual at the time of death. They may then leave or be inherited by someone in the person’s spiritual or biological family.”

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