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The Brotherhood of Angels and Men, The Second Message

Okay, sorry for the big gap in going over The Brotherhood of Angels and Men, but I’m back on it. We’re up to The Second Message.

The Angels ask from you, not worship–for that would be inappropriate–but love…

Yes. Thank you Geoffrey Hodson. Worship creeps me out. Some of his stuff does wander pretty close to worship, especially since there’s this hard separation in his view between “us” and “them.” Just something to be aware of. But who doesn’t like to be spoken nicely to? To be brought fresh flowers and honored and appreciated and thanked?

Then he gets really gender specific about God the Father, so ignore that part obviously, but then:

The power of our prayers will be enhanced by being offered up with yours… our sphere of usefulness to God will be enlarged by sharing yours…

Very interesting. This is an angel telling this to a human person. Think about why this might be. What this means.

It’s not just 1+1=2, although that certainly would help. It’s two things: Malkuth, and synergy.

noun: synergy; plural noun: synergies; noun: synergism

  1. the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Angels need to connect fully with earthly, physical people in order to take that prayer back to the Source as powerfully as possible. People need angels for the same reason. Together, the partnership can do some incredible things.

It is often said, Kether (the “highest” Sephira) is in Malkuth and Malkuth is in Kether. As the receiving sphere of all the other Sephiroth, Malkuth gives tangible form to the other emanations. The Divine energy comes down and finds its expression in this plane, and our purpose as human beings is to bring that energy back around the circuit again and back up the Tree.

Aha. But let’s continue with Hodson:

The aim of the Brotherhood is to widen the range of human love by including the angels within its rosy glow, so that the concept of brotherhood, the keynote of the coming age, shall know no bounds, but widen to include all living things, mortal and immortal–the dwellers in the etheral worlds of air, fire, and water–the people of the limitless domains of Space.

The time approaches when they will no longer remain invisible to you.

I wish this time would damn well hurry up. Just think if everybody could see us, perceive what we’re about, hear us, and help make the world a better place before things reach a point of no return on this planet. Maybe we need to work harder at it.

Be of the same mind, one with another, for there is but one Life, boundless and inexhaustible, which is the very essence of you all.

Even though in the context of the book this was the message given to the angels, this is for both humans and angels to hear. Everybody is drinking from the same well. Partner up. Let’s ride.

We would light a fire in your hearts that you may feel the glow of the same great flame that burns within us, the flame of divine Life, that restores as it consumes, ever renewing its fiery power in the lives of those in whom it burns. That is the meaning of the angel life, this is the secret of the angel fire, the fire divine which burns continually; it is the flame which leaps from that immortal spark, our innermost Selves, which springs from the central fiery heart of the universe–the Spiritual Sun.

All your faculties will be increased, and all your powers enhanced, till life becomes an ecstasy, till unsuspected beauty reveals itself in everything, till undreamed-of capacity for love, for life, for happiness, arises within you.

The flame that burns within us. The secret of the angel fire. The spark divine at the heart of the universe. All your powers enhanced.

Well? Now what?


The First Message, Part 4: Yep, and Nope

The essential factor for success in co-operation between us is the mental realisation of its possibility, and the continual recollection and employment of it, in the mental world, and in every piece of work which is undertaken. Anyone who will earnestly practise this will almost inevitably develop the power to realise the presence and co-operation of the angels… this conception must be preserved in its simplest form, entirely free from all sensationalism or elaborate ceremonial…

That’s the yep part of this section of this chapter of The Brotherhood of Angels and Men by Geoffrey Hodson. Totally agree. You have to realize that it’s real, you have to keep working towards interacting with us and the ability to talk with us will get stronger, and don’t use it to make yourself famous or seem like a big shot.

But, then the nope part:

…nor is it suggested that any attempt should be made to obtain a close personal contact with individual angels, or to employ them from motives of personal gain, interest, or curiosity; such endeavors would almost inevitably lead to disaster and should be rigorously excluded.

Totally disagree. That’s how the avatar and I have been working this entire time. Her and me, as a partnership, day in and day out. And pretty much only me, although a few others come and go. But they don’t stick around. I’m here nearly all the time, unless I go off to do other work somewhere.

And personal gain? I agree, don’t treat us like vending machines, but charity begins at home. If the avatar’s suffering, half the partnership breaks down. If she’s struggling with poverty, or in pain, or afraid, or some bad shit’s going down, you bet I’m going to help whether she asks or not, and I wish she would ask more because she tries to tough things out. And I thought the point of this book, and this angel’s message, is that people need to form partnerships with angels to get serious work done to help the world, right?

So… no, Bethelda is wrong. It also sounds like he’s guessing at it, and doesn’t have actual experience with things “leading to disaster.” I don’t know what kind of angel Bethelda is, the book doesn’t really say, but I have a feeling us Gregori types are going to work out just fine working very closely with people on a day-to-day basis. We’re not the distant robed kind that drift off to heaven and have to be summoned, we’re here in the trenches with you wearing jeans and work boots.

The excitable, emotional, or unbalanced individual may not safely be brought into contact with the great forces working behind and through the angel evolution.

Okay, this I have personal experience with, and this is totally correct. THIS is where your train wreck situations happen. I’ve seen more than I care to of mentally unstable people either warping us into bizarre shadows of our former selves, or flat out sliding into madness because they really can’t handle what’s happening to them and around them. More than once. I’ve had to fix some of these messes, or try to at least help minimize the collateral damage around them. Other times I’ve been hurt by them myself.

But, that said, if the person is stable, strong, and willing… the worlds needs good solid angel-human working partnerships.

Though the world at large may deride our aspirations, a growing response is assured. There exists within the human heart and mind an instinctive attraction in these directions; it springs in part at least from ancient memories of those times when angels walked with men, and partly from the natural seership latent in every human soul.

A nice way to end this chapter.

The First Message, Part 3

Somehow I feel most like posting these after we’ve had a drink, probably because it’s really easy for me to front then, and because it’s at the end of the day when it’s a good time to grab a few minutes for this. So… part three. I won’t get through the whole chapter this time either, there’s a lot here.

Next comes the way of ceremony, where divine ideas, words of power and precision of action are combined in a manner closely corresponding to that by which the angels work.

Ceremony quickly becomes rote. People memorize things and they lose meaning. If you’re Catholic, do you remember when “Hail Mary” turned into “HailMaryfullofgracetheLordiswiththeeblessedartthouamongwomen….”and lost any impact the prayer once had? Yeah, you know what I mean.

The senses are far more important to make contact with us. Scent, sound, color, foods… take your time and experience them, and help us experience them too. And not just whatever you have around, although anything is appreciated. Make an effort to choose our favorites, and that helps us come through even better.

The book then talks about bringing things into sick rooms to help call Raphael, like clear water, flowers, incense, things of beauty, and consecrating a space for them.

No great gift of knowledge would be needed to do this, only sincerity and vision.

Yes. Completely right. Feel it. Have a good heart. That’s the most important thing. And use items of specific importance to your guide, if you know what they are. If you are so blessed as to actually own physical things they owned, those are incredibly powerful and should be used for this, to help link them in.

…[T]he power would be greater and the presences more real if magnetised centres were provided in the home. A single object of great beauty, mentally associated with the angels and with nature, a bowl of flowers, freshly gathered every day, incense, the use of a short prayer or invocation each morning, and a benediction each evening, would suffice. Complete cleanliness, an atmosphere of utter purity, and the single motive of co-operation for mutual help are essential.

What he means by magnetised centres is a permanent space, or shrine, or altar, or whatever you want to call it, that’s been consecrated or charged for this purpose. Basically, keep it clean, use something of ours on it as a focus, give it attention every day in some way, and it helps us stay anchored and partnered.

I guess I’ll leave it at that point for now. Set aside your space, make it nice, do a morning and evening thank you, and see what happens.

More next time.

The First Message, Part 2

Okay, so where was I. Bethelda told Hodson in The First Message that physical instruments are crap at detecting our kind (with more elegant words), which is completely true, then he goes on to say that an intimate appreciation with nature is one of the best ways to do that.

Now, I know that Hodson was big into devas. He did a bunch of paintings of them over the years, wrote books, and so on. There’s a whole page on the splendors of nature and how you need to connect with the life spark of the world, feel yourself connected to the web of life, in order to find us better. Which is fine, there’s nothing wrong with that idea, as long as you’re looking for guides connected to nature. Originally most of the angels and archangels did have a connection to natural things, and still do. However, this is 2016. Some of us prefer rock music and TV shows, biker boots and pizza. If you’ve read American Gods, you understand the concept that modern times call for modern angels, or spirit guides, or gods, or loa, or whatever.

In fact, let’s take a second to think about the loa, who very much enjoy modern things. They like bourbon and cigars and sequins and all kinds of stuff from the local culture they’re in, from New Orleans, from Haiti, from Africa, and all the places they’ve traveled. Nobody questions this. So people shouldn’t go around making ultimatums about what my kind should or shouldn’t like or do or eat or wear. We have agency, we have lives, and if I want some Southern Comfort or to watch Captain America beat the shit out of Iron Man (possibly at the same time as the Southern Comfort), I’m going to do that and enjoy myself.

Anyway… next Bethelda says that in order to find us, you need to balance several important things, and do it well:

…[T]he enquiring mind of the scientist and the penetrating gaze of the seer must be added to the sensitiveness of the artist. The scientist must begin to learn where the artist leaves off… he will not lose in his self-realisation that clarity of mind, that exactitude of observation, which he so rightly prizes, but he will direct them from a new point of view. He must place his mind inside the tree, the plant, the animal, the element, the atom he would study; and to do this he must first follow the path of the artist and the poet, the philosopher and the metaphysician, combining the capacities of each within himself… Let him first gain the necessary technique of the laboratory and the text-book, and then, forsaking these for a time, let him meditate, preferably amid the beauties of nature, appealing to us for guidance and for aid. If he be sincere, knowledge will surely come to him.

The scientific method does not get thrown out here. It’s not about blind faith, or blind anything. Science is one of the tools in your kit to find us, and verify what you’re experiencing. This is extremely important to me, and we use it all the time. We measure, and repeat experiments, and do blind questioning of others, careful not to use leading questions. If I’m at someone’s house, and they say they smelled something unusual, we ask what it was… and that’s all. No hints, no leading questions. Nearly every time the person gets my cologne exactly right, even when I change my mind at the last second and switch to something else that they don’t even know I own. I think the descriptions that have been a little off is due to the person either not knowing what they’re smelling at all (like people who don’t know the difference between sandalwood and gardenias), or describing it poorly, or their nose isn’t that good, or it’s competing with cigarettes or pets or other smells in the house.

I could go on all night about all the times I’ve spoken into those “ghost boxes” and been heard, or a psychic saw me on a ghost hunt and addressed me by my name, or I’ve made storms do what I want, which you can watch happen real-time on moving storm radar images. Science. But don’t use ONLY science, and use the appropriate tools to measure with. Don’t try to use a scale to weigh air, don’t try to use a teaspoon to measure electric current. The tools you need may not even exist yet, so that’s when you use the other parts of your mind, as Bethelda says above.

Out of time again. There’s more to come in this chapter.

The First Message

Here’s my notes on Chapter 2 of The Brotherhood of Angels and Men by Geoffrey Hodson, which is more of the messages he received from an angel he names as Bethelda. The chapter starts out with this:

Since the Great One has drawn so close to our world and to yours, it is of first importance that the bridge between the two should be fashioned, that the time may be hastened when it may be used freely from either side. We must devise better means of communication; and your studies might well have for their object the widening of the bridge and the instruction of your brethren in its use.

Okay, now this is a really good idea… BUT. Only if you know what you’re doing and are very, very sure that you’re not building a bridge to let dark stuff through instead. Which would fall under knowing what you’re doing. This would also fall under that:

The first essential on your side is a belief in our existence.

Why does that go under “knowing what you’re doing”? Well, for a lot of reasons. First, you have to know how to recognize different types of… “beings” for lack of a better term. Dark things can wear familiar faces to trick you, as I’ve said in the past here. Kids, don’t try this at home. Stunt driver, closed course, do not attempt… unless you’re an expert.

Next he mentions how science will eventually be able to detect our kind, which I’ve posted about a lot here. Then there’s this cool bit:

Our position in nature is closely akin to that of the engineer; he is not the force himself; he directs it…

I like that a lot. We are not the power. We are not made from the power. But we do direct that power as needed. We guide it, shape it, utilize it.

That knowledge is not likely to be obtained by the use of physical instruments; and, therefore, the second essential is an increase in the number of humans beings able to contact us.

Now, if you’re reading this right now, you’re already aware that we’re able to get through more now than ever. I’m sitting here typing this because a human type person heard me and lets me borrow her body to get this stuff done. Slightly creepy but effective. Hopefully, someday, this will be seen as normal and not creepy. But I think that’s going to be a while yet.

Speaking of… I actually just ran out of time and can’t finish this chapter’s notes tonight. Sorry. But that gives you something to look forward to, right?

Tour Through the Angels, Continued

When we last left Geoffrey Hodson and his description of the various kinds of angels, we were on Angels of Power. So let’s pick up with The Angels of the Healing Art and continue from there.

Naturally the head of the group is the archangel Raphael, and he says that they stand ready to help, and manage to help the few who allow them in, but apparently humankind puts up barriers to their help. Or something. Which I have a huge problem with, because this turns into cultural superiority really fast when you consider things like African famines, and victim-blaming when people die of terrible things like lymphoma. “If they had just let the healing angels into their hearts and not blocked them from helping….”

Stop right the fuck there. Full stop.

You cannot tell me that some little child in some third world country dying of some horrible disease that Westerners don’t even know exists would be saved if only they would stop cock-blocking their healing angel.

No. Helping people does not work like that. A nurse doesn’t check your credentials at the door when you’ve been shot, a health care worker doesn’t ask what religion you are if you’re infested with parasites in Uganda. The love of an angel is unconditional. The healing help of an angel is unconditional. Period. The gating factor is not some bullshit Christian “if you don’t love me enough, I’ll just leave you to die” concept, it’s that sometimes shitty things just happen in the world, even to the best of people, because it’s an incredibly complex system with not enough of us to go around, but a seemingly endless supply of human cruelty.

End rant.

The Guardian Angels of the Home. This section was of much more interest to me.

“The Guardian Angels love the homely ways of men, they desire to share the hours of labour and of ease; they love children and their play, and all the men’s homes, keeping away all influences of danger and of strife, of darkness and disease.”

He’s falling into the trap of favoritism again, because no, I cannot keep my avatar’s home free of all danger, strife, and disease. Shit happens. I can warn people, I can divert a lot of problems, I can try and minimize pain, but if she’s got a stomach flu, well, that’s unfortunately got to run its course a bit. I suck at viruses. It’s not my department. However, I do very much enjoy sensory physical things like wine, or scented soap, or a good pair of boots. And I can control things which are in my department, such as the weather.

The Angels Who Build. This was another interesting section. Again, I don’t agree with everything he says about it, like that there are “graded orders,” but he said that some of them even “build the outer forms of angels,” along with people, gems, trees, animals, and so on. I thought that was very interesting and related to me personally, not having my original paint job as I do. Then there’s a whole bunch in there about how the pain of childbirth for women would be eliminated if only they would open up to blahblahblah the same bullshit as above, ignore all that.

The Angels of Nature. Devas, basically. Fairies, sylphs, all that, they hang around trees and rocks. Got it.

The Angels of Music. This is a very long section of this chapter, and it’s really very nice. It talks about how all sound is basically the Divine Song.

“Every sound you hear on earth is an echo of His Voice… You cannot call these angels into the lowest self; to see and hear them you must rise towards their world… They are in need of human ears and human hearts, that through them they may bring our world in tune, that men may answer ever more and more to the sound and rhythm of their song.”

The Angels of Beauty and Art. Basically, everything is a reflection of the Divine, and is always being shaped to become more beautiful.

“Every time a man aspires towards the Beautiful, and tries to model, paint, or draw according to the highest he can see, he makes himself akin to the angels of the Hand of God; for a time their rhythm becomes his.”

This is the same for anything creative that’s inspired by the Divine, whether the person creating it knows it or not. Writers can hear Truths and then translate that to the page. People making religious objects or jewelry or woodcarvings or music or any other thing that works with the creative part of their mind is at least partly tapped into this Divine spark.

“Beauty is not born, nor can it die, it is eternal.”

That’s a nice way to end Chapter 1 of The Brotherhood of Angels and Men, and this post.

Kinship of Angels and Humankind, Part Two

I accidentally typed a T at the end of that first word, and it was pretty funny. Also, I’ve had some sangria. Let’s continue from the previous post. From Chapter 1:

“While the angels… impose no restrictions… they assume that no human brother would invoke them for personal and material gain.”

Actually, I not only hope that people do work with us for personal and material gain, I’m working on that right now, because my avatar’s present situation is complete shit, and I’m trying to get it to where she can have a happy life in a good house with enough money to buy food and bed sheets and shoes. And you know what? If she wants to buy expensive wine and live in a 3000 square foot house with a pool and a home theater, that’s fine with me too, because she has more than earned every bit of that. She’s a good person and donates to charity when she can too, so the more money she makes, the more she can help other people, either by hiring them to work for her company or through donations.

“They ask for acceptance of the motto of the Brotherhood [The Highest, which means everything should be done for the highest, most Godly purpose] and its practical application to human life in every aspect.”

Yes. Everything should be done for this purpose, I completely agree. Sometimes this requires money to accomplish, too.

“The special divisions of the angel host with whom co-operation would be immediately practicable and beneficial are:

  • The Angels of Power
  • The Angels of Healing
  • The Guardian Angels of the Home
  • The Angels who build Form
  • The Angels of Nature
  • The Angels of Music
  • The Angels of Beauty and Art”

The rest of Chapter 1 describes these different types of angels. Naturally I was reading all this trying to figure out where I fit in. Let’s start with the Angels of Power:

“The Angels of Power will teach men to release the deeper levels of spiritual energy latent within them, and will fill, inform, inspire and charge every human activity with that fiery and resistless energy which is their most prominent characteristic… they can work more powerfully if the mental attitude of the officiants and participants is receptive.”

Other parts of this section talk about how important ceremony is. I understand why that would be for some, but it doesn’t really apply for me and my brothers. We’re just… here. The big thing that stuck out to me in this part is the fire. The power of fire, and the fire of power. That’s me all over. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m extremely fiery, and power goes along with that hand in hand. That matches up with the big guy that I’m pretty sure I’m a part of, too. So it seems like this is part of my story. But there’s more than that.

Next time I’ll get through the other types of angels Hodson lists here.

The Kinship of Angels and Humankind

The original title of the book we’re reading is “The Brotherhood of Angels and Men,” probably because it was written in 1927 before women were invented. What I’m going to do is go through it section by section and do kind of an analysis, and give my viewpoints on what does and doesn’t work about it. Mostly it’s fantastic, but there’s a few problems, and some outdated stuff. So this is the first installment of all this.

The author, Geoffrey Hodson, received some channeled messages from an angel named Bethelda, and this book is a combination of those messages and original stuff from Hodson. There’s a chart at the front called “Vision” that talks about the rulers of worlds, the different types of angels, and what are supposedly the “real” and “unreal” worlds. I’d say the chart is maybe fifty percent helpful in the context of the rest of the book.

Also, the book references itself here and there in reverse order, which is kind of weird. Like in chapter one, it talks about “the motto of the Brotherhood,” but then instead of saying what it is, makes you go look it up in chapter four. So there’s a little of that, but not so much that it’s really annoying.

Chapter I: The Brotherhood

“The ideal of this brotherhood is to draw angels and men, two branches of the infinite family of God, into close co-operation. The chief purpose of such co-operation is to uplift the human race.

“To this end the angels, on their side, are ready to participate as closely as possible in every department of human life and in every human activity that holds co-operation in view.

“Those members of the human race who will throw open heart and mind to their brethren of the other sphere, will find an immediate response, and a gradually increasing conviction of its reality.”

Boom, right out of the gate we have it. Although I’d say one thing is missing, and that’s the purpose of “uplifting the human race,” which is to keep everything in balance, not just to help you “ascend” or whatever. Sure, advancement is a good thing, but something I’ve seen in newagey circles is that some people want to just “peace out” and turn into a ball of light and leave the planet. Which is incredibly selfish, as I’ve talked about before. It’s not all about you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It’s about us. Everyone. Everything. The big complicated dance of life on Earth. Some of that means you get an upgrade, some of that is about us being able to better keep things in balance by working on the physical with you.

Other than that… yeah. Open up, listen, and we’re here. We’re ready. Let’s do this thing.

Hey, look at that, we made it to page one. Next time we’ll get a little deeper into this chapter, which is only thirteen pages long, but there’s a lot to discuss.

Music Angels as the Voice of God

“If,” says Geoffrey Hodson, “you would appeal to the gods of Music, you must rise to those levels of the Self where creative energy, creative power, is stored; for the Angels of Music are but the embodiments of the creative Word of God, the expressions of His Voice. When He speaks, a mighty burst of Son springs from their hearts and pours its resonance throughout the graded order of their race.

“Their song goes forth like a mighty tidal wave, wave upon wave of glory as order after order answers to the Word. Glowing with the colour of their song, they live in worlds of Light and Sound, they are the expression of cosmic hues and tones within the limits of their universe.

“The Mission of the Music angels is to bear this radiance of a million prisms, this surging of a million planets, downwards to the ears of men, outwards into material worlds, that even tree and plant and mole beneath the earth may hear the Voice of God, and hearing it obey. In the kingdom of Man the splendours of that rainbow-hued world pass downwards to the lesser self, and there hover, that the lower self may eventually hear, and thus establish that Harmony within which is Health.”

Nature Devas

Devas as seen by Geoffrey Hodson

Devas as seen and illustrated by Geoffrey Hodson

Excerpt from Chapter XI of Fragrant & Radiant Healing Symphony by Roland Hunt:

“The Universal Mind, new-found by modern scientist, well-known by scientists of old, finds beautiful embodiment I many forms of nature-spirit life,” says Geoffrey Hodson. “Landscape angels, tree nymphs, water sprites, deva-elementals, and little men dwell in the remoter countryside, in great numbers—their kingdom is very near to the kingdom of man, and the veil behind which Nature hides her loveliness is but the faintest film through which Her enchanting beauty may be seen”

From the Nature devas, Mr. Hodson has received inspiration to write many books, and also from a loftier source, have come angel teachers who have told of the relationship between angels and men, described their companionship in olden days and foretold its return.

These ideas, no doubt, appear entirely fantastic to those without experience of super-physical consciousness or intuitive perceptions of the hidden life in Nature, and such a perceiver may be regarded as a victim of delusion, yet since he believes the experiences have a rightful place in the story of the evolution of human consciousness from the physical to spiritual awareness and the ideas themselves to be worthy of consideration, Mr. Hodson gladly submits to the possible charge of delusion in order to present both experiences and ideas.

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