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We were doing some research recently and have been working with some stuff like the Qabbalistic Cross and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram which seems to be popular with certain magic practitioner people. I’m actually really liking the Cross, it feels familiar and like a good starting place for some things we do. But with the Cross, something got me thinking. Malkuth. I looked it up, and here’s what one page had to say:


“Malkuth is the first sphere upon which an initiate enters the Tree of Life. It is in this realm that you learn of the existence of other things, other than the earth, and touch upon divine sources.”

So… what’s all this about “low vibrations” being “bad” among so many newagey people? Malkuth is literally the second point on the Cross, and is the bridge, or door, or connector, between the physical and everything not physical. You can’t complete the Cross without the Kingdom… which is earth.

Here’s a bit more to think about:

Malkuth means Kingdom. It is associated with the realm of matter/earth and relates to the physical world, the planets and the solar system. It is important not to think of this Sephirah as “unspiritual”. Even though Malkuth is the emanation “furthest” from the Divine Source, it is still on the Tree of Life and therefore has its own unique spiritual qualities. It is often said, Kether (the “highest” Sephira) is in Malkuth and Malkuth is in Kether.[2] As the receiving sphere of all the other Sephiroth, Malkuth gives tangible form to the other emanations. The Divine energy comes down and finds its expression in this plane, and our purpose as human beings is to bring that energy back around the circuit again and back up the Tree.

Do the people who think that things of earth are “low” and “dirty” and even “evil” to be gotten away from… do they not understand how important the connection of all this to the earth is? If you’re a physical person, you’re made of physical matter, and are existing on the physical plane, with solid plants and trees and rocks and things, like the old song goes. The tree has to be rooted in something, right? If it’s not rooted, it gets disconnected and lost… right? If you, a physical person, reject Malkuth, how do you bridge the gap and access the rest of the tree?

Notice what it says about the “angelic order” too. “Souls of fire.” That’s not fluffy stuff, trust me on that. It’s intense and can scare people and can be dangerous if you handle it wrong. But there it is. It’s part of the whole picture. If you’re rejecting the “low” or “dark” stuff, you’re throwing out a big chunk of how you, a physical person reading this, can work with these powers.

If you can’t handle Malkuth, you’re about to get a rude awakening when much darker and more intense and powerful stuff makes itself known and you don’t know how to deal with it.

Another song I like says “when you reach the top don’t forget where you came from.” For most people reading this, that’s Malkuth.

Quick PSA: I will be getting back to my review of the Brotherhood of Angels and Men soon. Kinda dropped the ball on that. Sorry. What reminded me of it is that she got handed a big stack of old metaphysical books by Stewart Edward White, I think from the 1940s? So I’ll be reviewing those in the future, and Call to the Heights by Hodson.

Thinking about Malkuth as I’ve been on our walks lately, I was also thinking about going through the Tree of Life too, but I’m not sure since so many others have already covered what the Sephiroth are and do. I kind of want to cover Daath at least, since so many people skip over the Void and don’t understand it. But I’ve lived it. I’ve been inside it. I’ve worked with it. So maybe I’ve just answered my own question.


Outreach and Water

I have 155 followers, which I guess is nothing in terms of how big the Internet is, but to me thought of 155 people liking what I have to say so much that they’re following this blog is pretty amazing. Thank you. It helps to know that you’re out there and find value in my words.

I’ve been thinking about writing the water post for a long time as storms have come and gone and flooded things and made the grass grow. But, really, what else can I say about it that I didn’t say with the earth post? The concept is the same. You feel the power of the storms and the ocean, and you take your little cup and dip into it, and use it how you need.

Sometimes on our walks we’ll run through the four powers like that. All of them are there. The earth under our feet. The water in the creek and in the clouds. The fire of the sun and the spark of life inside us. The breeze on our skin or up in the trees. The molten metal core of the planet that generates the magnetic field around the planet. The unstoppable power of the ocean’s surge and the tides. The massive engine of the sun’s nuclear reaction that goes on even when it’s not visible in the sky. The hurricanes and tornadoes and gales that are constantly rushing and pushing somewhere in the world.

Maybe that’s what I’m trying to say in all this, that you can link into these forces on tiny personal levels, and those can link into global forces of nature if you need to reach into that. How you do it is up to you, but it’s something to explore anyway.

On a personal note, what nudged me to get back to this is that she’s having a hard time today. Feeling really isolated and unappreciated by what she used to think was a community, but mostly it’s just a million people arguing with each other. So here we are. I guess this place is really for both of us, since she and I teach each other as we go along, and she helps me put this stuff into pretty words. And hopefully people here reading this learn something from what we’ve been working on or discover as we work together.

That’s the outreach part. She figures even if nobody gives a shit about what she can offer, maybe together we can use my blog here to teach people anyway. 155 people seem to like it, which is pretty good if you picture them all sitting in a room listening to us talk. Thanks for listening.

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