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The Threads, Part 2

red threads of fateAs mentioned in a previous post, the threads of lives are part of a huge loom or network, the lives of every other person on the planet. Even if yours isn’t directly touching the thread of someone a thousand miles away at this moment, through degrees of separation and through time, everyone is linked, even if the connecting thread is thinner than a spider’s strand.

Then there are the times when someone entangles with you on purpose, and you can’t shake them off. They’re latched on and dug in like a tick. Nothing you do gets rid of them. This is where the threads can come in very handy.

I have taken someone’s thread and pinned it down at a 90-degree angle away from another, to force a separation. I’ve also, in more severe cases, burned away all connections. These things usually need to be done more than once and watched over until they stick. If you do it once then walk away, the tick is going to keep working to reattach him- or herself to the person in question. I’ve found that it can take months for the separation to finally be complete, and it’s a lot of work and energy to keep on it until it’s permanent and doesn’t try to grow back, either through effort or energy memory.

Of course, they can be used to bring people together as well. If you’re able to identify the threads of two people who need to meet, such as you and a prospective employer, or your friend in Maine and George Clooney, you can bring them together and link them. Don’t force a connection like this, and if they go their separate ways afterward, then leave it alone. I only use these methods when really necessary.

Since the threads are, essentially, direct lines into the future, they can also be used to predict it. At first glance, you can look forward a little ways to see general trends, if there are connections or separations that will happen or that need to happen, chaos ahead for those around you, and so on. If you look deeper, however, you should be able to see a half dozen or more possibilities.

It’s hard to describe, but when I look into possible futures, each one is like looking down a long tunnel or fiber optic strand, with an image playing at the end. I look at each one until I find the best outcome, then line that strand up with the person and link it in. If you look at it up top, it looks one strand, but if you look inside it or from another angle, you see these multiple futures that you can pick from. It doesn’t always work, but it’s another technique to try out if you’re able to work with the threads.


The Threads, Part 1

tree of lightOne of the main ways that I work is through what I call the threads. Each life, each spirit, has a thread that represents their life, just like in mythology where the Fates measure it out and cut it. It even has a texture like that, in my perception, but it’s made of light.

I see each person as having a different color of thread or string. My perception of that color doesn’t always match other peoples’, so I tell them to go with their gut and find the ones they’re looking for by feel.

I can’t explain how to get to that place, where the threads are all around you, other than to say that it’s kind of sideways from “normal” life. Like… stepping behind the stage while a play’s going on, and you can see all the ropes controlling the scenery, the strings on the puppets, the electrical cables feeding the sound equipment and lights.

Only it’s more like a giant loom that goes off into the darkness of the future. You can only see so far along them before it gets misty. There’s only one thread, but the end fate of it is impossible to see (unless that person is going to cross over in the very near future and you catch sight of the end of it).

Other threads are nearby. These are the people that are most closely associated with the one in question. Sometimes they’re intertwined, sometimes they’re touching here and there, sometimes just laying nearby. Whatever you’re most focused on is what you see. Let’s say you find your own personal thread in this place. You’ll see others nearby or touching or intertwined with yours. If you think about your spirit guide(s), that (or those) thread(s) will appear around yours. There are also branches and splits in the threads sometimes, little thinner threads that reach out to touch people nearby.

What I most often do when manifesting something for someone is to open up to my connection to the source, and touch that thread, feeding the light through it. I’m a conduit for the Light, and it radiates out like a golden tree, or branch, or fan-shaped spiderweb as it races along and outward away from me. Add intent, and it’s a very powerful way to get things to happen.

Let’s say you need a new job. I would touch your thread and feed it, and all the connections it makes, with Light that radiates out and forward into the future. What’s interesting is that things usually manifest in unexpected ways. Instead of one job offer, you might get three, two of them from completely “random” places, such as meeting someone new at a party, or an idea that suddenly pops into a friend’s head that results in a well-placed phone call, or hearing from a relative you haven’t seen in years that happens to know of the perfect job opening.

So, as you might have already guessed, some of this is about affecting probabilities. When you give the whole tree Light, sometimes unexpected fruit shakes out of it, to your benefit and surprise. Instead of randomly drifting through life, you can use this method to nudge things so that you and your goal intersect.

Depending on how likely or unlikely the result is, and where you currently are in relation to it, it can take minutes, days, weeks, or months to manifest. If you live in Maine and your goal is to meet George Clooney, it’s a lot less likely to happen than if you live in Los Angeles. But it’s not impossible.

Nothing is impossible. It’s just varying degrees of improbable. And we can work with that.

More on this topic in other posts.

Who Are You?

We were watching the 121212 Concert, which was to raise money to help areas damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. There was a segment about Red Hook, a section of low income housing that, being right next to the water, was severely flooded and damaged.

The stories they showed were of people helping each other. Two young men pulling an elderly woman with hypothermia out of the flooded street. Young and old coming together in the aftermath to become a real community. Anybody who had something would give to those who had nothing in one big cooperative effort. This event changed lives. Some people didn’t survive it. They had a different path this time around. But the ones who did survive have a greater understanding of what a community really is, and will have that outlook for the rest of their lives.

Hurricane Sandy, in the end, will make their lives and futures better. They are better people for it.

A lot of people who go through incredible pain, even beyond death’s door and back again, will become better for it. Stronger. More wise. With a perspective others don’t have. According to a lot of spiritual traditions, you cannot become a shaman or true spiritual leader without having looked into the face of death. Soul trauma remakes a person.

But how? Into what?

That’s up to that person.

To choose their fate from there forward.

You can choose who to be, trauma or not.

You create yourself.

Sure, there’s parameters. If you’re paralyzed, you probably won’t be walking any time soon.

But think about every other decision you make every day. The foods you eat. The clothes you wear and what color they are. What you smell like. Your jewelry. Your shoes. What you buy with the money you have. How you keep your home. Who you associate with. Your job. Where you live. Your car. Your pets. What music you play. Who you vote for. What charities you give to. What you do for other people. What labels you take on and mold yourself with.

Pay special attention to that last one.

What labels have you put on yourself? Do they help or hurt you?

Who are you creating yourself to be?

We Are All a Part of the Same Thing.

We are all a part of the same thing.

The threads of fate connect us in beautiful ways.

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