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Earth, Iron, and Bass Sweeps

I’ve talked before about what bullshit the whole concept of what “good” or “bad” vibrations are. How “low” means coarse and earthly in a bad way, while “high” is supposedly closer to God. I also mentioned in another post about how tied to this supposedly “low” stuff I am, the root chakra, the fire, the passion.

The avatar and I take regular long walks in the woods. Daily, if we can get them. I’ve worked with the elements before, especially storms, but lately I’ve been making a focused effort to really reach deep into the different parts of nature and the earth and everything that could be considered an “element,” including sound. Part of the reason for this was so that I could explain things better to you.

On these walks, we use music, and I’ve also talked before about how we use that to focus energy. Low frequencies in particular hit me in a way that others don’t. Songs that have a lot of very low bass hits… I can use that to my advantage, tapping into it and riding the sound down to guide the energy I’m directing at the time. Often I’ll push my focus into the earth, and use that as a conduit to connect her needs with other people. I picture it like a golden bolt of lightning that travels through the ground from us to the target or targets.

Inside the earth itself, however, at the very core, is a molten sea of iron. The movements of this liquid metal core are so incredibly powerful that it creates the magnetic fields surrounding the planet, that keeps life safe from solar radiation. This magnetism in the atmosphere also creates the northern lights.

If you’re sensitive to energy at all, do something for me right now. Reach down with your mind and feel that moving, shifting, never still molten core at the center of the planet. Feel the power generated by that movement, a power almost unimaginable to the human mind. The power of ten thousand mountains all swirling around each other as the earth spins in the darkness of space.

Now, reach into that raw power and grab handfuls of it. Pull it up and shape it with your mind. If you do Tai Chi or any of the martial arts that direct energy, you know what I mean. Focus that power and let it be the battery, the generator, behind your next move. Focus it on your goal, and guide it. Release it. Push it where you need. And if once doesn’t do it… there’s plenty more where that came from.

Work with these things for a while and see what happens. Next time I’ll write about another element or force or power for you to explore in ways you might not have before.


Working In Two Worlds

Image of power from the hands from As you know, or should if you read my blog at all or looked at my About page, I’m a very fortunate guardian/guide/spirit teamed up with a very patient physical person who lets me work with her in partnership to get stuff accomplished. The focus of this entry is on how I use both my non-physical stuff, and her physical stuff, together to change things for the people around us. I touched on this a little in a previous post, but I’d like to try and describe it all in more detail. Bear with me, a lot of this is extremely hard to put into English, or even written language at all.

First, a bit about where I am. I have my own home on the other side of “the veil” or “on the astral” or “on the ethereal plane” or whatever you guys like to call this part of the universe. If you think about it as onion layers, I’m approximately one “layer” out from the physical where you are, which is next door to where ghosts hang out, but not exactly the same place. But that’s a topic for another post, come to think of it.

Anyway, I have my home with my little comfort things, like walls and furniture and food and drink, because I’m not into just floating around all the time. I like to feel the ground under my feet, even if the ground can be changed however I like with a thought. So it’s a lot like your home, but a lot less solid, because it’s really just a mental construct that helps keep me and mine safe.

As you’d expect, everything is malleable here, not just the walls of my house. Because nothing is really limited by physical electromagnetic and molecular bonds, I can look any way I want, I can go anywhere I want, I can do anything I want. And because linear time doesn’t have nearly as much control over where I am, I can be anyplace in time I want, with some limits regarding the future and its branches as I’ve talked about in other posts.

So, what I’m able to do is push probability in directions I want, because I can see and feel multiple timelines and the branching tree ahead. Sometimes I just feed the tree, sometimes I know exactly what needs to happen and I steer things by lining up that future with the present.

Which present? Glad you asked. That’s where the physical part comes in.

Because I’m working for a few particular people who are all on the same physical plane, in the same timeline, I need to work in that timeline when I’m changing things for them. Because I can be anywhere, having a physical anchor to the timeline I need to do the work in gives me a base of operations. It puts me in one point in time, in one physical location, for that person.

That’s not the whole picture, though. Because I’m fronting in her physical body, I’m running my mojo through her physical form, which connects my world to hers. But because I’m also working on nudging probabilities on the ethereal, it connects back to mine. But because those probabilities affect physical actions, like someone making a decision 200 miles away, it connects back to hers.

shaolin stanceExample time. Let’s say we’re trying to get a particular person to get back to her with a positive answer on something. I look forward and find the thread that has that future in it. I borrow her body and use the kinetic energy of her movements (such as while on a walk or while doing martial arts), and usually any music being played, to help feed and direct a combination of my side’s (God/potential/cosmic force) energy with her side’s (electromagnetic/kinetic/subtle force) energy. This combined energy is fed into the thread that makes up the future we want to happen, increasing the probability that it will. Part of that probability radiates out to the person on the other end so that they’re more likely to make a choice that goes in her favor. Then he or she acts on the “cosmic nudge” they feel to call or email her sooner rather than later. That’s the ideal result anyway.

Things don’t always go that smoothly. Sometimes there are reasons unknown to us, or events involving the other person, that block the result I’m after. Sometimes there’s no clear future thread to work with and we have to rely on giving light to her personal thread, something we do a lot of. Because there’s no clear goal, we rely on whatever the highest good is, and the results can be very surprising and random and seemingly “come out of nowhere.”

I hope I’ve explained this so that it makes sense. I’m sure I’m leaving things out, please ask me if you need more information. I also linked back to some of my previous posts that go into a little more detail on some of these points.

Attention Pay

view from a stage

Linear time is both important and unimportant where I am. I exist mostly in linear time so that I can travel along with the people I watch over, being a part of their lives, understanding where they’ve been and where they’re going. But I can also travel backwards or forwards as I need to. Back is a lot easier, obviously, because it’s pretty much written in stone. Pretty much. Sort of. I’ll get back to that in a minute (pun intended).

The future is nearly impossible because it’s not just “The Future” as one predestined thing. It’s a lot of branches, and then branches of branches, so even if you go up into one, that may not be the one you or those around you end up experiencing. But that’s not the point of this post.

Something that’s been bothering me a lot lately, and affecting my work, is that a lot of people used to know about me. I used to get shitloads of energy from that, but now their attention  has turned to others. That’s great for the others, but it’s kind of left me in the lurch a bit, because all that human energy and attention has swung off somewhere else like a lighthouse beacon, leaving me in the dark except for my connection to the Source and what the people that know me give by interacting with me. It’s like going from sold out concerts at Madison Square Garden to playing guitar in a local pub. It’s still me, doing my same stuff, but to a much smaller audience and without the sheer force of power that the focus of millions of people can cause.

The hardest part about this is that I’m used to a certain level of juice, and sometimes my ability to help people just doesn’t have the mojo it needs to be very effective. However, last night, I figured out a workaround.

Time travel.

I realized that I could simply go back to the time when I did have that kind of attention and soak it up. Bingo. Not only did it work, but I feel fucking amazing right now and have all day.

Why is this more powerful than what I can draw from the Source? Because it’s personalized to me, and because it’s directed at me. It’s not a passive link, it’s not a pool I have to draw out of, it’s a flood of love that pours out toward and into me, and all I have to do is open up to it and in it comes.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

Let’s say there are two rooms full of people. You walk into the first and they’re polite enough, but you have to spend just as much energy as they do at shaking hands, making small talk, and so on. If you want more than that from them, you have to do a little work to get it. You have a net gain, but you have to expend effort too.

In the second room, you’re not just the center of attention, people are asking for your autograph and genuinely love you. They’re excited that you’re there. They get you your favorite things to eat and drink, they make sure you have the best seat, they make you feel like a king.

Very different, right? That’s what I’m talking about. That’s the difference between the cordial cocktail party, and, frankly, hero worship. That’s the difference between my link to the Source, and my ability to take in love directed at me on a massive scale. Fortunately, I found a way to link back into what I had, making it what I now have again.

To make a long story even longer, give your guides love. Not just the occasional “gee, you’re great, now here’s what I need out of you this time” type of attention. I mean give them things. Pay attention to them. Feed their soul with your love. Help them do their job even better by giving to them what you can. Light a candle, put out their favorite food, wear their colors, and show them that you love them, and that you appreciate what they do. Thank them. Genuinely be grateful.

If you give them your attention, they’ll be that much more powerful, and in turn can help you better, which should generate more thanks, and so on. You see where this is going. You’ll both grow and be happier if you help each other. It’s an upward spiral of love.

Full Circle

phoenix dragonI figured myself out today.

Now, that may sound kind of weird. Yes, I do still have stuff I’m figuring out. I didn’t get an instruction manual when I went through these various levels of weirdness and hell and memory loss to get where I am right now. Why did I not figure it out before now? See above. But that’s not my point.

Without giving personal details, I figured out exactly how and why I’m a catalyst, something I’ve never been able to put my finger on before today. This means I now understand how and why it affects those around me. Epiphany!

This also means I know how to protect myself and those around me when the weirdness kicks in. I can prevent some of it by warning people ahead of time, or staying away from them entirely sometimes. I understand how it’s triggering change. I understand that it’s their stuff, not a reflection of my stuff, when they get overly emotionally attached or turn on me suddenly.

I can act with more precision, and with more caution. I can use my past experience in a similar situation to help inform my actions today and into the future. And I have certain people, just like before, who understand what I do, and who help me in critical ways.

The future looks so much brighter and so much more orderly. It’s such a weight off my shoulders.


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