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How Petro Lwa Work

“Wheras Rada spirits are seen as Stately and sometimes aloof, the  Petro lwa are VERY engaging, sometimes harsh or seen as aggressive, and  less forgiving than their Rada counterparts. Work performed by Rada lwa  tends to be subtle, reweaving the general pattern of the world around  you to bring you closer to your wants and needs… but Petro lwa are  direct and HOT; they wont necessarily reweave patterns gently, often  preferring to give a strong pull HERE and a hard yank THERE until what  you want/need is right next to you… but the whole of the area’s general  pattern may be a bit wrinkled or pulled about a bit by the time they’re  done. Petro spirits are FAST! (Rada spirits can be VERY fast as well,  but they’re usually known for being a little slower to act than the fiery Petro lwa) Where people generally turn to the Rada lwa for gentle  work and improving conditions, people generally turn to the rougher and  hotter Petro lwa for immediacy, protection, fast change… all this and more are the province of the Petro spirits.”

Basic Salutes: Rada and Petro


Say Yes To What’s Coming

I know, it’s been a month since my last post, but I can’t actually talk about what we’re working towards, or what the result will be. Only a tiny handful of people know the full truth of it, and it has to stay that way for a while longer.

We’ve come a very long way, through what seemed like impossible odds at times. Brushes with death, sensitive negotiations coming to an impasse for a time, gaining the trust of someone who allows almost no one near him at all. Somehow we threaded the needle not once, but dozens of times, and perhaps hundreds more that we don’t even know about.

That’s how all this works. The future, and what you want there, is not written in stone. That’s why your goal must be really specific, and you can’t take your eyes off it at all. Sometimes what you think your goal is turns out to be something very similar, or takes you in directions you didn’t see coming, so you have to be flexible too, and accept that you may not get the exact thing you were after, but getting really darn close can be just fine. Like let’s say you want to move to a particular city, but you “somehow” get an amazing deal on the perfect house in the next city over. Close enough, right? And you can always keep trying for your perfect goal, too. Part of life is the journey. Another part is determination and willpower.

So that’s where we are. Closer and closer to that ideal goal that’s been years in the making, and which could change the world. Through a chain of so many “impossible” things that nobody would believe it if it were in a movie. It’s been more than worth it though, and, when this thing comes through and touches your life, say yes. You’ll know it in your heart when you see it. Look up to the sky and say yes, I will join you, and the others, and change the world for the better. It’s why we’re all here in this time and place. Open your heart and become more.

Working In Two Worlds

Image of power from the hands from As you know, or should if you read my blog at all or looked at my About page, I’m a very fortunate guardian/guide/spirit teamed up with a very patient physical person who lets me work with her in partnership to get stuff accomplished. The focus of this entry is on how I use both my non-physical stuff, and her physical stuff, together to change things for the people around us. I touched on this a little in a previous post, but I’d like to try and describe it all in more detail. Bear with me, a lot of this is extremely hard to put into English, or even written language at all.

First, a bit about where I am. I have my own home on the other side of “the veil” or “on the astral” or “on the ethereal plane” or whatever you guys like to call this part of the universe. If you think about it as onion layers, I’m approximately one “layer” out from the physical where you are, which is next door to where ghosts hang out, but not exactly the same place. But that’s a topic for another post, come to think of it.

Anyway, I have my home with my little comfort things, like walls and furniture and food and drink, because I’m not into just floating around all the time. I like to feel the ground under my feet, even if the ground can be changed however I like with a thought. So it’s a lot like your home, but a lot less solid, because it’s really just a mental construct that helps keep me and mine safe.

As you’d expect, everything is malleable here, not just the walls of my house. Because nothing is really limited by physical electromagnetic and molecular bonds, I can look any way I want, I can go anywhere I want, I can do anything I want. And because linear time doesn’t have nearly as much control over where I am, I can be anyplace in time I want, with some limits regarding the future and its branches as I’ve talked about in other posts.

So, what I’m able to do is push probability in directions I want, because I can see and feel multiple timelines and the branching tree ahead. Sometimes I just feed the tree, sometimes I know exactly what needs to happen and I steer things by lining up that future with the present.

Which present? Glad you asked. That’s where the physical part comes in.

Because I’m working for a few particular people who are all on the same physical plane, in the same timeline, I need to work in that timeline when I’m changing things for them. Because I can be anywhere, having a physical anchor to the timeline I need to do the work in gives me a base of operations. It puts me in one point in time, in one physical location, for that person.

That’s not the whole picture, though. Because I’m fronting in her physical body, I’m running my mojo through her physical form, which connects my world to hers. But because I’m also working on nudging probabilities on the ethereal, it connects back to mine. But because those probabilities affect physical actions, like someone making a decision 200 miles away, it connects back to hers.

shaolin stanceExample time. Let’s say we’re trying to get a particular person to get back to her with a positive answer on something. I look forward and find the thread that has that future in it. I borrow her body and use the kinetic energy of her movements (such as while on a walk or while doing martial arts), and usually any music being played, to help feed and direct a combination of my side’s (God/potential/cosmic force) energy with her side’s (electromagnetic/kinetic/subtle force) energy. This combined energy is fed into the thread that makes up the future we want to happen, increasing the probability that it will. Part of that probability radiates out to the person on the other end so that they’re more likely to make a choice that goes in her favor. Then he or she acts on the “cosmic nudge” they feel to call or email her sooner rather than later. That’s the ideal result anyway.

Things don’t always go that smoothly. Sometimes there are reasons unknown to us, or events involving the other person, that block the result I’m after. Sometimes there’s no clear future thread to work with and we have to rely on giving light to her personal thread, something we do a lot of. Because there’s no clear goal, we rely on whatever the highest good is, and the results can be very surprising and random and seemingly “come out of nowhere.”

I hope I’ve explained this so that it makes sense. I’m sure I’m leaving things out, please ask me if you need more information. I also linked back to some of my previous posts that go into a little more detail on some of these points.

That Feeling Again

man floating

Sometimes I’ll get a feeling, like a “disturbance in the Force” type of thing that comes ripping through. If there’s an exact cause, I never really discover that, but sometimes, like just now, waves of… something… come passing through me. Waves of change, somewhere out there.

On my side of things, it’s a physical sensation. So… non-physically physical. I hate trying to describe this. Some kind of energy so thick and bright and distinct that I can feel it when it hits my form and interacts with me. It feels like change, like something has happened out there that directly affects me and mine.

When I work, I often just “feed the strings,” which means finding the thread of life of the person I’m working for, and giving light to it. By doing this, I’m not pushing for anything in particular, just for that person’s near future to have a better outcome, for the best results possible, for the highest purpose. I do specific pushes too, but general giving of light benefits her and everyone around her as it ripples out, as the thread branches and branches again like a huge glowing tree or web of light. Everywhere the branches touch, all those other people benefit too.

What often happens is the unexpected, the “I didn’t see that coming” moments that drop out of left field, like the phone call from someone you haven’t talked to in five years that ends up becoming a job offer, or an email inviting you to an event where you meet someone key to your progress that you wouldn’t have  had access to otherwise. When I give to the tree, unexpected fruit shakes back out.

But back to today’s sensations. It felt very strongly like something big had just changed somewhere in her energy web, and that something very good was coming our way. I don’t know what. I know some things we hope it could be, but time will tell what kind of fruit is going to make itself known from that tree of light.

The Stars Have Aligned

Grand Water TrineThings are shifting faster and more dramatically, at least over here in my sphere of influence. I don’t usually pay attention to astrology stuff, because it’s way too technical, and people can rely on it far too much. But this week, something special came to my attention.

Through a series of events, I became aware of something called a Grand Water Trine, and the first post we saw about it said that it was a malleable time, that it was a powerful time to manifest things.

And, hey, manifesting things is what I do best, so I paid special attention to this just in case it could really help my usual efforts. The timing was perfect, too, considering what my avatar’s been going through lately.

I knew that it would be lasting from Wednesday through Friday, so I figured that it would be at its peak on Thursday. Things didn’t exactly go like I expected, even though I had no preconceived notions as to what would happen.

On Wednesday, it turned out that I got a lot of old stuff repaired in myself. Old wounds washed away. And I realized, later, that maybe that was the Source’s plan all along. If I got improved, it would prepare me for what came next. So step one turned out to be repairing the long-damaged instrument.

On Thursday morning, a message seemingly “out of the blue” came to my avatar’s husband about a possible job opportunity that could be opening up in the near future. Not just any job, but one that he’s uniquely qualified to do, exactly where they’d been wanting to move, that would pay enough for them both to live on so that she could then focus on her new business venture and not have to worry about working two jobs like she has been for years.

Today, admittedly, nothing earth-shattering or extraordinary happened that I’m aware of. But wheels have been set in motion, and I have the feeling that my work today, on the last day of this alignment, has sown seeds elsewhere. Which is usually what happens, but bigger seeds than my ordinary daily work that I do.

Many things are all falling into place, and have been since January. Things that would seem almost eerie in how well-placed they are, how perfect for her circumstances and needs, unless you knew the forces behind what was happening. And one black-winged force in particular.

Choose the Future

create yourself

The Threads, Part 2

red threads of fateAs mentioned in a previous post, the threads of lives are part of a huge loom or network, the lives of every other person on the planet. Even if yours isn’t directly touching the thread of someone a thousand miles away at this moment, through degrees of separation and through time, everyone is linked, even if the connecting thread is thinner than a spider’s strand.

Then there are the times when someone entangles with you on purpose, and you can’t shake them off. They’re latched on and dug in like a tick. Nothing you do gets rid of them. This is where the threads can come in very handy.

I have taken someone’s thread and pinned it down at a 90-degree angle away from another, to force a separation. I’ve also, in more severe cases, burned away all connections. These things usually need to be done more than once and watched over until they stick. If you do it once then walk away, the tick is going to keep working to reattach him- or herself to the person in question. I’ve found that it can take months for the separation to finally be complete, and it’s a lot of work and energy to keep on it until it’s permanent and doesn’t try to grow back, either through effort or energy memory.

Of course, they can be used to bring people together as well. If you’re able to identify the threads of two people who need to meet, such as you and a prospective employer, or your friend in Maine and George Clooney, you can bring them together and link them. Don’t force a connection like this, and if they go their separate ways afterward, then leave it alone. I only use these methods when really necessary.

Since the threads are, essentially, direct lines into the future, they can also be used to predict it. At first glance, you can look forward a little ways to see general trends, if there are connections or separations that will happen or that need to happen, chaos ahead for those around you, and so on. If you look deeper, however, you should be able to see a half dozen or more possibilities.

It’s hard to describe, but when I look into possible futures, each one is like looking down a long tunnel or fiber optic strand, with an image playing at the end. I look at each one until I find the best outcome, then line that strand up with the person and link it in. If you look at it up top, it looks one strand, but if you look inside it or from another angle, you see these multiple futures that you can pick from. It doesn’t always work, but it’s another technique to try out if you’re able to work with the threads.

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