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The Great Turning, and the Great Unravelling

It was hard to find a quote to pull out for this article, but I think I found a good one:

Whatever it is that you’re drawn to do in the Great Turning, don’t even think of doing it alone. The hyper-individualism of our competitive industrialised culture has isolated people from each other, breeding conformity, obedience and an epidemic of loneliness. The good news of the Great Turning is that it is a team undertaking. It evolves out of countless spontaneous and synergistic interactions as people discover their common goal and their different gifts.

No one knows how this is all going to end. Do the best you can to prepare, and make the world better with every minute you have here.

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Say Yes To What’s Coming

I know, it’s been a month since my last post, but I can’t actually talk about what we’re working towards, or what the result will be. Only a tiny handful of people know the full truth of it, and it has to stay that way for a while longer.

We’ve come a very long way, through what seemed like impossible odds at times. Brushes with death, sensitive negotiations coming to an impasse for a time, gaining the trust of someone who allows almost no one near him at all. Somehow we threaded the needle not once, but dozens of times, and perhaps hundreds more that we don’t even know about.

That’s how all this works. The future, and what you want there, is not written in stone. That’s why your goal must be really specific, and you can’t take your eyes off it at all. Sometimes what you think your goal is turns out to be something very similar, or takes you in directions you didn’t see coming, so you have to be flexible too, and accept that you may not get the exact thing you were after, but getting really darn close can be just fine. Like let’s say you want to move to a particular city, but you “somehow” get an amazing deal on the perfect house in the next city over. Close enough, right? And you can always keep trying for your perfect goal, too. Part of life is the journey. Another part is determination and willpower.

So that’s where we are. Closer and closer to that ideal goal that’s been years in the making, and which could change the world. Through a chain of so many “impossible” things that nobody would believe it if it were in a movie. It’s been more than worth it though, and, when this thing comes through and touches your life, say yes. You’ll know it in your heart when you see it. Look up to the sky and say yes, I will join you, and the others, and change the world for the better. It’s why we’re all here in this time and place. Open your heart and become more.

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Why does God allow suffering? Look in the mirror.

A Quiet Time

Sometimes I have so much to say, it feels like I can’t possibly get it all written down and out there, or in ways that make sense to most people. But sometimes, like now, the time for talking is done and it’s time for working. There are major changes going on and those have to be nudged and pushed and ridden and survived and recognized. This is on the macro and the micro scale. World society, your country’s society, your neighbors, yourself, inside yourself, and in the hidden places just outside what your eyes can see.

I’ve been backsliding a little lately with some existential stuff. But nothing new there. But the half steps back are almost gone these days, and there’s a lot of steps forward. Nothing like being thrown into all this without any instructions, or help, and left to find my own way, to figure out the best ways to help people and help them understand their potential, to discover my catalyst nature through a lot of painful situations, and then master it… and then use it to change the world.

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