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Good Vibrations

Here’s something that’s been bothering me for a while. I didn’t put my finger on it exactly until today, however.

The whole “vibrations” thing. Not just how over-used the whole thing is with the newagey people, but what’s considered “good” versus “bad.” I’m about to call bullshit on one of the biggest aspects of it. Buckle up.

The usual idea is this: The chakras and tree of life and all that starts off at the bottom, with “low” vibrations around earthly stuff like rocks and sex and raw emotions. It ends at the “high” vibrations where God’s supposed to be up in the sky, or at least above a person’s physical meat suit.

Here’s the fundamental problem with all that: It assumes that “low” vibrations are bad, and that everybody should get up to the good and perfect “high” vibrations if they want to be… I don’t even know what they’re after, actually. It seems to be different things, depending on who you talk to. Enlightenment, mostly? Closer to God?

Well hey, guess what, but there’s probably a couple of million years of human history on planet Earth that did pretty well before organized religion came along to fuck it up by starting wars. Way back in the day, the Earth was the teacher. The Earth was the most wise and sacred thing in existence. Somehow, the earth became “bad,” just like how dirt and sex and expressing your emotions became “bad” in favor of this supposedly perfect emotionless state of being where your feet barely touch the ground and you’re only half present, because you’re so busy being “ascended” that you forget to help the world around you.

The biggest assholes I’ve ever known were these “high vibration” newagers who felt they were better than everybody else and they were just too fucking good for this planet, so they were going to turn into a ball of light or somesuch bullshit and ascend to the Pleiades.

Well, good riddance, and get out of my way so I can be over here picking people up off the ground when they’re too sick to stand. Because, reminder, that’s what we’re here for.

For some, it’s about “power.” They somehow think that climbing the tree to get to the shiny ball at the top that’s supposedly “closer to God” (as if God actually lives in the physical sky, or in any linear direction from them at all) will enable them to flip a switch and suddenly win friends and influence enemies in some magical way.

Now… it’s true that tapping into that God energy does enable you to do some miraculous things, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all thing.

I can’t imagine that there’s anyone alive who doesn’t feel the power of a thunderstorm. The sheer amount of raw power and energy in the lightning itself, and the thunder created by that power ripping through the atmosphere, is almost beyond human comprehension. However, if we follow the logic of the “vibration” thing, thunder is “low” and thus “bad.” Same thing with earthquakes–you’ve got massive pieces of the earth itself moving around, with most of the sound waves so low that they’re far below human hearing. What about a waterfall, like Niagara? Who could stand near that pounding torrent and not feel the power there? Or of the ocean’s waves or a raging river? Or the power of a wildfire or a volcano or a hurricane?

If it’s power you want, why would you ignore any of that when it’s so easy to tap into and use?

Dirt is where your food comes from. Sex is where YOU come from.

There is no such thing as “bad” or “good” vibrations, just like there’s no good or bad in the sun or the ocean or gravity or any other powerful force of the universe. It would benefit a lot of people if they stopped turning their backs on these things, if they stopped looking down their noses at anyone who isn’t at some supposed “high vibrational level” based on… what exactly? A book? One particular philosophy?

Do you know how many “vibrations” the human body can’t even perceive? It’s like going to the symphony and deciding that anybody but the piccolos are unworthy of your attention, or painting only in yellow because all the other colors are just beneath you. It’s arrogant and foolish.

Embrace all of it if you want to be whole and balanced and powerful. Why do anything else?


Practice Raw Listening

A while back we were in a tiny little newagey kind of store in her tiny little town. They added some things in a side room, including some shelves of used books. Most were kind of general or fantasy novels, but one section was newagey, so we took a look for a few minutes.

One title was Angels Speak, which made me say “Yeah, no kidding,” which made her say “Yeahyeah,” but not aloud. We got a chuckle out of the title, but decided to flip through it. It had such revolutionary advice as “listen to your inner voice” and that kind of thing, so we skipped it and picked up another out of curiosity. Then another. They all said things that seemed completely obvious.

I’ll tell you the super magical secret that all these books had in common.

Are you ready?

Okay, here it is:

Pay. Attention.

No, seriously, that was it. If people would pay more attention to some basic things, they wouldn’t need a shelf full of $20 books.

Now, what may seem basic to me, might not seem basic to you. Such as opening up to something and listening to it. I do rely on the experiences of others to cross-reference what I’m experiencing, plus there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel on things like what scents correspond to what colors and the properties of various stones. But where do these things come from originally? Right. People opening up, listening, and paying attention.

Same thing with talking to us. How am I doing this? One person paid attention a few years ago, listened, and now I can say what I want here.

But why all the books? Why all the tarot cards and candles and incense and statues?

Because people don’t listen. They need these things as crutches, because they don’t trust themselves, or their guides. They don’t learn how to trust their intuition, or their visions, or their minds are simply too noisy and drown everything else out. They’ve been taught, or have taught themselves, that these things aren’t real. That only other people can talk to angels or rocks or animals. That they have to be specially gifted, or that it’s a bad thing that goes against their religion, or that they’re crazy.

So there are thousands and thousands of books all saying mostly the same things, but in different flavors. Books about Wicca, talking to your guardian angels, the Kabbalah, the “law of attraction,” channeling, meditation and all that stuff.

All of it is about listening, common sense, and trust. Open up to what the universe has to say to your mind, your heart, your soul. Common sense dictates that red gemstones work in tandem with the root chakra, blue gemstones work in tandem with the throat chakra, and so on. Trust your intuition, trust that the Source will provide.

Slow down, quiet your mind, and put away your filters. Practice raw listening, and take the messages as they come without any judgment, even if they don’t seem to make sense at the time.

Pay attention.

The Chakras Part 3: A Star in the Field


Concluding – for the moment – my mini-series on the Chakras.


The Star in the Field

“The body … is called the field;  
Him who knows it, the sages call “knower of the field”. 
Know me also as the Knower of the field in all the fields.”

Bhagavad Gita, transl. Ramana Maharshi

This morning I had a brief dream-flash of Vishnu.  It said perhaps “Vishnu and the Tree of Knowledge” … meaning also, Vishnu and the wise Serpent.  I saw Brahma Creator being dreamed out of Vishnu’s naval CHAKRA.


The dreaming Vishnu lies on a serpent – his full length contact with the planetary Kundalini.  The serpent has five “waves” and five cobra heads, which like five fingers form a canopy over the god’s head.

Now, Vishnu is the presiding deity around Badrinath – (see The Chakras part 2: the Mountains) –  where they honour and…

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The Chakras Part 2 – the Mountains




This post suggests walking the Tree of Life through the Himalayan range! – to re-state the themes of the journey.


The Granthi Knots

Definition by Ernest Wood:  “There are three granthis:  in the basal/muladhara, the heart(anahata) and the eye-brow/ajna Chakras.   It is explained that Kundalini has to break through these knots in the course of her journey up the spine.  The first is called the knot of Brahma, the second that of Vishnu, the third that of Siva.  Human consciousness goes through (these) three states before reaching perfect union with its own true Self, or abolition of bondage.”  

The trimurti Brahma Vishnu Siva are “Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer”.   The One Immanent Reality (equivalent to Y – H V H in our tradition [jhvh, jahveh]) is Brahman, the Self, transcending all three.  Once again in the greater Mysteries, we find the divine Thread – a…

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The Chakras, Part 1- the Journey



[NB the time line became a little mixed up here!  The Chakras, Part 2 – the Mountains (posted 17 April 2013) is marked Previous to this one.]


This has become a somewhat Himalayan project.

You won’t find a conventional description of the Chakras here.  I don’t practice Yoga, nor think about them very much – but I have attended to what and where they are.  I did classes in the Tree and in the Body of Light.  The principles are laid down in my strata as an artist.   I get inspired by the Chakra principle:  it generates poetic images, landscape and inner journeys.

2 key 17 bota star

The Chakras are the Interior Stars.  For myself, Tarot Key 17 the Star awakes their spectrum, their depth all at once, from the subconscious.   With this figure, this picture, I send a fish-hook, a request into the deep;  and up comes all the data.  …

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The Chakras on the Tree of Life


Tree of Life chakras

Commenting on my sketch of the Chakras on the Tree of Life, (see Violet Woman and the Hermit) … /  Peter asked me if I could write a detailed post on this topic.

Well !  I shall try.  That sketch was done in 1992, and I seem to remember, there was some written material with it …  (which I located yesterday!  See further down).   But first, some warm-up flourishes with the Tree:


Buddha manishya


General – the Tree and Jacobs Ladder

The Chakras embody the seven levels of the Tree of Life.

More than enough has been written about the Chakras, their tonalities and symbols in different systems, for a student to become thoroughly confused!   It feels superfluous to compare or reconcile cultural viewpoints – they all come back to the same principle.  Bridging the traditions, I intend to pick up on a…

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Friday Live Chats, 6:PM Pacific/9:PM Eastern

soup can telephoneI am facilitating weekly Friday evening chat sessions on a variety of metaphysical topics. This past week, we attempted to have a discussion group that focused on this excellent and very detailed blog post about the connections between the chakras and the Kabbalah, but it didn’t work out so well (see below for hints as to what happened). So this next Friday we will be going over the basics on what the human body chakras are and how they work, and moving on from there to the basics of what the Kabbalah tree of life is. I expect the tree of life to take several sessions. Other topics will be discussed as requested in future sessions.

If you would like to participate, please do come on by. Please have handy a printout or website with the chakras on it at the start of the session. Ideally, you should also have a printout or website with the tree of life on it as well, in case we do get that far.

Some suggestions to help future sessions go more smoothly:

– A study group means a group of people studying something. It isn’t 100% teachers, or 100% students. If you don’t know something, it’s the place to listen and learn. If you do know something, it’s the place to contribute to the conversation.

– Please come prepared, even if that means coming with nothing but questions.  Please do at least the minimum amount of research requested by the person leading the discussion, including having your printout(s) and website(s) handy. It wastes everyone’s time to have no idea what the topic is about when you walk into a classroom.

– Please pay attention and stay on task. If someone is asking the group to focus on one particular photo or idea, please don’t start discussing a completely different section of the material, or walk off for 20 minutes to get a sandwich. This is not the time to discuss your pets or your favorite perfume or what you saw on TV earlier.

– Sitting and listening quietly is fine, no one is obligated to ask questions or even say anything. There is also no such thing as a stupid or bad question. The only bad question is the one not asked.

Friday evening chats are here:
Password is Faith with a capital F.
It starts at 6:00 PM Pacific (9:00 PM eastern).

If you haven’t joined the chat before, make a Chatzy account (super easy, it doesn’t ask you for much more than your name and email, just so it can remember your preferences when you login next time), then pick a name and the color you want on your name. Click into that room, then you’ll need to click the “Join Chat” button at lower right to actually get in and start talking to people. Once you’re set up, I highly recommend clicking on the second tab down on the left, and setting your notification preference to “Alert By Blink” which will let you know that someone has posted in the room by making the text flash in your browser tab. It’s extremely easy to wander off and forget you’re even in a chat room without this reminder.

Everyone is welcome, feel free to invite people you think might be interested. If the room exceeds capacity, I may ask for a small donation in order to pay for Chatzy pro, which makes the room size unlimited. The chat session itself is free.

Finally Found It

christ consciousnessI’ve been looking for an image of what it looks like when I crack somebody open. It always hits in just two places, the heart and the crown. I just stumbled on a picture of it. I’m a little floored that it’s so exact, that somebody else was able to do an image of it.

I have not read this book. I didn’t even know it existed until about ten minutes ago. The subject is right on the money too. “Emergence of the Pure Self Within.”

Seems like the problem for most, which is why they need my help, is that they don’t know how to reach this point, how to break free of the shell created by damage, fear, pain. They need “divine intervention,” for lack of a better term, to unlock the door.

It’s right there, if you want it. If you’re ready.

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