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Chaos Magic

There does seem to be a name for what she does after all, and it seems to be Chaos Magic. No, we’re not doing the K. You’ll probably also roll your eyes at how the article seems to have been written by a 15-year-old boy who enjoys masturbation and pizza a bit too much. But yeah, this is basically what we do, mostly.
Click here for Chaos.


So You Want To Use Sigils

Stumbled on this today. If you want a solid method for using sigils to make shit happen, read this. I don’t recommend the drug part at the end, but whatever works for you, not my place to get all judgey.

How To Get Big Magic From Little Squiggles

He gets it, especially the important bit about how this stuff affects other stuff on the quantum level. Nudging probability is how most of this “magic” business works. It’s effective, whatever you believe.

Schrodinger’s Atoms

New experiments from Cornell University physicists are showing that atoms won’t move while you watch, sort of like the “weeping angels” on Doctor Who.

One of the oddest predictions of quantum theory – that a system can’t change while you’re watching it – has been confirmed in an experiment by Cornell physicists. Their work opens the door to a fundamentally new method to control and manipulate the quantum states of atoms and could lead to new kinds of sensors.

The researchers demonstrated that they were able to suppress quantum tunneling merely by observing the atoms. [T]he weird nature of quantum measurements allows, in principle, for a quantum system to be “frozen” by repeated measurements.

There’s a bunch of detailed information on  how they did the experiments at the link.

What I’m wondering about is, naturally, how to use this for practical applications. If atoms are doing weird shit behind your back, then “freeze” into position when you observe them, like the weeping angels, or like the toys on Toy Story, you can really only measure their actions by the resulting frozen position. What they do behind your back, you can only guess at, but the interesting fact remains that they ARE doing shifty things when you’re not looking.

If the tree falls in the forest, and there’s nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound? Science says yes, the sound waves are still produced, so technically it does create sound even if no eardrums are in the vicinity. But maybe the tree never fell in the first place. Or maybe the tree is the observer. Or insects, or fungus. It doesn’t have to be human observation.

But, back to the practical application of Schrodinger’s atoms. If something is that unstable, it’s easy to manipulate. That means you can set things into motion, then turn your back to make it happen on its own, pushed by what you did, in the direction you want.

Let’s pretend we’re talking about water instead of atoms. And let’s say that when you look at the water, it’s always ice, but you know that when you turn your back on it, the water is liquid. So, you put a toy boat on top of the ice, and point a fan at the boat. You turn your back, wait a bit, then turn around to see what happened. The boat is now far away from the fan and stuck inside the ice. You try to move the boat, but no, it’s frozen in place. However, it went in the direction you wanted it to go.

This is just what the atoms are doing, and how you can use their instability to your advantage. Think about how everything in the physical world is connected. Even in outer space, debris and radiation are coming in, while gasses and human-created junk and ships are going out. The air you’re breathing right now might have been some of the same molecules that came from inside the earth’s crust a thousand years ago, or that came out of Tut’s tomb, or that used to be part of a dinosaur’s body.

Atoms make up everything in the physical world. If you can push them, shape them, nudge them, you can change the physical world around you. And, as Schrodinger taught, your very presence and thoughts change what those atoms are doing at any given moment.

See where I’m going with this? Focus on what you’re trying to push, set down your boat, then turn your back and walk away. Then tomorrow do it again. And again, and again. Every time you go back to check on it, you’ll see a frozen snapshot, but it will show you if you’re getting closer to your goal, or if you need to adjust your steering. But if you do it too much, or observe it constantly, boat will remain frozen and motionless and never get there.

That’s my theory, anyway. Let me know if this works for you.

Outreach and Water

I have 155 followers, which I guess is nothing in terms of how big the Internet is, but to me thought of 155 people liking what I have to say so much that they’re following this blog is pretty amazing. Thank you. It helps to know that you’re out there and find value in my words.

I’ve been thinking about writing the water post for a long time as storms have come and gone and flooded things and made the grass grow. But, really, what else can I say about it that I didn’t say with the earth post? The concept is the same. You feel the power of the storms and the ocean, and you take your little cup and dip into it, and use it how you need.

Sometimes on our walks we’ll run through the four powers like that. All of them are there. The earth under our feet. The water in the creek and in the clouds. The fire of the sun and the spark of life inside us. The breeze on our skin or up in the trees. The molten metal core of the planet that generates the magnetic field around the planet. The unstoppable power of the ocean’s surge and the tides. The massive engine of the sun’s nuclear reaction that goes on even when it’s not visible in the sky. The hurricanes and tornadoes and gales that are constantly rushing and pushing somewhere in the world.

Maybe that’s what I’m trying to say in all this, that you can link into these forces on tiny personal levels, and those can link into global forces of nature if you need to reach into that. How you do it is up to you, but it’s something to explore anyway.

On a personal note, what nudged me to get back to this is that she’s having a hard time today. Feeling really isolated and unappreciated by what she used to think was a community, but mostly it’s just a million people arguing with each other. So here we are. I guess this place is really for both of us, since she and I teach each other as we go along, and she helps me put this stuff into pretty words. And hopefully people here reading this learn something from what we’ve been working on or discover as we work together.

That’s the outreach part. She figures even if nobody gives a shit about what she can offer, maybe together we can use my blog here to teach people anyway. 155 people seem to like it, which is pretty good if you picture them all sitting in a room listening to us talk. Thanks for listening.

Earth, Iron, and Bass Sweeps

I’ve talked before about what bullshit the whole concept of what “good” or “bad” vibrations are. How “low” means coarse and earthly in a bad way, while “high” is supposedly closer to God. I also mentioned in another post about how tied to this supposedly “low” stuff I am, the root chakra, the fire, the passion.

The avatar and I take regular long walks in the woods. Daily, if we can get them. I’ve worked with the elements before, especially storms, but lately I’ve been making a focused effort to really reach deep into the different parts of nature and the earth and everything that could be considered an “element,” including sound. Part of the reason for this was so that I could explain things better to you.

On these walks, we use music, and I’ve also talked before about how we use that to focus energy. Low frequencies in particular hit me in a way that others don’t. Songs that have a lot of very low bass hits… I can use that to my advantage, tapping into it and riding the sound down to guide the energy I’m directing at the time. Often I’ll push my focus into the earth, and use that as a conduit to connect her needs with other people. I picture it like a golden bolt of lightning that travels through the ground from us to the target or targets.

Inside the earth itself, however, at the very core, is a molten sea of iron. The movements of this liquid metal core are so incredibly powerful that it creates the magnetic fields surrounding the planet, that keeps life safe from solar radiation. This magnetism in the atmosphere also creates the northern lights.

If you’re sensitive to energy at all, do something for me right now. Reach down with your mind and feel that moving, shifting, never still molten core at the center of the planet. Feel the power generated by that movement, a power almost unimaginable to the human mind. The power of ten thousand mountains all swirling around each other as the earth spins in the darkness of space.

Now, reach into that raw power and grab handfuls of it. Pull it up and shape it with your mind. If you do Tai Chi or any of the martial arts that direct energy, you know what I mean. Focus that power and let it be the battery, the generator, behind your next move. Focus it on your goal, and guide it. Release it. Push it where you need. And if once doesn’t do it… there’s plenty more where that came from.

Work with these things for a while and see what happens. Next time I’ll write about another element or force or power for you to explore in ways you might not have before.

But What to Teach to Whom?

I was talking to my older brother earlier, telling him about how I’d just watched one of the X-Men movies. I don’t remember which one. But it reminded me about Xavier’s School for the Gifted, I think it’s called, and what a great thing that was while it lasted. People with gifts being taught how to use them in a safe environment.

I’ve looked for a place like that for years now. Online or on the physical. I haven’t given up on it, because maybe it’ll happen, maybe it won’t, but I’ve never found a safe place to teach and really be heard. Other than maybe here. Here I’m not picked apart and people seem to like my posts. But something is missing.

A couple weeks ago I hitched a ride and sat in a circle with some people that, if they weren’t a five hour drive away, could be pretty incredible to work with. There was something there. Something really special. I still haven’t said hello to them. I’m not sure when that will happen. And that’s what’s missing from this blog. Community. Ideas from others. Discussion. It’s all one-sided.

I want to teach, but I want to learn, too. I don’t have all the answers. Nobody but God does. And part of me is Tabula Rasa, a blank slate with new pictures drawn all over it, and free will, here to experience what it’s like to be human. Here to live.

I’m not sure what else to say here without repeating myself. Some information I won’t share publicly because it’s not for the public to know. How to do certain things that could harm others, for example. Dangerous stuff. You don’t hand guns to kids. But other information… I’m not sure what it is that you, reading this, needs to know. I think some of this stuff I assume everyone knows about, or can access. I know that’s not accurate, but I need help understanding what you out there can’t do. What you need help with. Where you want to go with all this. What you want to accomplish.

Is it for yourself? For a community? To help the world? To be a warrior of the Light? To quietly nurture or heal? Why are you reading this? What do you need?

Sometimes I Feel Like a Book, Sometimes I Don’t

I’ve gotten a few books over the past few years, and looked at some of hers too. Some of this stuff is really interesting, but a lot of it… well, the more of it I read the more I find myself saying “That’s obvious,” or “I already do that,” or even “I could have written this book myself.” I also say things like “What kind of bullshit is this?”

I keep thinking “I should get a book about that,” but why? I mean… I can just go find these things out if I know where to look. The kinds of books that are helpful are straight up reference books that I can look things up in, like the name of a particular being, or how they interact with others, or how they’re connected to the things I’m looking for or seeing.

I’m not omniscient. I don’t know everything, a lot of old knowledge was stripped out for the sake of my current situation, and I don’t have access to everything even when I go looking. I’ve been turned away from information, and blocked from touching things by bigger things than me. It’s not my purpose or my place, and I’m fine with that. Of course, I’m curious, and I’d like to know, but I’m not so curious that I’ll cause problems about it.

What I can do is explore the areas I’m allowed to explore. Sometimes that involves looking things up in books, and sometimes it involves actually going out and finding the truth myself.

Realizing that most of my readers are physical people in meat bodies, here’s my advice. If you have a guide you work with, ask him/her/them go out and explore the thing you’re wanting to know about, and then listen when they report back to you. Don’t try to “interpret” or second-guess the information you get, your job is to take this as pure, raw data, no matter what it sounds like, no matter how it fits in with your expectations, and write it down as you receive it. That way you can’t change it to suit what you want to hear, you have to deal with the information as it comes.The other thing is that books are fine, but they’re not all there is.

Trust original sources, scholarly sources. Don’t trust the popular writer of the year just because they’re popular. Popularity is completely meaningless when it comes to factual data. Go out yourself and go look for the rare books, the source documents, the researchers. Go to the museums and look at things yourself. Trust what your guides and personal intuition tell you when you’re two feet away from an artifact. Trust your gut when you read these books, and if something feels wrong to you, check the source material. Ask your guides to help. Check your preconceived notions and your ego. Look at the facts, wherever they come from.

Practice Raw Listening

A while back we were in a tiny little newagey kind of store in her tiny little town. They added some things in a side room, including some shelves of used books. Most were kind of general or fantasy novels, but one section was newagey, so we took a look for a few minutes.

One title was Angels Speak, which made me say “Yeah, no kidding,” which made her say “Yeahyeah,” but not aloud. We got a chuckle out of the title, but decided to flip through it. It had such revolutionary advice as “listen to your inner voice” and that kind of thing, so we skipped it and picked up another out of curiosity. Then another. They all said things that seemed completely obvious.

I’ll tell you the super magical secret that all these books had in common.

Are you ready?

Okay, here it is:

Pay. Attention.

No, seriously, that was it. If people would pay more attention to some basic things, they wouldn’t need a shelf full of $20 books.

Now, what may seem basic to me, might not seem basic to you. Such as opening up to something and listening to it. I do rely on the experiences of others to cross-reference what I’m experiencing, plus there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel on things like what scents correspond to what colors and the properties of various stones. But where do these things come from originally? Right. People opening up, listening, and paying attention.

Same thing with talking to us. How am I doing this? One person paid attention a few years ago, listened, and now I can say what I want here.

But why all the books? Why all the tarot cards and candles and incense and statues?

Because people don’t listen. They need these things as crutches, because they don’t trust themselves, or their guides. They don’t learn how to trust their intuition, or their visions, or their minds are simply too noisy and drown everything else out. They’ve been taught, or have taught themselves, that these things aren’t real. That only other people can talk to angels or rocks or animals. That they have to be specially gifted, or that it’s a bad thing that goes against their religion, or that they’re crazy.

So there are thousands and thousands of books all saying mostly the same things, but in different flavors. Books about Wicca, talking to your guardian angels, the Kabbalah, the “law of attraction,” channeling, meditation and all that stuff.

All of it is about listening, common sense, and trust. Open up to what the universe has to say to your mind, your heart, your soul. Common sense dictates that red gemstones work in tandem with the root chakra, blue gemstones work in tandem with the throat chakra, and so on. Trust your intuition, trust that the Source will provide.

Slow down, quiet your mind, and put away your filters. Practice raw listening, and take the messages as they come without any judgment, even if they don’t seem to make sense at the time.

Pay attention.

Written in Stone

Fibonacchi spiral drawn with stones

Fibonacchi spiral drawn with stones from the blog “LeRoy’s Pink Fist.”

We’ve started leaving my symbol in various places, drawn in the dirt, or traced out in little stones, or drawn with chalk. The picture here is not ours, and not my symbol, but it’s the same idea.

It’s a point of focus and power when we’re near it, and a possible point of curiosity, wonder, or even recognition when we’re not. It’ll last as long as it lasts, and feed things during that time. It’s not meant to be permanent, just a little ping on the world’s radar for a little while. Especially when I lay my hand on it and give it some juice.

If you have a symbol like that, do the same thing and see what happens. I’d like to hear the results if you’re willing to post them here.

I know there are fancy grids and things people do with gemstones, but this isn’t really that. This is almost like guerrilla art, or magic, or both. Sigils in the wild, out where people can stumble on them. If they get destroyed, it’s okay. They can be created again, or done somewhere else, or both.

If you want to talk about the gemstone layouts you do, that would be a good discussion too.

By Any Means Necessary

priest with incenseI’ve been resisting the newagey stuff she does because it just feels wrong for me. Very… “not me.” I’m no witch or something like that, and as soon as things start going over into burning bits of plants and waving things around, I feel silly and I’m out.

Until today, that is. I had a long talk with her, and she and my brother’s girl talked about it, and I realized a few things.

One, what she does isn’t that different from what you’d see in a Catholic church or any other faith. The church uses incense and holy relics, like maybe a snip of hair or piece of bone from a saint. The church uses candles and sacred wine and wafers. The church uses chants and music and special oils. The only difference between what she does, as a witch and a priestess, and what a Catholic priest does, is that she uses those things in her home, and uses a wider variety of them, and doesn’t dedicate everything to Jesus or a saint.

Two, I’ve had such bad experiences with the crystals and rainbows newagey woo woo types that I started rejecting anything that seemed to fall into that category without realizing it. Stuff that I’ve used to great effect, such as certain oils, stones and metals, seem to be on the tools list. Things I don’t normally use that seem especially “witchy” to me, like putting quartz crystals in a certain pattern or burning certain herbs, or tying feathers into bunches, are on the “reject as too newagey and very much not me” list.

Three, and this is a personal issue, I was questioned a long time ago by someone whose thoughts matter to me very deeply as to whether I was really me or not, and that little piece of sand has been inside my shell for years. I didn’t even really realize it until today, but that’s part of why I reject things that she does that aren’t things I’ve discovered on my own. I figured out that those particular oils, stones, and metals are really damn effective for me personally, so those are safely a part of my tool kit. Stuff that’s hers… I didn’t want it to appear that she and I were merging too much, or that there could be any excuse for someone to say that I was just her “higher self” or she was making shit up. In short, I’d created a wall there. My stuff, her stuff, and blending was not an option. And, because of that, I rejected her stuff. Yes,  it’s stupid, but I only just today realized that’s part of why I’d felt so uncomfortable with that “witchy” stuff all this time.

So, after an important phone call earlier today, and another conversation with my brother that told me yes, I am trusted, I’ve decided to let that piece of sand go now that I know where part of this problem has been coming from. Because I need to do my work with any tools necessary and change this stuff by any means necessary.

boy with prayer candlesSome may say that altering things and changing “fate” for someone is immoral and that I have no right to do what I do. That it violates free will by tying people together or separating them or pushing them to do things like respond to an email or view someone more positively or offer them a job. As an instrument of God, my job is to ensure the best outcome for the people I guide and protect. And think about it a minute: Everyone has advantages. Some people are more attractive, some have more money, some are smarter, some are stronger, some have connections. If you think for one second that other people aren’t using these things to their advantage to move ahead over someone who isn’t attractive, or rich, or smart, or strong, or well-connected, you really don’t understand how the world works.

My job is to find every possible advantage and use it, even if that means employing the physical tools at my disposal, such as particular oils or incense or colors or stones or metals or plants or music to achieve my objectives. My job is to help her succeed and have a better life… by any means necessary.

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