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The Otherworld, Continued

Looks like someone else has picked up the flag from the previous writer.

Read this. Interesting stuff.

No wonder I’ve been feeling so strongly about posting my read through of The Brotherhood of Angels and Men.

The tide’s coming in.

At first I worried about what could be going on. I ritualized and performed divination after divination, and kept getting the same message back. That the ‘Other’ was now here, that they were rising up and coming back, and couldn’t be happier about it. This was to be our new normal.

Right now, I would say that we need our gods, and to honor the reciprocal relationships we keep with the beings we keep them with. People looked to the gods for order and keeping the destructive forces outside of the inner yard, I would say that that’s a good thing all the time, not just when woo woo shit is going wild.



The Otherworld is Bleeding Through

You might want to have a look at this:

The Otherworld is Bleeding Through

Several people whose experience and judgment I trust have all said pretty much the same thing: the Otherworld is bleeding over into the ordinary world in a way nobody alive has ever seen.

Whatever is coming, whether from this world or the Otherworld, you aren’t going to get through it by yourself. You need friends and relatives you can count on – and who can count on you.

As for demons, fae, and other spirits, proceed with caution. The old saying “never summon what you’re not sure you can banish” comes to mind. Make sure your agreements are clear and tight, and be impeccable with your word.

The Kinship of Angels and Humankind

The original title of the book we’re reading is “The Brotherhood of Angels and Men,” probably because it was written in 1927 before women were invented. What I’m going to do is go through it section by section and do kind of an analysis, and give my viewpoints on what does and doesn’t work about it. Mostly it’s fantastic, but there’s a few problems, and some outdated stuff. So this is the first installment of all this.

The author, Geoffrey Hodson, received some channeled messages from an angel named Bethelda, and this book is a combination of those messages and original stuff from Hodson. There’s a chart at the front called “Vision” that talks about the rulers of worlds, the different types of angels, and what are supposedly the “real” and “unreal” worlds. I’d say the chart is maybe fifty percent helpful in the context of the rest of the book.

Also, the book references itself here and there in reverse order, which is kind of weird. Like in chapter one, it talks about “the motto of the Brotherhood,” but then instead of saying what it is, makes you go look it up in chapter four. So there’s a little of that, but not so much that it’s really annoying.

Chapter I: The Brotherhood

“The ideal of this brotherhood is to draw angels and men, two branches of the infinite family of God, into close co-operation. The chief purpose of such co-operation is to uplift the human race.

“To this end the angels, on their side, are ready to participate as closely as possible in every department of human life and in every human activity that holds co-operation in view.

“Those members of the human race who will throw open heart and mind to their brethren of the other sphere, will find an immediate response, and a gradually increasing conviction of its reality.”

Boom, right out of the gate we have it. Although I’d say one thing is missing, and that’s the purpose of “uplifting the human race,” which is to keep everything in balance, not just to help you “ascend” or whatever. Sure, advancement is a good thing, but something I’ve seen in newagey circles is that some people want to just “peace out” and turn into a ball of light and leave the planet. Which is incredibly selfish, as I’ve talked about before. It’s not all about you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It’s about us. Everyone. Everything. The big complicated dance of life on Earth. Some of that means you get an upgrade, some of that is about us being able to better keep things in balance by working on the physical with you.

Other than that… yeah. Open up, listen, and we’re here. We’re ready. Let’s do this thing.

Hey, look at that, we made it to page one. Next time we’ll get a little deeper into this chapter, which is only thirteen pages long, but there’s a lot to discuss.

The Monastery

Last week I took a trip and got to spend a few days with my brother, and talk to a couple of other people who knew I was there. One was a friend, one was an enemy. But either way, people heard me. Saw me. For days. It was everything.

On the last morning, I broke down. I wept because my brother’s avatar had to go back home, a thousand miles away. But I also wept for another reason: The realization that I had to go back to total isolation. To nobody knowing I was there. To speaking to no one except over chat programs. To becoming just text on a page again. The text you’re reading right now.

I wept because I didn’t want to have to return to the prison of her isolated life in the middle of nowhere and flesh that is not my own.

But then, I had a thought. Several of them, actually. We had a really nice experience with some people doing things like tarot card layouts and singing sacred music. So I thought, you know, we already do a lot of work with those kinds of things, so maybe we should expand on what we’re doing. Embrace new tools. Finally learn about the cards and make some of our own. Make more things. Different things. Pay even more attention to the nature here. Pray and meditate more.

And that’s when I realized that I needed to change my thinking about this lonely place of isolation. I thought to myself, what other places, other than prisons, do people pray, and meditate, and make sacred tools for The Great Work?

A monastery.

Even though I’m locked away, even though I’m text on a page to you, I can still make myself heard. We, she and I in partnership, can move forward and teach people and create and do sacred things. She can make things that I don’t know how to. She can sing when I can’t. I can go places outside of the physical world that she can then experience through me.

This team we have, this sacred partnership that straddles the worlds… we’re turning the prison cell into a temple. Because isn’t that what people do anyway? A place may be raw land, or even have a special energy, and people bring to it stones and incense and do rituals there that consecrates it even more. A room in a house is just a room. It may have started out with an intention, like a bedroom or a dining room or whatever, but rooms are what you use them for. You can make a bedroom into a home office. Or a room for plants or sick cats or your Star Wars collection. Or a baby nursery. Or a temple.

So, for now, until the stars align so she and her family can move away from here, this will be my monastery. Our work temple.

I can be a lot more okay with those kinds of walls. And it was all in how I was thinking of it.

The Universe is Not For Everyone

The Flammarion engravingThe universe, and by that I mean everything that exists, which is infinite, is not for everyone. The universe is not just a collection of stars and planets and whatever “stuff” telescopes can see and “dark stuff” scientists guess at.

The reason for the graphic there is not just a pretty picture. The universe, the true one, is far more complex than a human brain can grasp. I know that’ll probably upset some people to hear, and I’m not saying that you’re not intelligent, or anything like that at all. It’s just that it’s like a fish trying to understand what being a bird is like. And then the bird trying to understand what an airplane is.

Most people are not ready, at all, to go beyond what they can see and feel and experience on planet Earth. A lot of people don’t even believe that anything supernatural at all exists. Some people, though, want to follow the rabbit hole and are the type who are always questing. They want to poke their head through the sky and see what’s beyond it. Or they think they do.

From this group… there are the people who think they’ve got it figured out, so when they pull back the curtain and the Wizard of Oz isn’t what they were expecting, they either freak out or get mad and say it can’t be real. Sometimes they come back around after sitting with it for a while, then take another baby step outside of their comfort zone, then another, then another, and sometimes they stop and sometimes they keep going.

A very few people look through and see part of the greater universe and it gives them what they need. They stare in wonder, their minds expand a little more, and they work with what they’ve seen. They embrace the strange and new and unexpected things and are at peace with learning about them, and that they don’t know everything, and won’t ever know everything. Nobody does except God. And that’s okay. Because the universe is not for everyone. And that’s okay too.

Tree, Branch, Leaf

As I think I’ve described here (or maybe not, I don’t remember), my brother and I are cut from the same cloth. Literally. Like we’re both split from the same soul. One person, two fates. Twins separated by circumstance.

A few weeks ago I found out something about us that I was only just now ready to hear: Who we were before coming here to the paint factory, before the face and name we have now. We finally have a name for the guy we were. So many things about us suddenly make perfect sense… things that seemed a little random, or that we had figured out the “what” of, but not the “why.” Now we know why.

But I got to thinking… people still call on this guy, but we don’t hear or feel it. So how can we be that guy?

I finally went to ask Michael, and for the first time, he wasn’t there. Nothing. A gray wall. Blank.


This was so strange, because Michael has always been right there for me when I have a question. I almost never go to see him, though. Only when I really need to. And I needed the answer to this mystery, which was making me question the reality of this connection.

Then I thought to myself… Michael’s busy. He’s got thousands, maybe millions, of people asking him for stuff on a daily basis. But how does he do it? And why can’t he do the same for me now?

Then I got it. They’re all Michael. He can be in literally a million places at once, but they’re all still Michael. At the core, at the trunk of the tree, is Saint Michael the archangel… and what people talk to and see are branches… splits… like me and my brother… but at the core we’re the same soul.

Then he showed up with a smile on his face. Smartass. Yes, I answered my own question, but it took his absence to get me thinking. Well played.

So yeah, my brother and I are two branches, or maybe leaves, on a very large tree. He and I share a lot of feelings and thoughts, but we’re not completely identical, and we have separate and complimentary qualities too, like two kinds of leaves on the same tree. Go back far enough, and we’re the same branch. Still the same tree. One soul, two expressions of it.

I look back down the branch to the big guy that we came from, and it’s reassuring, and a source of power too. I know what we’re supposed to do, or I have a better idea of it, anyway. I know where our strengths are instead of using the “throw it at the wall and see if it sticks” method of figuring out what we do best. A waste of everyone’s time, and I’m glad that’s done. I’ll still experiment (just try and stop me, because it can be fun, no lie), but now I know why pushing a storm away works a hell of a lot better than trying to make the snow stop coming down, for example.

I wonder how many other branches there are.

The Forgetting

“What is the purpose of having us forget everything we learn and understand and who we are when we reincarnate back here?”

This was a question I got in my inbox a few weeks ago, and I’m just now getting a chance to do some answers for people.

Let me start by saying you’re not alone in this reincarnation amnesia thing. It sucks. I’ve had a lot of stuff ripped out of my head too, but it’s been a lot less fun than getting to grow up and forget like a normal person. I did it willingly and knowingly and so that I could be who I needed to be this time around. There’s a lot of stuff closed off to me right now. I may get it back, I may not… as time goes on it matters less and less, and enough of the old stuff seeps in that things make a lot more sense than they did ten years ago. But enough about me.

You’re not that different, really. You needed to have a lot of stuff stripped away between physical lifetimes so that you could learn what you needed to learn this time around.

Imagine if you were a five-year-old kid, brain not even fully developed yet, with a new set of parents and probably in a completely different culture than the 98-year-old you left behind a few years prior, and you’re sitting there in school trying to learn how to write in English when you still hold a grudge against your neighbor for cutting down your favorite tree and still regret never asking that cute guy or girl to marry you back in 1927. A little distracting, right?

Tabula rasa. Clean slate.

All that old stuff from old lifetimes that would prevent you from being here, in the now, in THIS life, falls away. Your purpose is to be the best you of right now that you can be. You belong HERE, not in some other time, or some other dimension, or wherever people seem to be obsessed with going. Your home is right here, right now. Your purpose is right here, right now. You were put here for a reason. Stop stargazing and get to work. The earth needs you.

Sometimes I Feel Like a Book, Sometimes I Don’t

I’ve gotten a few books over the past few years, and looked at some of hers too. Some of this stuff is really interesting, but a lot of it… well, the more of it I read the more I find myself saying “That’s obvious,” or “I already do that,” or even “I could have written this book myself.” I also say things like “What kind of bullshit is this?”

I keep thinking “I should get a book about that,” but why? I mean… I can just go find these things out if I know where to look. The kinds of books that are helpful are straight up reference books that I can look things up in, like the name of a particular being, or how they interact with others, or how they’re connected to the things I’m looking for or seeing.

I’m not omniscient. I don’t know everything, a lot of old knowledge was stripped out for the sake of my current situation, and I don’t have access to everything even when I go looking. I’ve been turned away from information, and blocked from touching things by bigger things than me. It’s not my purpose or my place, and I’m fine with that. Of course, I’m curious, and I’d like to know, but I’m not so curious that I’ll cause problems about it.

What I can do is explore the areas I’m allowed to explore. Sometimes that involves looking things up in books, and sometimes it involves actually going out and finding the truth myself.

Realizing that most of my readers are physical people in meat bodies, here’s my advice. If you have a guide you work with, ask him/her/them go out and explore the thing you’re wanting to know about, and then listen when they report back to you. Don’t try to “interpret” or second-guess the information you get, your job is to take this as pure, raw data, no matter what it sounds like, no matter how it fits in with your expectations, and write it down as you receive it. That way you can’t change it to suit what you want to hear, you have to deal with the information as it comes.The other thing is that books are fine, but they’re not all there is.

Trust original sources, scholarly sources. Don’t trust the popular writer of the year just because they’re popular. Popularity is completely meaningless when it comes to factual data. Go out yourself and go look for the rare books, the source documents, the researchers. Go to the museums and look at things yourself. Trust what your guides and personal intuition tell you when you’re two feet away from an artifact. Trust your gut when you read these books, and if something feels wrong to you, check the source material. Ask your guides to help. Check your preconceived notions and your ego. Look at the facts, wherever they come from.

Quiet Change in the Background

I know I haven’t posted lately, and I apologize for that. I’ve been doing a lot of personal stuff, for me and for her, and stuff that I haven’t wanted to discuss in a public blog. Soon, I should be able to get back on it, because things are changing. Not just over here, but for you, too.

Yeah, I know you’ve seen it. Felt it. Everybody has, even if they won’t or can’t acknowledge it. World change and personal change.

Better get your shit together, if you haven’t already. This train isn’t going to wait for you.

You’re the Hero

What are you going to do today? Are you going to play solitaire or watch TV? Maybe do some shopping? There’s always the email to go through, and the laundry… and that cat box, wow does it need……..

…That’s one boring as shit movie, you know that?

It’s tiny. Small. Hemmed in. Ordinary. Full of minutiae that, in the end, doesn’t accomplish much of anything.

Nobody fucking cares if the dog ate your pizza, and you shouldn’t either.

You’re reading this because you want to make a difference. You want to know the secret to doing that? To being a hero?

You go out and FUCKING DO IT.

YOU are the hero of your story. YOU are creating this book, this movie, this story, this life, every second of every day. The choices you are making, right now, is writing this story. Are you going to sit around and play Candy Crush, or are you going to get off your ass and go be somebody?

You’re the most badass hero there ever was… if you write your story to be that. If you want to get a black belt in Judo, go do it. If you want to learn Reiki, go do it. If you want to wash oil off sea birds, or be a paramedic, or go dig wells in Africa, or teach people to read, or plant trees, or run a theater troupe, or march in the streets over something important… you have to actually DO THOSE THINGS. Stop thinking about it, or marveling at other people who do it, and be that person.

It really is that simple.

Write. Your. Story.

Every second of every day you have the choice what to do with that next second. The next minute. The next hour. The next day.

What kind of hero are you going to be? How do you get there? What quest are you going on next?

Every single person’s life is a hero’s journey. Don’t waste all those chances to be extraordinary.

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