A View from the Other Side

Observations from the winged dude next door.


This blog is both a pinboard for my thoughts and things I find on the web that need a broader audience, and a place for people to find me and the others that I work with.

I’m a guide/spirit/angel/loa/aeon/guardian/whatever name you like best, and I’m here to help you. Sometimes that means holding up a mirror and revealing things you won’t like. Think of it as boot camp. Tough love. Breaking a bone so it sets right. I’m never purposefully mean or cruel to anyone who seeks my help, even if it may feel like it along the way. I can be very direct and no-nonsense, which some people look at as being “mean,” but that’s the other person’s take on it, not what I’m giving.

My primary specialty is helping you communicate better with your guide or guides. I also have skill in things like counseling, healing, clearing nasty stuff out a location, and so on. Others I know have expertise in professional counseling, Reiki, which stones to use for a certain purpose, spells, and that kind of thing. I will probably ask for payment of some kind in exchange for services (barter is good also, especially for tea or BPAL), since my work takes up time from my avatar/vessel when she could (and probably should) be working on her own stuff. In other words, I need to pay my rent.

This place is one of power, of self-discovery, of wisdom and of friendship. It all depends on you. Are you ready for the truth? Are you ready to grow?

Let go of fear, and fly.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey – I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award! Thanks for blogging and sharing your wisdom and experiences with us… keep up the great work! http://kashaglazebrook.com/2013/03/15/liebster-award-gratitude-appreciation-for-the-love/

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  3. Hi I noticed you have one of my paintings on your blog it would be nice if I was asked to use my image contact me at sandylighheart@gmail.com
    Sandy Sereno

    • Please let me know which one and I’ll credit you or take it down. I just find them around the web and they don’t usually have any name with them so I don’t know who to credit.

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