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Spiritual & Magical Activism via Reclaiming & Starhawk!

A lot of good ideas here, including use of sigils.

Gaia Grove ~ healing circles ~ music, ceremony, magic

Looking to do ☆MAGICK☆ for this weekend’s rallies & protests? Or, maybe you’re staying home but want to prepare for the new regime in DC? A group of witches & magick-makers (including Star Hawk) put together a “MAGICKAL ACTIVISM TOOLKIT for CHALLENGING TIMES”, along with 2 sigils. It’s a lengthy post, but worth reading!

:: Magickal Activism During Political, Environmental, and Social Upheaval ::

(Version 1)
Dear Reader,
This toolkit is a starting point for magickal activism in these challenging times. It is an evolving document, co-created in a consensus decision-making process by members of the Reclaiming Tradition, an international community working to unify spirit and politics. We are critical of the people and systems of oppression that create our dominant culture and aim to liberate ourselves from the colonial mindset we’ve inherited.
This toolkit will adapt to upcoming political, social, and environmental…

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