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Using Music as an Energy Focus

sound wave

When she and I first started taking our daily walks, we didn’t have any kind of iPod or anything like that. It was in silence, and she and I would talk. Then, when she got one as a gift, we loaded it up with good high energy songs that would help drive the pace of the walks so that it became more of a workout.

As time went on, I started using the walks to do some of my work. It’s good alone time, even walking through town, because the few people around don’t know it’s me, and most of the walk is done on private hiking trails in the woods.

Because I’m working to affect her physical opportunities and nudging fate, which is much more ephemeral, fronting in her to push energy and probability is an excellent blend. I bring my energy through her to then go back out and warp the ethereal into what benefits her most. More details about how this works will be in my next post, but I needed to explain that to get to the heart of this post’s topic: Music.

I started noticing that some of these high energy songs had certain moments in them that had higher energy than other moments, or a moment of silence that then suddenly opened back up into a blast of sound. I first noticed this on the song “Paradise” by Coldplay. It starts off big, then goes quiet, then twice more the music suddenly booms into this full-on orchestral choir sound that’s like getting plugged into an outlet.

As soon as I knew the song well enough, I started playing with withholding energy and letting it build up until those music cues hit, then would use the sound to strengthen the blast of light that I was directing toward whatever the current purpose was. It could be feeding the threads, pushing a probability how I want, doing an opening on someone, connecting people together, whatever.

Every time we found a song like that, that I could get a burst out of, we’d get it and put it on the iPod, and I’d use it in my work in that way. There aren’t many that have that effect really distinctly, but a few of my “go to” songs for this (in addition to “Paradise”) are “Hello Seattle (Remix)” and “Fireflies” by Owl City, “Euphoria” by Loreen, “The Game Has Changed” and “Derezzed” by Daft Punk off the Tron soundtrack, “Plugged In” and “Can You Hear Me” by Evermore, “Erosion” by IQ, “Exogenesis Symphony Part 1” by Muse, “Edge of the In-Between” by Spock’s Beard, and “We Are” by Team Illuminati. There are lots of others, of course, but those are some of the better ones we’ve found.

Any music, or even sounds, that help you know when to key a push of energy will work. I’ve found music to be especially effective because it’s immersive, and unlike a single tone or sound, you can build up the energy you want to use and have it ready so that when the hit comes as expected, you can use that to push the wave out.

Try it and see. Start with one of those songs I listed to check out what I mean, then experiment with others that have the same effect. You can actually use any music in the same way, riding the flow of a song to find peaks to work with, or even ambient sounds with enough push to them, like machinery, traffic, a noisy restaurant, and so on. Experiment and see what happens.


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5 thoughts on “Using Music as an Energy Focus

  1. aspiritsong on said:

    I’ve heard that music is one of the few things that utilizes all parts of the brain at the same time….. if true, it is an interesting thought in this context.

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  3. Bralėna on said:

    Music is the key that unlocks the potential in our souls, imho, I couldn’t live without music everyday. I was just listening to “The Wall”, “Play The Game Tonight”, “Questions of My Childhood” and “Miracles Out Of Nowhere” by Kansas; all of them have that anticipated build up and all of they’re songs are all such fantastical and orchestrated perfection.
    I love this Peter, thank you.

  4. Bralėna on said:

    Coming back around to this, sometimes I need reminding.
    Thank You 😉

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