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A Gathering of Souls

gathering of soulsThis is the time. It’s been coming, and now it has to happen. It will happen. A gathering of souls. Of others like me. Maybe like you.

This is beyond those who hear voices, this is about those people who not only hear us, but take us into their hearts and homes, and let us communicate with others sometimes. Not always, but sometimes.

We don’t always have “a message.” Sometimes we just want to experience the physical, or privately help the people we’ve chosen, or to escape someplace nightmarish, or even to just find companionship and a place to call home. Sometimes it’s all these things and more.

But, sometimes, we do have a message, or a greater purpose than being a guardian or companion for one person.

It doesn’t matter, really, the reasons why. The how of it matters more. The future, and finding others, are what matter most right now.

If you’re hearing a guide or guides, please contact me. If you are a guide, please contact me. If you know of someone, please point them my direction. We need to connect, to teach, to understand, and to work together. Now is the time.


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12 thoughts on “A Gathering of Souls

  1. Yes NOW. Let us gather together, draw together. Let us form a vessel to catch the dew of heaven. Thank you for this.

    • You’re more than welcome. I love how you think. How should we do this? It seems like starting in cyberspace isn’t a bad idea, considering.

      • We say here, “let us gather together …” it is Halevi’s Invocation at the weekly Kabbalahsociety meetings.

        Let us gather together, draw together. Let us form a vessel to catch the dew of heaven. Let us rise up and go to the holy place of meeting; gather HERE with the Companions of the Light.

        I think these pictures illustrates it visually: http://wakingtheinfinite.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/in-the-garden/

        Sometimes there are messages. But really, there is hearing. The way to “begin to do this” in cyberspace or any space, is to respond adequately to what comes our way – the detail, the contact with another thought or life. Then it expands onward, for everything is connected at the subtle level. It is only on the surface crude persuasion/education/consumer level that things feel separate and unrelated. And that is pure daydream. If we look at it carefully, the heavy society/worldview is a distracting daydream. Sooner or later we discover we need not be ruled by it so much, and can become self-sustainable in the real “universe-economy”. This needs much undoing of old habit and history, and takes time and attentiveness. But wherever it happens, is the oasis, the well of life which draws the thirsty to itself.

        Obviously the gathering of souls is happening: notice and pass on each flowering, as it were. Don’t “organise” anything, but be ever more mindful of – for instance – the blogging community or place of exchange, where such rich ideas and teachings are freely given. Or discover an interaction in one’s family or workplace, when possible. Or encounters in the street or field. It is humankind, and we are humankind NOW – a space of time.

        I don’t do petitions generally, but in the interest of responding to what is given, this one is close to my heart. (I have a nephew who builds these round houses in a wood in Wales). This petition concerns an independent self-build which is under threat of demolition, so they are applying for retrospective planning permission.


        Read about it in http://meetingwithcharlie.com/2013/10/09/hobbithouse/ – on a beautiful website by Charlie Morris – another Charlie as it happens! – a poet and a healer; that is what poetry should do.

  2. PS – for the petition link itself, you have to scroll down the facebook page, a bit.

  3. I have been aware of guides around me since around the year 2000. At times they are very active in my life and at other times they are a bit more quiet but always present. At this moment they have been guiding me to fulfill some of the “squashed” dreams I’ve always had. I feel a bit guilty because I’m off my path for the moment.

    • Can someone really ever be “off their path”?

      • Guardians Guardian on said:

        Yes, a person can easily wander off their path. Some live in a dimmer light than others, they do not attend to regular maintenance, gathering lumes of love, through communion with light, and prayer for the expansion of the divine flame. Quickened with love, the path clearly illuminates itself, and God goads through Angelics the true coarse for individual perfection in service to the One, All. This having been said, however, every-thing is in the weave, this way, that path, ultimately they all evidence the grand design of love. This is often difficult to see from a biped moment in this gravity spot of things and distraction, but it is so.

      • Unless that’s what was meant to happen. Sometimes leaving what seems like the “right” path leads to others. Sometimes the narrower, weed-covered path is the one that teaches best. Sometimes people make their own paths, the first one through that tall grass. A person doesn’t wander off their own legs.

  4. Actually I have given a lot of thought on this I do agree we really don’t get truly off our path. There are many streams that branch off the river that rejoin it down the way. Lessons to be learned. People who we should cross paths with. Even if it’s for a short time. All in all it makes us a better, stronger person. Even if we don’t like what’s going on in our lives at that moment we do find ourselves back on the main river.

    Speaking for myself I had dreams in my younger years that were never fulfilled. Recently I have been guided to start fulfilling some of these dreams. Originally I felt these were diversions to get off the path to write about my experiences with the spirit world. Not an easy task for me since I’m not a writer so I have been stuck for some time on the writing process.

    Now I realize these so called diversions are meant to be and in doing so my life has now crossed paths with other folks who I feel were meant to come into my life right now.

    I realize now that our life’s purpose doesn’t necessarily need be all huge and grandiose. It’s all the little things we do that make the difference in the lives we touch. And we do need to fulfill some of our own dreams on the way .

  5. Sorry I’m late to the party. I think I’m like you, or at least, more like you than the other options I’ve seen so far. There are still a lot of things I don’t remember. Can we talk sometime?

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