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angel enslaved

A disturbing search term showed up in my blog stats the other day. It was “buy a lwa djab.”

This brings up two important questions. First, is it even possible to buy one? A lwa djab is a personal spirit or guide. I suppose, if someone knew how, they could bind a spirit well enough that they could force it to do what they wanted, including enter into servitude to someone else, not by choice. It’s extremely unlikely, but I don’t suppose it’s completely impossible if the person were extremely knowledgeable about how to do it and the personal information about that spirit.

Second, what kind of sick bastard buys a life with the intent to own it? That’s called slavery. Are there really people out there who would be happy to imprison a djab/spirit/angel/lwa/guide to force them into servitude? Could they even do that? They, too, would have to be very powerful in order to bend a spirit into acting against their will.

I doubt, if someone did find a way to enslave a lwa, and someone else found a way to control said enslaved lwa, that it would end well for the humans involved. There’s always a way out of any prison, and once that’s found… well… I doubt the newly free spirit would have very fond thoughts for its captor.


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