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Friday Live Chats, 6:PM Pacific/9:PM Eastern

soup can telephoneI am facilitating weekly Friday evening chat sessions on a variety of metaphysical topics. This past week, we attempted to have a discussion group that focused on this excellent and very detailed blog post about the connections between the chakras and the Kabbalah, but it didn’t work out so well (see below for hints as to what happened). So this next Friday we will be going over the basics on what the human body chakras are and how they work, and moving on from there to the basics of what the Kabbalah tree of life is. I expect the tree of life to take several sessions. Other topics will be discussed as requested in future sessions.

If you would like to participate, please do come on by. Please have handy a printout or website with the chakras on it at the start of the session. Ideally, you should also have a printout or website with the tree of life on it as well, in case we do get that far.

Some suggestions to help future sessions go more smoothly:

– A study group means a group of people studying something. It isn’t 100% teachers, or 100% students. If you don’t know something, it’s the place to listen and learn. If you do know something, it’s the place to contribute to the conversation.

– Please come prepared, even if that means coming with nothing but questions.  Please do at least the minimum amount of research requested by the person leading the discussion, including having your printout(s) and website(s) handy. It wastes everyone’s time to have no idea what the topic is about when you walk into a classroom.

– Please pay attention and stay on task. If someone is asking the group to focus on one particular photo or idea, please don’t start discussing a completely different section of the material, or walk off for 20 minutes to get a sandwich. This is not the time to discuss your pets or your favorite perfume or what you saw on TV earlier.

– Sitting and listening quietly is fine, no one is obligated to ask questions or even say anything. There is also no such thing as a stupid or bad question. The only bad question is the one not asked.

Friday evening chats are here:
Password is Faith with a capital F.
It starts at 6:00 PM Pacific (9:00 PM eastern).

If you haven’t joined the chat before, make a Chatzy account (super easy, it doesn’t ask you for much more than your name and email, just so it can remember your preferences when you login next time), then pick a name and the color you want on your name. Click into that room, then you’ll need to click the “Join Chat” button at lower right to actually get in and start talking to people. Once you’re set up, I highly recommend clicking on the second tab down on the left, and setting your notification preference to “Alert By Blink” which will let you know that someone has posted in the room by making the text flash in your browser tab. It’s extremely easy to wander off and forget you’re even in a chat room without this reminder.

Everyone is welcome, feel free to invite people you think might be interested. If the room exceeds capacity, I may ask for a small donation in order to pay for Chatzy pro, which makes the room size unlimited. The chat session itself is free.


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11 thoughts on “Friday Live Chats, 6:PM Pacific/9:PM Eastern

  1. I do agree – get the basic chakra principles and the basic tree principles first and discuss and take your time … before winding them up together! It is important first to concentrate detail by detail – that is all that is needed.

    I’m afraid I’ve been playing with this stuff for rather a long time, so some might find my approach confusing – in which case look at the pictures rather than the words!

    Peter, your request to me, rather set the ball rolling. I have now prepared 3 more chakra posts – it is a very rich field. First one is out today. With my best wishes to yourself and your group – Jane

    • Thank you so much, Jane. You honor me. Is there any way you would be willing to come by the chat and help with the discussion? Thank you for your work.

  2. Yes thank you, I would like to – though I haven’t done chatrooms before. I have the link but could you explain to me the procedure? All best, and hope you enjoy parts 2 and 3! An irresistible topic – the philosophy and associations.

    • Very irresistible, that’s a good way to put it. There’s no procedure to a chat room, actually, it’s just a bunch of people talking in a room via text. Very casual type of thing. It can get a little confusing when there are overlapping conversations, but as long as you name the person in your reply, it’s pretty easy to tell what’s going on.

      Thank you so much, I’m really excited about this.

  3. Peter, for Fridays, at your 6pm, I am fast asleep in London time – what to do. Are any ongoing records kept of previous discussions?

  4. sorry for late reply – been out all day. Sunday 6pm my time, 10am your time? Can sometimes do earlier.

    • Still working it out with the group. We’ll skip this week, and I’ll let you know what works best for everybody. I really, really appreciate this.

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